Monday & Music 🎶

Ok so was a Monday – I am still alive lol ✌️ – I made it.

So yeah – I am done with someone. I liked them as a person. Now I don’t – they can go screw – I do not, at all, trust this person.

I’m done

So I have drama with that.

Whatever – I do not care.

If can be adult – I have no problem.

There is other drama that I am bystander to also 🤦‍♀️ ugh … I don’t know how to fix that?

So I don’t know, everyone is all crazy.

I got some really good prospects though 🙌 so 🙏🙏🙏

I am handling bathroom ceiling – A/C’s, all my stuff, end of month, juggling tons of cases, hiring omg

And the schools!!!! Every Monday is fricken EARLY RELEASE … 1pm vs the normal 3pm

It’s really difficult for working parents!! That’s really rude to do. And that should be dependent on test scores. But whatever. Just makes it hard.

And I work from home but I am little handicapped working from home without all the office equipment

But they all still working – I am at home 😳😮 I feel so badly that they working so hard and I can’t be there to help. 😮

Not sure if that’s a issue or not? It’s just weird feeling. Kills me just a little – I could be doing soooooo much 😮


Maybe they will let me grab her and go back to work with her – I can hide her away. She’s 14 – she softly giggles at her phone and computer lol 💗

Well whatever. We see – just kills me little bit 😮


So I just want this song :

I’m not a huge Beatles fan like my sister-in-law lol… they cool. Whatever … but I love that song ❤️ it’s so soothing ❤️

And then also… it’s a song that makes you lose yourself in memories 😮 cause you start thinking of the words lol

Little flashes of things I remember. 😮

So yeah I just wanted that 💋✌️

I am very off? I do not know why? Probably the drama and pressure?

I play music all the time. I shuffle… I am a shuffler lol

I will flip til I find what I want lol … I cycle through my songs and then sometimes radio

So earlier I flipped past this song –

And daughter says – wait!!! Who sings that song? Lol

❤️❤️❤️ usually she snubs songs I like lol… that was cool 😎

I thought I heard something recently about ABBA but not sure what??

“Fernando”… reminds me of my moms dad. Grampa

Every single home video he ever took … he put that song over it… so every single home movie he took… plays Fernando lol


I sorta do weird things with music lol… like I will get stuck on one song – only one – which is probably totally normal…

However – I will continuously play one song for a little while lol 😘✌️ only a couple times lol but whatever

There has to be something about it or the moment? Or a memory. Just sticks for minute

So I dunno just saying – little quirk ✌️😘 my daughter is used to it lol

Plus – I introduce her to music she doesn’t know

When I got excited she wanted to know about ABBA lol … I asked “ooohhh how come you want to know?”

She said something about a meme 🙄 so whatever – at least she hears them ❤️

Her music is slightly different than mine lol 😮😄 hers is little more on the theatrical side lol

Mine is not “typically” theatrical, but it’s music… so might be a few songs lol ