Self care ❤️

I decided since was holiday weekend and we crazy currently… plus is Labor Day weekend and people be drinking – I don’t wanna be on the road.

I will work anyway. So I got a hotel right by work 🙌 for 2 days ❤️ woo hoo!

I took a bubble bath and had pizza ❤️🙌 it’s like heaven 🙌❤️

And since work been crazy – I wanted “something” and this is perfect ❤️ …”vacation while working” lol – brilliant 🙌❤️

Works for me, whatever – I don’t have to be on roads and it’s awesome ❤️🙌

This week gonna be really tough so why not start out good. Recharge not burn out 😉✌️

My boss is stressed. Very stressed. Just burned out.

So … Ya know … self care needed – seriously!

This job kills you, if you let it 😉😘✌️ ☠️

It is going to be a really hard week I think 😳 oh god.

But I am also very excited because our reputation is really awesome ❤️

Tomorrow I will push it – I am going to fully enjoy the holiday while working 🤫🙌❤️

I am gonna be all comfy and relaxed ❤️❤️ omg so see I am adding amazing to tough things …so makes it not so bad 🙌 because all the self care melts that away!! 🙌

Hopefully no one sees us but who’s going to want to come to funeral home tomorrow??

Celebrating the American work force – I am part of the American work force so yes – I will celebrate that my way 🙌❤️ why not. I am excited to wear my own normal clothes

You have to remember to do small little things to brighten life. Why not enjoy for a moment ❤️

So I have pressure but then suddenly as of today?? I am just like 🤷‍♀️ whatever 😳😮

I was lazy this morning and then today was sooo peaceful ❤️

And now I am self caring 😮😮

We can only do what we can do.

And self care is just really awesome – you really need that recharge, it is very important. Whatever that would be to YOU

I’m not sure what my bosses self care way would be?? My boss has a tenseness but also I just slightly sense a tiny bit of insecurity. Has shell like me. (Has same exact birthday as me so is same sign – tough but there is sensitivity lol 💋✌️)

So I am not sure because my boss is also guarded like me. I like to melt into peace and awesome things for self care – I will have to tell my boss how to do this lol … my boss just doesn’t know – I will teach lol

I have to meet with my boss tmrw anyway lol

If you want to be strong you have to make sure you take care of you soul too 😘

I don’t want to burn out so… I do that. It just recharges your batteries 🔋

Ok I do have to be up mega early tmrw – supposed to be half day but I’ve been needing to get work done and I don’t know when my boss wants to meet

It might be full day 😳 so glad am self caring 😳 see helps a little bit!!!

And I am melting into a bed that is like a cloud ☁️ – that helps a lot lol ❤️

I am going to fall asleep if I don’t say Gnite 😘


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    1. It’s awesome – just a minute to pretend to escape from everything, but not really lol 🙌❤️

      I needed it because we are all really stressed – we all have full boards

      Everyone is stressed 😮

      So yup – self care – if I didn’t I would go crazy – there is tremendous pressure currently!!

      Mainly it was that and also I don’t want to be out on highways driving so far with this holiday.

      When I told my coworker I was staying in hotel – she said “you should book entire week cause gonna be a rough week”

      😳😮 lol I just needed few days 🙏 I think 🙏🙏


      1. They let you in pools now and give you breakfast again 🙌

        But at work – things aren’t good so I think of that and just enjoy the room only – plus I forgot my suit lol – I wasn’t thinking of that

        You could do one close to you

        I pick this one because is close to work. So I do not have to drive all the highways during Labor Day Weekend.

        I would like to stay alive and I need a little self care currently, so do not hit burn out. 😉✌️


      2. Ah, damn… you reminded me of covid. For me, a hotel is still too many people sharing air.

        Today, for about the billionth time, I debated whether I’m losing sense of taste or if my food was flavorless. It waa the food.

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      3. They do good job with keeping away from others – they don’t put you right next to people but I also requested that/ I am away from people lol

        Oh you will know if you have symptoms – it will not be kind and easy.

        You should be fine though. You stay masked and lay low. You have taken vaccine so you are pretty safe

        We seeing covid comeback but… is delta and hitting mostly those who unvaccinated and refuse masks.

        We haven’t even entered the cold season yet 😳😮

        Winter is coming 😮😳😳

        But you will know – you won’t question. It smacks hard. Puts you down


      4. Not everyone gets it bad. But I’m just being paranoid, like some other online friends.

        The variant is hitting (167 confirmed in LA County), just as temps start falling. I don’t trust anything!!

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      5. Yes I know – I heard. At work we are gearing up for this upcoming season – we are worried ourselves because we know it’s going to bury us (pun intended!)

        It did last year and our numbers are up from last year – last year we were isolating so not bad

        This year will be different so we see.

