Washed out 😮



We getting hit hard!! Is flooding and trees down in my area – I’m not going to go to work tmrw. And she’s not going to school – we won’t be able to get out… I don’t own a boat 🛶

I ran to store for 30 minutes and a tree fell across my only way home 😮 … it fell before I got there – there was already a police officer there and he let me go around 🙌 … it was not fallen when I left 😮

No way we get out now. 😮😮 “trapped” 😮 I am on slight hill sorta lol

And isn’t that just a Hurricane 🌀 – that looks like a Hurricane lol … bomb cyclone 😄 … they just making sound fierce lol – it’s just like a hurricane lol

But oh boy are we being hit HARD!!


I always loved that song with WARM rain lol ❤️✌️

But is actually like this:


Soooo much rain 🌧

The wind is pretty fierce too – might lose power? Is continuous soaking rain coming down in buckets 🪣 💦

Rain started Friday …Rained all day Saturday … got POUNDED on Sunday … and still raining

I am flooded in so I am working from home and just called daughter out of school. So we are home today, unless we float away lol



** No more fire danger at least 😘 … the only problem is … we been so dry without any water and now we have ALL the water, so trees get uprooted because of water saturation of the soil and the heavy winds. Should be ending today though … lol the bomb cyclone 😄😄😄 whatever … it was a hurricane lol 🙄😄 – is just slightly different because not a tropical storm lol … so then they can call it a cyclone 😄😄 – it just hits me funny 🙄😄

When someone says cyclone I think of twisters 🌪 …not hurricanes … just funny

Moving on…

Ok so… he ask me for pics 😐

He send me a pic all dressed up because he is at some family thing. And then he say “can you send one in return” ugh 😑

Because why? I wanna be equal person. What does pic matter – he knows what I look like lol … so because why? People always want pics – people soooo visual!! What would people do if whole world was blind?

Fine whatever – I send him a pic but ya know of course ..he gonna say is beautiful 🙄😑 … what man gonna be like “ewww that picture sucks” lol – no man in his right mind would do that lol … of course he gonna be like “oh so beautiful blah blah blah”

Meh pics 🙄😑 I don’t really like many pics – I am private. I feel photos are personal too

I’m all weird with stuff

The best bet is come in slow, let me know you and let develop – if meant to be will be

Also – this area has emotions all over it soooo tread lightly lol … see this is maybe where I think he won’t get it? Or I just am not ready for anyone to see those emotions. Probably that also. Because I feel panic to sincerely let someone come close.

I just feel safer by myself ??

But I also don’t stop to think about having someone in my life… it just scares me.

Of course I want that – but also fear that. 😮

And then I am also terrified of giving chance because that’s just a huge thing too

Stupid but whatever – is what is… there are still things I fear and huge emotions there – so I don’t really like to go near that.

So learning experience for both – we see

So far he does ok – I’m just very alert 🚨 lol

I want to NOT be ready to speak… and it be ok if I don’t… I do not want to speak of things – he asks me questions and I am vague. I don’t want to speak on it or share.

I know that’s how you get to know someone – but I don’t want to speak 😮

So not sure how this will go lol


So… if he can chill without pressure… I will be ok … but he want to know stuff about me

Ugh … let’s see … I work a lot and have kids. That’s about it. I don’t want to speak anything else

I be really fast and really vague. I don’t even like that.

I just want to be quiet – so far he lets me – he asks questions, but doesn’t push… and doesn’t keep asking

We see

I don’t want any of the past defining me – so I don’t want to speak about any of it – that was when I only lived for other people… now I create my own life

Attempting to date a domestic violence survivor is not easy. So far he does ok. He has a gentle demeanor. He knows about it, I mentioned quickly and briefly, but I do not elaborate or say much else.

This is my life now so I don’t want to talk about any of past. I don’t want any emotions with that, the emotions are too deep with loss of family and cancer so no… I don’t want to speak.

Alright so we see how he fares through ✌️😘


22 thoughts on “Washed out 😮

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  1. Good luck
    I hope your home and hill do okay.
    We just started getting sprinkles and mild wind around 1pm. Supposed to all be gone by 5pm. As always, the hyped “big storm” isn’t happening here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha… yeah cause the entire storm is up here lol

      It stopped raining but sky still threatening looking so we see. 😳 but I think it’s done

      It was crazy raining up here ALL weekend!!


    1. Yes… he’s a nice guy, and humanity wise he is a really good person.

      I just can’t do that… he did not take time to know my personality or who I am…

      He seemed to be pushing his agenda on me.

      But I don’t work that way.

      I don’t mind time, and I want to make sure is what I want …I do not make one move unless I am sure is what I want

      So whatever – not gonna happen

      I have my kids and my work family … if someone truly loved me they would stop and understand that dynamic first

      Also with what I told him – albeit not a lot … he does know the gist… he still tried to go fast

      So nope 👎

      I feel like there is bad when someone tries to get you to move faster than you are comfortable with

      He give me zero time to know him.

      Just smells like danger to me

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      1. Well Trisha, you gotta trust your heart and your gut instincts.

        I recognise his personality style and his agenda on the few posts l have read – l recognise his behaviour, because l used to be like him thirty years ago with a different agenda – which was to bed women – whether he is looking for a mate or doing the dirty – the behaviour is easily spotted .

        I don’t do that anymore, but l aged and gotten wiser. He is still young. He needs to not be so desperate – life’s too short.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh I am totally aware of how men operate 🤨 lol

        He try to push his own agenda on me… but I don’t do that.

        I’m quite happy as is, not in a rush to find companion and feel like if that is meant to be – it will be.

        He can say whatever he wants – but since he say that … it makes me think he is desperate and any woman will do – so no

        I’m not the woman to go fast like that – and also words mean nothing to me… men say things like that all the time – I do not listen. ✌️ I know what’s up lol

        He didn’t give any time so makes me think that he wants to rush things before I can think about it … and that’s an immediate “NO”

        When a man can approach me sensibly then I will listen and see … SLOWLY!! If can’t go slow …then it’s a no 😘🙌😄✌️

        Came up with that on the fly lol ✌️🙌

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      3. He needs to read your blog then, doesn’t he. That way he would understand you more. I have read you for a year now and l get where you are coming from as a person, but many people don’t take the time out to do that now.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Ha! Nope 👎 I don’t tell many I do this. I don’t mind the world but not those around me lol

        They have to take the time and learn themselves 😉😘✌️

        That was sweet to say thank you … no people do not take the time.

        That is only way I am willing is with time ✌️ … time always tells 🙌

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