Well hello 😮

So a lot transpires 😮

So… yesterday morning – I had weird cryptic text message lol … someone else is cryptic lol …

But it said…

So umm lol… I talk to sooooooooooooo many people every week lol … I give my phone number to families who are struggling through the losses, just in case they need anything – they have someone to turn to. Some really struggle

So I am like omg who is this? Lol I didn’t say that, but I had to wait to respond as my mind went through it’s inside Rolodex lol… who could be?

And then… do I want to know? I don’t know? I am curious but at same time cautious… so whatever …

So I guessed the guy person and yes it was him lol

He asked if I would like to go to dinner – ok sure

Dinner is fine right? Should be cool? And he asked respectfully and he is sooo respectful / so I give him chance but cautiously …because careful, watch your step.

So… he asked me where lol … I dunno I don’t go out lol … so I text girlfriend who goes out all the time and she gave me a place to go….

It was this really awesome restaurant – kind of a hipster place – really loud and I can barely hear normally lol … so sometimes I just smiled and nodded lol because I didn’t want to keep saying “what?” Lol … but other than that it was pretty cool!

It was fun.

He has good morals and treats women really well. 🤔

So … he is the type to really love his woman

Oh boy!! Ok … sllllllloooooowwwww please

Now I get nervous because I am a whirlwind type – careful. You can NOT fall in love quick… be slow… too fast will back me off.

You gotta be chill, be interested – but be chill.

I am afraid of the whirlwind. No no

He has good morals – didn’t try anything. Was sweet thoughtful and respectful. Ok. So I will give some time. Maybe? I will see lol

So had a really nice fun dinner. We laughed and talked constantly and we both have a nerd type thing with documentaries and science lol

So he asks me to text him when I get home – I was driving hour away.

So before I got home, he text while I am driving. I can’t read texts when driving so I had to wait and he say…

Ok that was sweet and nice. He is pouring it on lol

And then I replied that I was home and also thanked him and said I had fun.

And currently I am on fence… I do not know I am ready …

I feel like …my foot holds over the breaks 😉✌️ easy does it … careful… slow

It’s his respect and kindness that I give time for 😮

Ok so … points I struggle with:

Do not know if I am actually ready. I like slow. Here’s the thing… I have peace and freedom currently and I love that- also I take care of my own damn self, and there is no stupid drama or crap – I just have peace … so 🤷‍♀️ you’d have to be pretty amazing to enhance that

I am just nervous because I just don’t give out my time for this. So 🤷‍♀️… I said yes because of the level of respect and thoughtfulness

Ok… also… like I said I can be whirlwind – I am full of life, and also funny and beautiful so… that makes a huge whirlwind. Do not get swept up!! Think clearly lol

Then this morning – he ask to see me again today… he is coming to my area and we are going to a winery 🍷 🍇

I think he wanted to come to my house and we leave a car to car pool – but I am not comfortable with anyone knowing where I live, incase turns crazy… no thank you – nope not happening – I do not know him well… I’m sure he’s a cool person but I am not comfortable with that.

He said was fine… but seemed disappointed or surprised… I do not always like to carpool – sometimes I just like my own space. Also, I am independent so… you will never ever control or anything. Am strong fighter so… I’m NOT entering any realm of control – remember that ✌️😘


I said ok because he is being respectful and kind – and that I am ok with. I won’t get to see him for at least a month after today. I’m trying to get a “read” on him – but also see where “I” am with this whole thing that is transpiring because I don’t know?

This week is my work to the bone week… and oh boy do I have to!! And next week I have daughter, the following week I will be in Texas 😮🙌❤️❤️❤️… and when I come back – I have daughter again… so I be going going going …

And that’s another thing… my time is few and far between mostly

I don’t like stress pressure either. I have enough at work… So we see

I am pretty strong so… can he handle it? Lol we see – I have tasted freedom and peace, so what you gonna bring to the table?

Also… so far I do not have any kind of fire? He’s cute, respectful, kind and very similar in morals and things … but I do not have any fire ? So not sure?

Do you know what I mean by fire? I also want that.

Yeah – so not gonna be easy. 🤷‍♀️ I am not sure I am ready – but I will entertain and see because of again … it’s his level of respect so I will just see

Oh and there is one other thing… 🤦‍♀️ omg

He’s fricken young!! He thought I was young lol … I am not young – I tell him that and didn’t even phase him. He is in late 30’s 😮

It’s not overly young but still young. So I don’t know if I am ok with that either?


So I don’t know. I am totally not sure.

I don’t know what I am ready for – it’s scary!! 😮

So anyway – let’s watch how he steps 😘✌️

Ok I have to go. Not really sure this is good idea or not?? I am not sure how comfortable I am with it?? So we see


So… can he handle a woman like that? Not really sure?

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    1. Oh yes! Something is always happening lol

      Yes, He is very nice! I’m just not sure I am ready yet?

      And he is young 😳 so not sure how I feel about that either

      Taking slow – it makes me nervous but we see

      I give him time because he’s so kind respectful and thoughtful. Very sweet

      So we see. I am not sure

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