        Just be careful and protect yourself.

        And you are correct – not everyone gets it bad or at all.


      6. Yeah Florida gonna go down hard… that’s gonna be a rough winter for them… they don’t mask up and I am not sure on their vaccination rates but they gonna be in trouble come winter.

        But Florida has issues… massive issues!!


      7. In Sacramento they are gross…

        There is one by work – is that one or the one I picked and when there are storms, sometimes I get a room to not drive in that, or stay at funeral homes lol 😉

        I tried them once … it felt dirty and bleh… I didn’t like them. But it’s Sacramento – you either amazing or meh

        Not really an in between

        I had thought their rep was good but not the one in Sacramento

        I much prefer the one I picked – they always clean looking and smelling ❤️ so I just pick them now lol

        I will latch on if I really like something – why go anywhere else when I already know what I have is amazing, so I do that with everything lol 😉

        I don’t question what I love so that’s a thing lol


      8. I was thinking it’s been 20yrs and who knows how they changed. When I was there… possibly the Sacramento one! – it was clean, HUGE room, free dvds, throw blankets, robes, full kitchen spacious bathroom.. all mission style, decent breakfast buffet, and hot choc chip cookies in the evening.

        In the Fremont area, the Larkspur Landing was in a gigantic strip mall, adjacent to a Hilton Gardens boutique hotel and steps from some mega-chain restaurant (Applebees or something) were I had about 1,000 cocktails after work!

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      9. I can imagine that maybe 20 yrs ago because the room was large and did have spacious bathroom.. also a kitchen ❤️

        But nothing had been updated for 20 years and none of those extras you speak of – bare bones –

        I always loved Embassy Suites – but they on expensive side. They have a nightly reception with snacks and drinks

        When we went on vaca I always went with them lol


      10. Good to know! We have some nice boutique hotels around a new business complex and shopping area. Must not have bars because I meet a lot of people, usually Mercedes repair trainees, at the beer hall.

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      11. Sacramento has some cute little boutique hotels – it has many places to choose

        I am not sure how the bars are operating? I don’t ever go to them, even before, but I never see them open


      12. Outdoors is ok… in groups mask. You should be fine… you do stay isolated mostly and you mask, and have been vaccinated

        While that is not a fail-safe… if you careful you “should” be fine.

        Don’t be afraid of life. Because fate will make you live it anyway.

        I want you to be safe because I love having you there ❤️ … but I also don’t want you to fear life. Because if something is meant to happen, it will one way or another. And I love how excited you get for concerts or outings!! I would love to read your 🪂 parasailing post when you do that!! 😳 you got more balls than me lol 😉✌️

        I don’t know if I have the balls for that? But if I see you do without fear… maybe I do without fear?

        Capeesh ? Lol

        Also you a pretty strong and smart woman so … you know what you doing. ❤️🙌

        I just don’t want you to fear life because you fear virus.

        So I see it… I always think if I got that and it hit me hard and freakishly kills me… am I ok with how it made my life go?

        I always think – what if I had something terminal? Ok well … if it’s terminal I am doing death with dignity. I already know and no one can change my mind on that.

        If I am going to not have a quality of life then I don’t want it.

        I have met death before a couple times so ya know – I’m not afraid. I vaccinate, I mask always… I stay away from crowds or too many people…

        I go to stores and just stay masked and it’s been ok. I always wash my hands or bring hand sanitizer.

        So far so good

        I do have another story for you… my daughter told me today that her father called her out sick- because she has a cough 😷… is allergies for her… cause of smoke… but… the new thing at school nowadays is saying people have covid 🤨 if you cough, sneeze or sniffle 🤨

        🤦‍♀️ fricken kids and adults who used to be kids lol 🤨

        Anyway. Don’t throw away life because of fear – but I also have to learn that lesson in a different way 😉 I am just sharing with you ❤️✌️


      13. Covid isn’t the main thing holding me back. The main thing is apathy/depression. Covid is both a backup excuse as “better safe than sorry”. I need to take care of the trillion cats!

        I’m in a difficult phase and don’t have good coping skills right now.

        I hope to remember my old phone so I can video the parasailing from my perspective.

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      14. Well I do like keeping you safe … so I don’t mind you use as excuse … I want you to be safe ❤️

        I have coping skills – they teeter because if something happens that I can not cope with then I do have the anxiety and panic – is the panic I can’t really deal with. That is hard for me to cope with.

        You are so smart and personable and funny… I always see you as strong. You have a strong sense to your personality.

        You have made me feel at ease having you there – I have enjoyed your friendship very much!!

        I’m sorry is difficult phase – life sucks sometimes and we aren’t really taught how to cope through things

        Well if I am able to help – and you need someone .. I am here

        How come you can’t video with current phone? How come need old one? Space?


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