Friday 🥰

I can’t stay… but I got a huge raise today ❤️

😮😮😮 that was unexpected 😮

I am still absorbing

Ok have to run

I love you Friday ❤️🙌❤️

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    1. Yes it was 🙌❤️

      My boss got everyone raises because we work so hard!!

      The rest of them don’t know yet… I can’t say anything to them. My boss wants to give that happy news.

      They are going to be recharged by that ❤️🙏🙌

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      1. Well… what happened was I live in California and the cost of living is so high out here … that minimum wage is climbing and then everyone competing for workers …

        I was making the same as someone making tacos or burgers at a fast food place … so I deal with people’s deaths and have a lot of pressure when I could be flipping burgers or making tacos for same money and less stress?!!

        Corporate is not located in California so they are not same cost of living as we are – they don’t know!! We are above rest of the United States except Hawaii and maybe Alaska?

        We the highest cost of living in the continental United States

        We have been taking photos of all the banners on these places so corporate can see where the problem is.

        They want to have people come work, they demand a lot – we are dealing with death! … and yet the pay was not reflecting the importance of the job

        I do think someone’s loved one is worth more than flipping burgers 😉✌️

        Corporate was literally about to lose everyone 😮

        So yup 👍 they finally recognized

        Is the only way they will be successful and not continuously have staff issues.

        We work incredibly hard!! We are all dedicated.

        They want us to take care of families – but they have to take care of “theirs”. 😉

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      2. Yes, totally agree with you!! I know it is invidious to compare jobs but I think most folk would accept that the skill set required to handle everyone’s stresses at such a key time is one that needs to be appropriately rewarded!! Geez, now I sound like someone from corporate haha 😦

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      3. Lol well the demands of the job are pretty intense.

        That’s why they can’t keep anyone. That’s their downfall – the amount of pressure is intense

        I’m not saying any job any less important

        But for what they ask – they were not paying well.

        Everyone was at brink of just being done. So just depends on how you want your business to go.

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