The winery 🍷

It was beautiful and calm and peaceful

It was really nice – I made the reservations for 3pm… he told me he would be here around 3pm so that’s what I booked lol

On his time off he volunteers with children at a museum 😮

He said “when you told me you lived in this city – I just pictured a regular normal neighborhood… but you are really far away from people”

Lol yes …yes I am ✌️ he didn’t know we had areas like this so close to Sacramento – it’s just beautiful and peaceful ❤️

I told him, I came here because I was healing from things.

He knows my story somewhat… I go really fast and don’t really want to talk about that … I just don’t wanna say a bunch of bad stuff… violence death death death alzheimers cancer …lol that’s horrible … so no I don’t really want to talk about what I walked through ✌️ … he asks questions and I answer – but then I also move convo away from that lol

So… he is respectful of women or actually all people – so I like that

He is same nerdy, goofy, funny

He does seem somewhat stiff ?? But I know he’s nervous lol because he tells me

I like him. But I’m still not sure?

He sweet and amazing yes

He IS a stickler on rules and things – which I also like lol …

I am too but I’m more relaxed

He is little more stiff? Lol but could be him being nervous?? But I think he is that way?

I’m just really cautious because he really likes me – ok well wait!! I’m not sure I am ready for this

His messages to me have my girlfriends all swooning – because he speaks so sweetly and caring 😮

I said ooohhh let’s take pics – I meant of the scenery and nature lol … but he got all excited thinking I wanted to be in pic – so ok fine I took one with him … I have to remember when I say things like that – how people will take or think lol ** MUST BE PRECISE ** lol

We left about 5pm… he did keep wanting to go to my house because he said “we can go to your house and drop a car off and go do something” 🤨 lol

Nope not showing him where I live – no no no…

I need to make sure he is not crazy or typical – I am definitely NOT comfortable with him knowing where I live.

Oh and he’s “Christian” hmm 🤔

I do not mind if you have whatever religion you want – as long as not pushed on me… so I am not sure?? We see … that comes up alot

So that makes me really uncomfortable

I am Catholic. So I’m just reserved – I do not speak of religion. So certain things I am just quiet with – is personal matter and decision – not anyone else’s business

So I’m just uncomfortable with it.

He’s been a gentleman. Has not made any move which is good!! Except when I say let’s take pics – … he got close and we snapped it

I had fun. I like him – but I’m not sure. I am still guarded – enjoying but still guarded – not sure if I am ok with all of this. And then his age’ 😮

I am not sure I am ok with all of this 😮 … but then ..: when I start panicking … he will send these thoughtful and really sweet kind messages – very thoughtful things

His age bothers me little. I do not know if I am comfortable with that either 😮 that’s a lot of years younger 😮

See I spiral … I have fun, I like him, we laugh talk and it’s great… but then I think of everything and I’m not sure I am ready. But again his respect and thoughtfulness really get me

But we just see – I won’t see him now until maybe mid NoV? So we see how time and distance does

After we were done eating, I was tired and so was he…he had hour drive this time.

After we left winery and he went home – I drove to girlfriend house because it was gonna rain – I just beat the rain and tmrw I open the haunted mansion tmrw

Ok I have to sleep I’m exhausted as always!!

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    1. Ha yes… was nice… the winery was so relaxing and beautiful 🙌 …it was nice zen type place, to eat relax and talk.

      I’m not sure at all though. Taking day by day. It’s alot because I don’t give my time like that / nor do I have time so … I work a lot lol

      I don’t have much time to give to him. So he was just lucky this weekend I had time… but that’s not usual.

      There’s just a lot of factors so I am not sure. I’m not sure I’m ready, but we see.

      I have a lot going on with work and condo – not sure I can do anything else at this time period and not sure will fit in my schedule – I just don’t leave time for a relationship of any kind – I am not sure I want to right now?

      Haha I did beat the rain 🙌 and I am right by work so no wet highways

      When we were at the winery, some people at a table near ours.. said it was gonna rain… and the clouds were moving in! 😮 I didn’t even know rain was coming

      So when we finished and were leaving – I called my girlfriend and asked to stay over, because she is right by work …and it was gonna rain… she said yes and I went right over.

      I got to her house and then the sky opened up 😮 I literally JUST beat it!!

      Everything is soaked this morning – I’m soooo glad I do not have to be on highways this morning 🙌❤️

      This time we only stayed up til 10:30 laughing and talking lol

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      1. It was nice to go to and relax… the winery is soooo beautiful! My area is “respite” 😉 (why I came here ❤️)

        Yeah – I do have a lot going on and you have no idea what’s going on at work! I have an employee that is creating problems

        And then the condo and many things.

