🍂 Fall Friday 🍂

Ok well it was Friday

It started out with stuff and ended with stuff

Ok well… let me see …

My morning was all messed up – and I drop my daughter off and had some car issues which I handled but I called out today and had my computer on me so just worked from everywhere lol

I have some very touching stories to tell you about …

So I try for condo, I am going for a different one… I give up on other one getting that person out.

The new one we just love!! We already see it and love it – is perfect for us…

I give a letter about my situation to the people helping me. I told a brief synopsis of my story. I gave facts – with just a slight human emotion element

It was 2 pages.

I told how I got where I am and also provided proof of what I say.

And then … I don’t know if my seller read my info or not? I only sent it to my mortgage guy… but the seller suddenly asked if I wanted some of the furniture too 😮 (I don’t have much – where I live, was already furnished at landlords)

So I say yes, please and then my landlord tell me – “I have a couch and things for you.”

It’s just humbling because of how hard they work for me and what they all do for me. They really pour their souls into helping me stand up, so just kinda chokes me up to see the human kindness ❤️

It’s definitely emotional.

I’m not there yet with the condo but they speak like I already am lol … and then my lender guy working so hard for me too

So we see – if goes well – we be in by holidays ❤️ or I start new year 😮

Then I picked daughter from school on time today 🙌❤️ I am usually small bit late …because is hard to escape work normally.

It’s very hard not to work 😮 because I also work by phone too 😮 … I feel like lately I am on phone constantly with work calls, even after hours.

Things are always happening – constantly 😑 can life (or death) just chill for moment?

Also… so there is this girl we all really love!! We just adore her personality and she’s amazing at her job… so my team all talks about how much we love her to pretty much everyone – she’s ours lol ❤️ (but technically we have to share but we want her for our own lol)

Well anyway, the other day she heard a rumor about what “we” speak of her… is all really good. We see how she does and we see how she is with families and her job …

Anyway, you should have heard how happy and excited she was to feel so wanted, appreciated and part of family.

Because these were things other people at other locations were telling her that we say about her 🙌 …


Just that you fit in, and people like you and want you and think you do amazing.

So she’s just been sucked in lol

It sucks you in lol

And then there was a work incident I hear about, I had to report to boss and another involved for safety reasons.


And my kids are here and suddenly I have a weird text?? It’s very weird and I am uneasy with it.

All it says is:

If this is still Trisha’s phone, I hope you are safe and doing well.

🤨 it’s not a number I recognize or that is in my phone – no prior contact on that number.

They don’t give a name. Who are you and what do you want? But I also don’t want to know so I do not ask.

It bother me so I tell kids – and they say “Mum just ask “who dis?” Lol

Oh no no… I’m not asking and opening that can of worms 🪱

I’m not that curious. If you want to speak to me – give more info or I will not respond.

It feels like “bait”…

“If this is “still” my phone”? So then I know this person?? And from when? Say who you are, so I know who I am dealing wih

You are not sure if that’sh still my number ? But you wanna bait me by saying, hope you safe and doing well? Nope 👎 not baited ✌️

Fail 🚫

I don’t trust – so nope 👎

You don’t just do that. That is definitely bait and nope! 👎

I also do not play little games. You want my attention – then you say who you are. Done and end of story.

Otherwise no thanks, I’m good. Definitely not the way to come at me.

Grow some balls and say who you are. And I’m not gonna ask – if they can’t already say who they are, then I can’t be bothered. I’m good.

“Hope I’m safe and doing well” ?!!

Well thank you. Still not responding. That is generic and testing waters and my curiosity

They definitely don’t know me, whoever they are. And I’m gonna require more than that, so whatever ✌️


That’s all 🙌 trouble

Yeah sorry – I like peace. Present me with that instead.. then maybe you get somewhere 😉✌️😘

I’m not doing anything that is not a peace to me. Sorry. So whatever.

And yes I am stubborn… don’t care – I’m not putting up with any any any crap.

So … yeah. Don’t do stuff like that.

It doesn’t make me curious – it makes me nervous. 😮

So anyway – I am purely exhausted – ugh

I have dramatic things going on 🤨

Ok Gnite 😘❤️✌️

9 thoughts on “🍂 Fall Friday 🍂

Add yours

    1. 🙏 yes is actually kinda exciting, but I don’t wanna get too excited until is mine. But yes I hope very much 🙏

      Ugh 😑 I know… well I just don’t like that because I am trying to stand up for myself so … I don’t trust it.

      And I’ve had a few stalkers before. Leaving roses or gifts on my car – nope – not romantic at all!! More scary and terrifying when they can’t leave a name – can’t man up… and it’s scary being traced or followed like that. Nope! I’m good. I am not prey

      I just don’t trust none of that!!!

      And I did not see this yesterday? But my phone did update last night and there was a missed call on my phone at 1:30pm 🤨 … with a blocked number 🤨 … I bet you is same… why block number and why not say who you are? – so immediately “shady” and nope 👎

      Want no part of whatever that is.

      But it does make me nervous. Jumpy. I don’t like it. ☹️ makes me feel fear 🤫

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Weekend is quiet sorta, by myself now

        No other contact from whoever was contacting me (knock on wood) so just ignoring that. I don’t have time or desire for that

        But then I had issue at work Friday also. And that one is REALLY scary because I am afraid people could be hurt.

        Monday will be a Monday and police might be needed? We see 😳

        So yeah lol … soaking up the peace this weekend before all hell breaks loose lol

        Today, I just stayed home. Cleaned, worked, talked to a few people re: work etc. … tmrw I do errands

        Maybe pray for me on Monday 😳😳🙏 or a good luck ritual or whatever – Monday I will need that!!! 😳🙏

        Lol… fricken life 🤨🙄

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh yes of course 🙂 I am always strong lol

        This time is scary.

        Someone’s mental state might not be stable and I worry.

        But yes – hopefully prevail 🙏🙏 and live 😳lol

        At least it’s October – looks like my year is just themed lol

        Liked by 1 person

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