Come fly with me ❤️😉

Ah …so what to say lol

Let’s just start from the beginning. I talked to my staff member yesterday and I say – “ya know this is appreciation for American workers and I appreciate you. Let’s have a destress weekend – take it easy and then we pound the week” 😉

She agreed and we doing that yesterday. I only did 4.5 hours yesterday but I have no had day off since who knows when??

We worked like dogs 🤨 so is Labor Day and I’m gonna appreciate myself and my workers ❤️ we work very hard and they amazing and stand beside me ❤️ so fuck yeah

lol ❤️

Ahh the land of the free lol ❤️ 🇺🇸 and that is how you manage well 💋 show appreciation when you know they worked to the bone.

If corporate doesn’t wanna do it – I do! I watch them work so hard and pour everything in – so yeah I took this holiday my way ❤️❤️❤️ yay!! ❤️❤️❤️

Again self care lol and I want them to know and be aware of when need self care – I don’t want to burn them out either

They work hard for me because I make working there not feel so bad. It is the people you with 😉

So anyway … let me paint the mental picture 😮

Black shirt, cute shorts and knee high black boots because I forgot to bring the bag of shoes 🤦‍♀️ ugh

So I text my coworker last night and I say “hey, so what size shoe you wear? Cause I forgot all my shoes and I need at least some flip flops or something other than knee high black boots!! I do not want to invite any trouble!!!”

She laughed and said she would bring me some shoes today… she brought me flip flops 🩴 lol – way better and less sexy than those black boots 😮

But that wasn’t before my boss called because tables had not been delivered over weekend so… I handled and got delivered IMMEDIATELY!! … but looking like that with the black knee highs … my legs are long already – it’s bad and then with shorts – but I did not expect to see anyone!! And I was gonna have flip flops eventually … Lol but of course I see people

And then that family came in – but they were in tank tops and shorts … only I looked weird with the stupid boots omg those boots

They laughed ☺️ But still!!

And then we only supposed to work til noon and I would have kept working – but my boss was like what are you doing? Let’s go have a drink 😮

Well alright then. 😮 so I wrapped it up I was there early … said happy weekend see you tmrw to coworker… and I left.

My boss was in my parking lot already lol … and then came in my car. 😮 I did not expect that but ok

And then we just gonna go have a drink or something but nothing we know was open.

So I said well we can go to my hotel room and just sit quietly without people there lol (I had my relaxing clothes on – if I went out in that… it would be all bad!! And I was with boss – I definitely do not want to be hit on around my boss nope!

So we stop at grocery store and got what wanted. I swung back by my location to get bosses car… and then my boss followed me.

Lol the hotel is awesome but the area not so much lol… but is Sacramento – certain areas are not great. Some are – some are not and the homeless issue is HUGE HUGE HUGE!!!

My boss says “uhhh you sure you ok here, did you see what we drove through?” Lol

It’s safe – they have amazing security here ❤️ is well kept. is just Sacramento

So then we just de-stressing talking about what happened today – my boss had a HUGE service and it was really difficult! So just venting about everything. And then chattering about stuff

We laughed and laughed lol

My boss told me how stressful it is and the pressure is under. I say “you have us – if we can help – just ask”

My boss told me some serious things.

I also told boss things – like someone trying to poach… but I didn’t respond and boss said – respond – keep your options open! They will treat you good. 😮

And then we speak on personal levels and just you know life.

Boss just needed a minute of self care – I said that – I said “be careful – remember self care! Take a minute to breathe sometimes because you are gonna burn out”

And my boss said “ I already am” 😮

I am hourly so when I over work … I get overtime

But boss is salaried so boss salaried for 40 hours … yet works constantly like rest of us

No overtime or anything for boss

The job is demanding and we trying to take care of our families the best we can

It’s just a job you can kill yourself for… so be careful

All of us are thoughtful and caring so. It is us… not the corporation. But to them we all expendable

It’s hard and you feel for your employees

My boss said would make sure we all get raises for how hard we work… but we see – my boss can say that – but whether or not corporate will do is another thing.

I have not had a moment like that to sit with boss and go over everything – was really good!!

My boss said next time you do this (the hotel thing) do closer to my house and you come for dinner.

My boss stayed from 3pm to 6pm … my boss bought dinner 🙌 I did ask what I owed and boss said no no

So was good to have a quiet chill relaxed meeting

We share same birthday so I understand my boss? Because I know what sign is…So I know the behaviors and emotions lol because that is also me lol 😉✌️ is same exact day lol

Boss also has guards just like me . Because “people” … you just have to know who to trust. Be observant. Take your time knowing someone – people always want you to see best of them – but give it time – if they still the best they shine … if they are not – you see that too

Time shows you things 😉

My boss is good person. Good heart, good motives, and good intentions.

Anyway, ok so that was today

Lessons were …do self care because if you don’t – who will? However you need – you do that.

Also… never ever forget bag of shoes again!!! 😉✌️


8 thoughts on “Come fly with me ❤️😉

Add yours

    1. Lol … yes I am the one full of life 🙌 ❤️ – usually lol – but I am around alot of death 😉

      Queen of thoughts – I like that title lol 👑 💭

      Well I hope my words lift you up and give you strength 🙌✌️❤️ I hope makes you laugh and feel life

      Thank you very much for your kind words 😘

      Stay safe always and enjoy life when able! 🙌🙏❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Dunno if it’s an option but I learned to keep a spare outfit in my car. And shoes in my desk.

    I’m glad you got good 1:1 time with the boss! I remember how wonderful it was when U was treated with respect! I still stay in touch, though not often, with my boss from 2017.

    I don’t know the specifics but there are circumstances where salaried employees also qualify for OT. Might be worth lookin up. Esp since they’re likely to switch you to salary. That’s also dictated by law and I’m shocked you’re still hourly with all your responsibilities!!

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    1. I should probably do that. Extra clothes, shoes, everything 🙌 good idea!!

      Yes exactly – my boss been amazing through everything and is the one who gave me my chance.

      And it’s really awesome when you are appreciated for the job you do – that is how you create good strong workers

      Corporations don’t know this secret 🤨

      Ohh I will mention that. That is worth looking into.

      Trust me they do not appreciate what their workers do and what the responsibilities are.

      We will talk again one day and I tell you stuff.


  2. On the homeless issue… the rnd of my block is a major street. About a month ago people starting making their camps at the end of the block. So far, it’s been only 1 at a time and they disappear after about 4 days. I expect it will get worse. Thank gobs I’m not one of the people with an alley behind me!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it’s bad and now police can’t do anything because we in middle of pandemic and where ALL these people gonna go? They don’t have enough beds for all of them, so they can’t do anything… you have to let them have a place somewhere somehow 😮

      And the problem will get worse with all this rent and eviction stuff – end of benefits etc

      Here we go 😮


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