Still alive ✌️😘

Ok so… still running fever, with headache that won’t go away!! My nose is all stuffy.

I am sleeping constantly… all the time!! I go hot/cold – no body temp regulation …

When I get up and do something – I only have little bit before I feel the need to lay down again.

I do not remember when I slept so much before!! I just keep sleeping!! I do get woken up with freezing or sweating or if I have to use bathroom.

My oxygen level is at 95, which is good … my heart rate is 72 (I am always with low heart rate) but that is good heart rate too.

I am taking Tylenol and Motrin … which help me for a moment … I can eat … i probably lost that Covid 20 because have not been eating at all… I had a little food today – but still not really feeling or wanting food. My pants are all falling down now. I am thin anyway so any weight loss is big.

I do drink… I drink a lot of 💦 water … I’ve been having tea 🍵… it’s a chamomile/vanilla/honey tea ❤️… I just like the hotness ❤️ … I tried to do vitamin water… but that is so gross so nope, not drinking that… I also do not like Gatorade – none of that. 😝 that will make me throw up!

So pretty much just water and tea.

My work people are amazing!! They just sent me a HUGE edible arrangement …

There was a card with it that reads :

Get better soon, we miss and love you! Love always, your Sacramento family ❤️

They always make me smile – see why I love there so much ❤️ because they ARE my Sacramento family ❤️

The fruit feels ok on my stomach – had a piece of pineapple 🍍 and a strawberry 🍓 – is soft on stomach so far ❤️

I love my people ❤️

I am going to take a bath 🛀 maybe I feel better after that? ✌️

6 thoughts on “Still alive ✌️😘

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    1. Thank you 🥰 still pretty out of it… sleeping constantly… it’s like a flu with also a sinus infection 😝 that’s what feels like.

      My original vaccination was back in February/March

      This totally would have killed me without a vaccination

      It hit me really hard .. everyone else is doing ok

      Maybe was the cancer? Because I had treatments and surgeries??


    1. Yes it was really nice ❤️ they are amazing – they keep checking on me… all the time to make sure I am ok ❤️

      I’m thinking that maybe my prior cancer has something to do with why I am hit so hard when fully vaccinated ??

      I have not been sick at all since I began my cancer treatments and surgeries… that would have been 2017… I had to be careful because they wouldn’t do my treatments or surgeries if I was sick

      4 years not sick… then I’m “vaccinated” but still catch Covid 😮 ???

      Well whatever … I have lab 🧪 vaccine and now natural? 🤨

      Covid never made me be alone 🤷‍♀️❤️ I kinda have all my families ❤️

      My daughter cries to speak to me though – she watched me go through cancer… and she’s afraid of Covid – so she thinks I’m gonna die 🤨 I tell her I am fine.. but my voice is weak and congested so I sound bad… I tell her I am not alone and will be ok… she still cries ☹️💔

      My boys check on me daily too ❤️ they don’t cry lol … they just wanna keep making sure I am ok. ❤️

      It will be fine soon. 🙏🙏

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      1. Awwhh, yes, she must be very concerned and feeling so far away from you when she feels you need her most! Great kid!! 🙂 Haha, now we all know that big boys don’t cry but they worry just the same! Skype call once your head is a little clearer! 🙂

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