        And I’m just not sure. I want to give tons of excuses lol

        I am still guarded so 🤷‍♀️ must go slow!

        And anyway I won’t see him at all, for at least a month and a half… so that gives me little space – but then all the holidays come so that will be busy too

        It just makes me little nervous. He’s sweet and nice… and extremely similar to ME!! Lol

        So I don’t know? He’s also young and ya know life experience … so that’s also a thing?? The age is a thing too – sorry but yes.

        He’s mature but very black and white – not a lot of gray

        Also little vanilla lol 😉✌️

        So I’m not sure 🤷‍♀️

        Lol “stay sane” – I am trying

        Have a great day 🙏

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      2. Yes, a lot happening with you! I guess that you can only control the things you can and then take your own time on other things. No need for a quick decision unless it feels the right one.
        Haha, yes, keep trying! 😉 and thank you, you too!! 🙂 🙂

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      3. Yeah true… gonna handle all the work shit today – that is going DOWN today!!

        And things go the way they supposed to. So whatever. I am too busy with work currently… and preparing for Texas …because I leave on the 30th … ✈️

        And then also handling all the condo things too

        So I’m just busy ✌️ I have not made time for personal life but I also like the peace of that too? 😉 but we see

        Always trying 🙌😘✌️

        Have great day!

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      4. Today was crazy. Let’s not revisit!

        I need to figure out

        I worked until 9pm!!!😮

        Yeah let’s not revisit. That was a rough day!!

        I am staying at girlfriends house again, because I was not about to make an hour drive home after getting out at 9!!! Nope 👎 not doing it

        Lol she just give me key now 😄😄

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      5. I fell asleep almost instantly, and this morning I am exhausted 🥱

        I hope today is easier but I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ … BUT I found someone I want to hire! 🙌 woo hoo! So that was a bright spot!

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      6. Also, you are behind on writing lol (me too)

        I am staying with my girlfriend in Sacramento because we having rain this week – I do not want to drive so far in rain

        But then I work late, come to her house – we watch a movie or giggle and laugh and then we go to bed

        Work has been very stressful 🤨but is solely because of one person 🤨 so that’s getting old. They on thin ice

        So … having tiny little respite ish … I have fun, but I am in the city lol

        I just really love the peace of the country away from everyone. 😉✌️

        Anyway… I haven’t had alot of time – but I keep checking and you slackin lol 😘 life gets crazy sometimes!

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      7. Haha, yes, I have just been so busy that I have not managed to carve out a few hours to write! 😦 I have the idea and I have done my initial ‘mind dump’ but just need to sort it into something readable! I will try and get it done soon! 😉
        Glad to hear that you are having a mini city-break – a big girl’s sleep-over haha 🙂 Hopefully, the situation at work resolves itself – one way or another – soon, as there is enough stress there already! Stay well and keep laughing! 🙂

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      8. I only tease you because I keep checking lol 😘 but my time been crazy also this week!!!!!!! But then I feel like it’s always crazy!!! It’s winter 🥶 – no worries – I only tease 😘

        I am making a “girls week” of it – more self care because right now at work is insane!!

        Oh the work situation about to be handled today – doing write up!! Doing today!!

        Also have 2 interviews AFTER work… to accommodate the applicants who have current jobs

        One of them I want really badly!!!!!!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏 I want them so bad

        I already researched them – they know their shit and have good reviews – if I get them my team gets more amazing 🙏🙏❤️❤️ I want sooooo bad!!!!!

        Just have to pass my boss so 🙏🙏🙏

        Then I need 1 more full time and 2 part timers 🙏🙏🙏

        So yes gonna handle some shit today at work lol ✌️

        Always laughing ❤️ that’s what keeps you alive 🙌 hope you do the same!!

        Stay well also and have a great day! ⛅️

        Ps so cold!! 🥶

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      9. Hahaha you are colder than we are … my cold is 60’s currently and we get winds and things and it only rains when is winter so we have cold rain 😝🤨

        Our low is 54… our high tmrw is 70 lol … I can do 70 👍

        But we dip to 20’s – 30”s mostly in January

        Ahhh see now why I wish for spring and summer 🙌

        I used to be from New England but then I got Californicated

        But always love spring and summer ❤️ summer obviously I love the most ❤️

        Winter is not my favorite – I don’t like the darkness or cold 😝🥶🥶

        Stay safe and dry also 🙌🙏

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