☠️ Back from the dead ☠️

Ok so… I have risen lol

That constant headache and that stupid ass fever!!! Omg!

I had not eaten since LAST Wednesday 😮😮 I just started eating a little yesterday – I actually felt hungry! 😮

I have no taste or smell… even a perfume I have, that can wake the dead – I can not smell it at all 😮

I can not taste coffee 😩 or anything at all

I am exhausted even though I slept constantly!! Omg what day is it??? 😮

Also – work has issues going on so they would call me lol… I be like “hellloo?” But wasn’t really with it 😄😄 I remember the calls but I was out of it

Most of the time if I was up – I looked like the unibomber 😮 I have a black hoody that I would wear with hood up, because I was always FREEZING, plus mask…. because yes – mask mask mask!!!!!! I had it surgically attached lol just kidding ❤️😉 … but that doesn’t come off!!

You know I feel better when I joke around ❤️❤️

I would go hot and cold and wake in sweat but be freezing 🥶🤨 and that headache was awful!! Awful awful awful!!!! Brain crushing 🧠 🤒

No problems breathing but congested. My funeral people are so amazing ❤️ they sent me a beautiful basket of fruit ❤️❤️ which is what I would try to eat because was soft on belly… I just couldn’t eat.

They also checked in constantly and would ask for my oxygen level and my heartbeat lol ❤️😄🥰 every time they wanna know my stats lol … and they constantly tell me how much they love and miss me ❤️❤️❤️ I love my people

And I got stuck here in Texas for little longer – trapped with my family 😄😄❤️ even though I miss days by being sick- I was sick and miserable with them ❤️ we all took meds at same time and mostly sleep.

Was like the walking dead 😄😄❤️ together 🙌✌️

And … my mom ❤️ she did not catch it ❤️ I got to see her twice ❤️

When I test negative before we leave, maybe go see one more time – masked and distanced ❤️ 🙏

I go back to Sacramento hopefully on Monday the 15th – I test again soon 🙏🙏 … flight already rebooked just waiting on the ok.

Seeing as I am alive, lol… I have survived 🙌

I miss Sacramento little bit 🤫… but only because of my people – I want to just have them with me always ❤️

Texas is beautiful. But I can’t stay in a red state too long … I have a fire 🔥 😉 😘. Nice to visit, beautiful place to live – but then people 🙄😐

** am not a Trump’er ✌️- too disgusted by that for me – I can’t even 💋

We went to Jurassic park one day 😄😄❤️ we were sick… but to get out sick house and maybe feel life and not have a vacation of nothing lol – that was Tuesday

It was awesome ❤️ headache fever weakness and all – let me show you…

(lol ❤️)
Look!! His nose is a heart 🖤 I love his heart nose 🖤 I do not know what he is?? But I love his nose!!
Not sure what happened with this guys horns? Good and evil?? Lol – poor guy ❤️
This guy came to MY side and kept smiling at me lol ❤️❤️❤️ he was missing a horn 😮
This guy was HUGE!!!! I was nervous with his horns 😮 yikes and he was massive 😮
I do not know what the hell this was 😮 but was in the car and we all jump out and was hilarious getting that out – lots of small screams lol 😘✌️ omg

Fricken Jurassic bugs lol

The zebras 🦓 were amazing and sweet and hilarious. ❤️❤️❤️

I want a zebra 🖤🤍🖤🤍

❤️❤️ yeah I want one ❤️❤️ I love him ❤️
Either that’s a Emu or an Ostrich? We stayed away from them because they are mean ✌️

Took maybe hour and then we went home and slept again… it was good to feel alive for a minute and still be isolating ❤️

I love Zebras 🦓 🖤🤍🖤🤍

Am still pumping meds… headache and fever are gone ❤️ finally ❤️ that broke yesterday ❤️

Today am little bit alive ❤️

I do think I got hit hard because I had cancer AND my last vaccination was in February/March of 2021

You either need vaccinations again sooner – fricken government too slow!!!

If I had no vaccination – this would have killed me for sure!!

I go through that whole Covid shit and being sooooooo careful!! I come to Texas and no one wears masks here – is ridiculous!! Ahhh the south


I miss my blue state with masks 😷 I miss my people


It still feels like forever until I go back… and I still miss my mom ❤️

Definitely a vacation to remember lol

Feels amazing to be alive again ❤️✌️ I miss all of you also!!!! I feel like I died from all the world for a minute 😮

But today I have little energy at this moment and feel alive for first time in LOOONNNGGG time!!

I have risen 🙌❤️😄✌️

… so evil Satan can’t take me down, cancer can’t take me down, and Covid can’t take me down…



Yay!! Lol

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      1. Yes they are excited to see me and have me back… they called or texted everyday to make sure I was ok and to say hello ❤️

        I have gifts for everyone also ❤️🙌

        I am already planning to come back next year for her 75th birthday … which is in July ❤️❤️ 🙏🙏

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