Who knows? 🤷‍♀️

So wow. Thursday 😮

So hmm 🤔… I have no idea what happened lol … omg … just so many things!! I don’t know if I can remember everything 😮 … let’s see

So I always seem to walk into things at just the right moment.

So I came down a hallway today and I could hear people talking about “ME” lol 😮😄 … was all good stuff … but still …

As I turned the corner, I was like “hello there” and laughed cause.. busted 😘✌️ I just tease 😉 it was funny

One of the woman was an Indian woman and she said something about it to me…

She said in her culture if you walk in exactly at moment you being spoken of – it means you have long life? Or good life?

Is that right? I don’t know if she was joking or not?

She was cute and funny 😄 we were laughing about stuff when she told me that, so I am not sure

I will take a long life or a really awesome one!! Either or lol

Not that it’s not currently awesome … but ya know higher level in different aspects ✌️😘

Ok so there was that.

Ok and then I am working on repairs and billing and reports and phones and death etc… whew 😳

I was just buried in paper work and then I had to stop and go to Carecenter for many things. So that stopped my progress but they need the help- they are overwhelmed – so I just help little bit.

It’s been crazy.

Can I please tell you to get the vaccine!! Please please please.

You have no idea so please 🙏

Ok so I’ll beg there for one moment … you do what you want – I can’t force you. I just say please. It’s not a joke and it is real …

This teaches you consequences – are you prepared for whatever that is? I don’t care if you work out or eat right… that doesn’t matter at all.

You need vaccine and also mask. Also hand washing!!

Winter is coming. Please 🙏

You decide your own fate. Is Russian roulette

Ok I have to switch subjects …

I have a new girl starting tmrw 🤨 I know nothing about her – my boss picked her 🤨 I’m not a fan of my bosses picks lol

Ok so we see. 😐

She just got cleared to start part time and starts tmrw … oh boy.. we have many services tmrw!! 😮 she about to get crash course in funeral homes … she either gonna fit in and swim or we see

If she is not scared off tomorrow then we see. She gonna have to jump right in.

Don’t be shy. Also don’t be lazy. 😘✌️


No no… no lazy song at this moment!! Nope …

Instead is…


So I’m gonna need hustle

I just reminded myself of…



I’m gonna need you to have hustle, alright… ok alright ✌️😘😄😄😄❤️ that’s so funny – ok that was for my own enjoyment 🙌❤️

But yes!!! Hustle please!!!


Ok … it’s on baby girl – what you made of? Please let her be good 🙏🙏🙏 crash course first thing 😮 hope she is ready for this ride!! 😳😮🙏🙏🙏 pray for me!!

Ok where else can I post ad? For people needing jobs – don’t say Monster – because they suck!! I do not know what is the deal with people on there, but whatever

I just can’t

Ok I am doing Indeed.

I think my boss has on Craigslist.

Umm I have tried zip recruiter but … they are too expensive and also same for one other one that I can not think of at this moment.

Where else can I try?? Cheaply or free lol 😘✌️

I need to find more.

And then… on another subject … a contractor I know and use … every single time is flirty … I don’t mind flirty. I am quick witted, funny and I am also an ace of making sure exactly where to change that subject 😉

He says things – I basically ignore because “what’s this?” Words – big deal whatever.

Like last week I was talking about work things and he always makes it playful – fine whatever – I am also playful ish… I keep it always always always professional – my mind does not even go to anything except work but I am flirty “slightly” while heavily watching boundaries” lol 😘✌️

But then he says “I’ve been thinking of you”

And he trying to tell me he seriously does 🤨 no… no he does not. Trust me I know my instincts and my intel 😉

🤨🙄 no. This one is playboy… so whatever. Yeah lol… he thinking of me, I bet

He looks at me like he seriously wants to devour me!! 😳 ok see – that is hormones. Control them.

And then today I talking work again … and at first is all business … he calls me boss 🙄

And then he starts being playful again omg!! And I said well maybe I see you this weekend – because I have to work the weekend again 🤫

And as I’m getting ready to hang the phone up – he says “I hope I do” 😮🤨

No… no he does not. All he wants is to get into pants – no and sorry. This is The Challenge guy … so whatever… I don’t pay attention to fluffy things like that… smoke 💨 and mirrors 🪞

Show me


He won’t – he is a “playboy” so whatever 🙄

Don’t believe at all.

He can say whatever he wants – the words do not show or tell me anything – and I do not trust motive. Those words are fake

Not when you look at me like you gonna eat me … no no no

Slow your roll and not like that!!

He doesn’t have a chance – he’s too much of a playboy. I am not down with that. I don’t want to deal with that and no just no …so whatever

But he just keeps trying 🤨🙄 trust me absolutely those words are not true in the way they should be… so absolutely not!!

I am just sharing this so you can see what goes on!!!! Crazy Train!!

I like peace – I do not want bullshit… he looks at me like he’s a wolf … I can’t even describe!! That’s the best I can do!

Also… he says same to all other girls – you don’t think we talk? I have a network so I know everything lol 🙌😘✌️ – nice try


Yeah not even if the world was ending! 😮 so that’s a definite no.


I don’t really play with those kinda things / I will keep professional and I just get quiet when he switches from work to that talk … then I quickly say “I have to go… thanks! Byyyeeee” 👋 lol

Yeah dude don’t even try. Lost cause already. Not my type. I’m good.

So there is that also.

💆‍♀️ I need a massage!!! But no

Oh and you wanna hear something hilarious ❤️❤️❤️

So you know the man I help at other funeral home…


He is supposed to be on vacation lol

I specifically ordered him to not think about or check on work!! You need funeral detox lol … you just need to let go for moment

But it is his passion … he just really loves it 🙌❤️ that much

Let’s see he lasted about 3 days lol … but he had still been checking emails and watching our text messages on group text lol

The man does not know how to take a vacation lol – dude – I got you!! Don’t worry 😄 I just didn’t know he would cave so fast – I should have bet him money!!! Omg I would have won!!


That would have been too easy!! His passion is admirable but I want him to recharge. Come back like a bull ya know? Nice and strong … and boom with that attitude lol… just kidding … I enjoy him and I want him to recharge so he stay strong – I don’t want him burning out – and he really really deserves a break!

So anyway. I hope he relaxes. He is workaholic like me. Lol

He just worries cause things go boom – they will always go boom whatever

I got you – don’t worry 😘

He misses us – he can’t tear himself away lol

Do you see what death does ?? 😉 I love that he is so passionate!

But I don’t think he knows how to vacation lol 🤷‍♀️

I love working with him!! Just normal.. not any weird stuff.

Great guy!! Hard and caring worker!!

Anyway lol … people are funny … it is hard to separate yourself – you have to have a hard disconnect… but if you disconnect then you have to reconnect and not know anything lol

It’s just best to always know things lol … see!! But you have to!! It’s hard to disconnect because the business is important and he truly cares about his families and the reputation. See hard to disconnect …when ya know, it’s just hard

Ok well I have to sleep – I have to be at work even earlier for many services happening omg

And kaboom 💥

Ok Friday …


Friday is going to be like that 😮😮😮 all crazy I believe there are wakes and funerals at each home 😮

So yeah – ready ?? 😮🙏🙏🙏

Ok I have to sleep 😴🙄

Ugh … ok so working a lot! But whatever that is ok. I just have to sleep 😑

I work too much. 😮 ok I will visit that later 😉😘✌️ Gnite


Stay safe 🙏🙏🙏

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