My ride 💋✌️

Ok… worked from home – I was still crazy busy!! Totally easier from the office!! And then home and office are separate – although the commute is awesome lol – I liked no commute – but I do miss the office – is just easier to handle things when there.

Got the next person hired 🙌 I’m sooo excited – he’s coming to MY location 🙌 ahhhhh some help! So excited!!

So work is going well.

And on a personal level…

That guy I’ve been talking to… ok well… he calls me today midday – but I was on work call when he called so I called back when I finished with the family…

He just wanted to say “hi” lol … he was talking about knowing what next date will be – he has something in mind he says 😐

I had to go because my phone was going off – people have my cell because I needed to be helping few families today…

He texted how much is was nice to hear my voice, and my giggle and know I am safe

And then he sends a second text that says …

Ps love you trisha (and proceeded to use my full name 😮)

So umm …

That’s a little faster than I am lol

I am opposite of that

One day he asks me if we can be friends outside of work…

The next thing I know he saying love you 😳😮 omg

Ok see nope… I am not ready for anything!! That’s just too way over my head – I just like peace.

He’s still very sweet kind thoughtful- but that is over my head totally

I just keep to self… you have to give me time to come out of shell lol

What would make you say something like that??! it’s not true because you can’t know that fast – and no… no you can not!! So don’t even try to tell me that. No!! ✋

So … could be evil trying to confuse me because some do that or try to pretend… but I don’t think he is one of these types

It could also be that he just can’t have a solid relationship? Maybe he moves too fast with women? I know he wants to find right one…

He sends me all kinds of romantic type text messages

Ok Buddy what’s the deal?

So I don’t know … I am not ready evidentially

I have not responded since he said that.

My girlfriend says I should respond and she said he’s probably worried … well he should be … and what do I say to that?? I do not know 🤷‍♀️ I am not good with these things and this is over my head and omg way too fast – you do not know me yet!

Ok so that is a lesson for what NOT to do – take notes if you have to!! Do not say those words until you really know that persons reaction to that

So I don’t know. This is not my area.

I just like peace.

So. That was fast. 😶

See things work out for the best, because now I have my answer … nope … I am definitely NOT ready. it’s too much

I’m cool just doing my thing for now. This is all way too over my head.

I like more easy normal and peaceful – SLOW


This did not go slow in any sense of the word!!

See why I do not try this stuff. There is issues always

I would love companionship sure… but chill. Do not scare me off in 2 weeks 😮

Yes of course everyone wants to be loved – just wait til you know them – do not get ahead of yourself – careful there. That’s a very slippery slope – you better be damn sure

What is everyone’s rush? Omg

And there ya go … handed right to you! 🙌

Mic 🎤 drop lol 😘✌️… take a cue from the classics

Ahh people whatever

Alright so back to work focus lol

I just want to have peace and enjoy my ride.

Enhance my life – don’t rush it 🙌✌️😘

13 thoughts on “My ride 💋✌️

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    1. I have known him for 1 year… but only for work… so was all work, until he ask to be my friend what? 2 weeks ago?

      We went to a restaurant in Sacramento on a Saturday and then Sunday we went to winery

      And then he say that.

      I still haven’t responded – I don’t know what to even say. 😳😳

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I want to say he might toss the word around lightly… but in writing, so soon? That’s a lot different than verbal. I’d be freaking too. I’d either ghost or send a very nice note about why it’s not okay.

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    1. I don’t even know what to say to him 😳😮 how do you even respond – I’m in shock he even did that

      My girlfriend say maybe he referencing some movie?

      I said what movie ??

      She said there is a movie where guy is dying and leaves his wife notes ?? And always says ps I love you

      ??? I do not know what movie she speak of

      But even still – not a good thing to say so soon like that… I do not think he was referencing any movie because he sends a lot of little love gifs 💕😳😳

      Yeah I do not know how to even process this! I don’t know how to respond and if I respond ugh what to say! I don’t even know where to begin

      I would also like to not have stalkers either 😳


      1. WAY too soon – he texted me again and I haven’t responded yet.

        He texted to say he was missing me so now it makes me feel weird… I will have to say. 😐

        It’s too much way too fast … I have a funny meme I will post later 😄🙄


    1. Yes … yes he does seem needy … and you can’t actually love someone that fast… it is not love and he doesn’t love me…

      He just wants to find a woman to settle down with… is his agenda – he say that…

      So “his agenda” not mine

      I’m sure any woman would do.

      I’m not purposely trying to find anything – I just want to enjoy life and if someone takes the time and effort to know me first – then I will see.

      He F’ed up – way way way too fast!!

      Everyone at work now teases me lol … they all knew because I literally do not give my time … only to them and my kids… so was big deal

      They now say when they leave “hey trisha – ps I love you “ 😐🤨🙄😄😄

      They were even all shocked with that!!

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