Return of the Mac 🙌


(Just ignore all the love stuff 🤨🙄 … just replace that with respect only)

Dude should walk back in the office owning it like that lol 🙌 ahhhh he’s back 👏👏👏 oh thank god!!!

My phone rang about 5:30… it was him… and then he had a ton to tell me all about lol … and then he wanted to know a lot of things 😄😄

He gently kept tabs – man knows everything lol – nothing NOTHING gets by him!!! Lol I love that about him!!

Dude is on it!! Smart man.

I said – so you rested and ready? Lol … ohhh ok … and it’s on

And then he says to me how much vacation time do you have?

😳 ok well I have a lot but how am I supposed to do that?!!!

It will carry over but they don’t want that so… I have to use it 😮 or they really encourage and want me to lol

It’s just we have no upper management currently… and low staff so – who gonna do my job? That’s gonna pile up!!! 🤨

I will take a vacation to come back to crazyville!!! And bury myself 🤨 that does not sound cool and whole time that’s all I would think about!!!

So I don’t know… I have ALOT of time off!!! But when I gonna do that? 🤷‍♀️ and how?

I would LIKE to not be buried when I return lol … oh god

Anyway 3 hours later 😄😄🙌 ahhhh I have missed him lol – oh his communication level is seriously impeccable!!! Omg – you have no idea! 🙌

Not about stupid stuff. It’s all stories, information, details, happenings, ideas etc

I have not even touched surface of things while he gone lol … he knows bits and pieces so I fill him in little and tell him the happenings

We trade opinions on how to fix certain things.

He tells me of his stories or thoughts – it’s pretty bad ass and is never silence or weird

It’s helpful

He takes some of pressure off, he is easy to work with due to his perfectionism, communication skills, knowledge, etc … he is funny and also quite charming. Good man.

But we always talk a lot. I cut him off for two weeks lol … because I wanted him to relax and enjoy his family – not worry. I told him I would not text or call him while on vacation lol – I didn’t – but he called and texted me 😑 but he did not this week.

So we had and still have tons to catch up on and then watch… they will make me do my vacation!!! 🤦‍♀️ not yet!!!

Totally thrilled and excited and sense of strength back – yay!!!! 🙌

I always make sure if someone is important to me …they know how much they mean to me and why.

I have always realized how precious life was (mostly – except maybe… for one year as a teenager) 😉✌️

But when I went through cancer things – I wasn’t dead but I got to see what I meant to people.

And then I work in funerals so I see the unsaid things … so I just always want to do that.

He had cancer too. So he knows how is. He is same so it just works well.

He will send quick little texts like – “hey – appreciate you!” Lol so he is funny with his – very kind!

I will also say things similar – because I also appreciate him.

Ugh once again remove the love or sex stuff 🤨 …

Only that I am glad to know him, honored to work with him, enjoy who he is.

Extremely smart man – glad he came to us.

He alleviates my pressure and I do that for him. Plus I learn sooooooooo much from him!!!

And he is honest and forthcoming – so I trust him … “a man” 😮😮 lol

So that’s pretty cool.

He definitely makes me feel relief for him to come back. Lol

Ok so… now I just have personal things going on lol … which I will tell you about soon when things do actually happen

But I have to do stuff to make that happen 🤨🙄 so ok

I told him about it and he was like “are you gonna have a party to celebrate?” Hmm well no probably not lol … I am quiet person lol

Anyway I am so excited his vacation is over lol 🙌👏 never do that again lol – I’m kidding totally kidding (ish)

Yay! 🙌 I can breathe again!!

2 thoughts on “Return of the Mac 🙌

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    1. The first week they went to Monterey area 🙌 then came back and last week was in Fort Bragg area – they went up and down the coast line there 🙌

      They own a home in the Fort Bragg area – is AirBB so they went and stayed at their house

      He did actually vacation – but he just still always can’t totally step away lol – he always has to make sure is still going ok lol


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