I made it through Monday ❤️

So… 😐 … Monday 😶

That was nuts this morning – that kid is very very lucky! I don’t know if he knows how lucky he is… he had an angel with him today!! 😮

So… he’s ok. They took him to hosp just to make sure. I don’t know anything after they left.

I do have to get copy of police report in 5-10 days (😐) … for insurance purposes.

So I dunno – but he’s very lucky

And people today were amazing… people pulled over and ran over to help ❤️


You had the lookie loos 🤨 who were annoying … because get back!!! If you aren’t gonna help – get the F back!! Just stand there watching or video recording 🤨 that’s disgusting.

But then you had the hero’s ❤️ the ones that just jumped in ❤️

They wanted nothing in return but to help ❤️ and helped and left. Unknown ❤️

Thank you for ALL people who jump into help when needed ❤️❤️❤️ you rock ❤️❤️❤️

That was scary!

And then there was more scary and I made it through that alive today too!! 🙌


On other subjects…

That guy who think I am challenge, he said “ok I’m not gonna try anymore, you let me know if you wanna have some fun”

🤨 so I said back lol … yeah I don’t just go and have fun like that – I need more than that. But thank you.

And then… I thought it was done? because it was ? Or I thought

I was pretty clear there was no fun to be had lol ✌️

But I had to call today 🤨 fricken of course. But we should be past this? I was clear!

And he said “whenever you call me, you give me butterflies”

🙄 oh please – I’m sure – I just laughed, and said “yeah ok” … now I don’t want to call much – I already try not to call… but today I needed him 😶

He knows and does things I can’t … nor do I want to. 😉

That’s still a no on the fun though ✌️😘

He can say whatever words he wants – I do not believe his words.

He’s just a playboy saying whatever to whatever woman to see what catches. That’s all. 🙄😐

And then because I don’t play that game … he keeps trying.

I will always turn him down because no!!

He doesn’t understand at all.

But whatever – still not gonna get anywhere.

I only give him butterflies because I tell him no. 😐 he wants what he can’t have 🤨

So whatever that’s all it is though … he’s only after conquest and that’s it

He will say whatever he can to see what happens …so yeah I know this.

Wrong woman for that. Sorry. ✌️

I have peace – so unless you enhance that – the answer is no.

But that’s how it is …so whatever


There was no good butterfly song so … close enough 😘✌️

Ok I am never waking up!!

Good night or morning whatever 😘✌️❤️

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