The Weekend

Well Friday was awesome 👏❤️ everyone got a raise 🙌

I’m still sorta working today. I am also on call all day and all night tonight – so no dying!! Just hold on!!

You should just get the vaccine lol … sorry … I just wanna push that to stop the deaths 😉✌️

But let me tell you this… I love the new girl so far!!! Omg my boss picked amazing this time!!! Spot on!!!

She seems strong like that ❤️🙌👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌

Girl is phenomenal!! I train her she takes notes always looking to help me or make my life easier – fricken yes please – I am keeping her ❤️

2 days and I adore her!!!😮

Easy lol… I can’t help it because she is THAT awesome so far – we see … we see how that goes

But so far I adore her completely lol 🙌

She’s incredible! I kinda want to make her full time but I’ll go slow… we see how she works before I push that but I already love her work ethic

Whatever I want … she ready 😮

First day in right away she jump right in! She get first hand View right off the bat. And she’s not scared off

I got a good one ❤️❤️❤️ 🙌

This one seems to have great work ethic, and has this strength to her that I can not describe!! I like her – she seems driven!! She will go very far if I see her correctly. 🙌

I just have to get to know her – but I like her alot already!!

She’s young and she’s also very mature and beautiful. She will fit in perfect ❤️

She has a professional demeanor and dress, she’s amazing 😮

2 days and I am impressed – that is not easy. Check her out lol… so we see … I think I got a winner ❤️

So that’s going well

Played video games with kids when they came over – I made them play Lazer Blast with me from Atari lol 😄😄 …

I said “check your mom out with the skills and high score” I can go forever lol

And they say “mum it’s the same thing over and over”

Lol so – I’m still beating you all 🙌✌️😄

I got a rhythm 🎶 lol 😉🤫

We played few other games but that was fun! ❤️🙌❤️

Then there was this funny thing last night … I can’t tell you what, but it was funny… only because it was one of those moments where you are like “of course it would be something like that” of course lol … so you just laugh because what else can you do? you don’t wanna cry lol

So. 😳😮😄 of course

Then today I work from home and I have all phones 😑 ugh

And then that girlfriend of mine calls and I get to hear all about things 😳😮😐

I could never live like her. Ever I could not handle that. I already know. Nope!

Someone we know asked about me – nope nope nope. She try to slyly bring up and I say nope right away. Because no.

If I say no – I have a reason. He’s not serious only superficial, so no.

I ordered groceries because I don’t feel like shopping lol … I pick them up shortly.

Tmrw is early release and I have to open Haunted Mansion

Tmrw going to be a hard day – but it is Monday and Monday’s are kinda always tough

Ok well … here comes an insane week!! Oh god help us 🙏

Fascination / Vaccination – whatever 😘✌️ keep doing that!

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