So I meet a Dr. person earlier- for very first time!!

So blah blah blah we talking – I knew where he worked but not what he do…

We have to deal with doctors all the time – chase them down to sign death certs and things

So I teased and said “are you one we chase down?” I was joking

And he says “no I am in plastics” 😮

So I asked “as in plastic surgery?”

He says “yes” 😮

So I don’t know what happened to my mouth and brain, because they did not work together!!

I said “oh I had breast cancer and my breasts are plastic” 😮

It just came out like that – I don’t even know why!!

I further explained full mastectomy

But then later as we talking – when I wasn’t watching – he was looking

But I did that with what I said 😑 Dammit mouth and brain!!

Omg 🤦‍♀️

Ok I am leaving work now 😑 I’m done!

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    1. Ha! Well I was dealing with him for work!! I did not know he was plastic surgeon and did not expect that!!

      And then I forget they are not just breasts – it is someone’s work lol 😉✌️

      So I don’t know what happened with my brain/mouth!

      I would speak and look at him and then he would look at my eyes but if I looked away he was looking – women still see that!!! You can not be subtle we notice lol

      But like I said – that’s the work he does …and my breasts are actually someone’s work. (Weird but true)

      He just lucky he is a doctor and my mouth wasn’t working right. ✌️🙄

      I was delirious with exhaustion lol ✌️ I worked over 12 hrs yesterday 😴

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      1. Oh it won’t be … more cases poured in yesterday, and then there is always today 😳😮

        I can’t hire them fast enough

        Yesterday one of my friends was teasing me about always working, and I said well I’m currently hiring so maybe that will help?

        And she says well at least you have job security 😮

        She wasn’t wrong 😳

        I did go right to sleep as soon as I walk in door and face planted on the bed lol

        Ok I’m off for the day, have a good day 🙏 hopefully my brain and mouth work better today 🙏

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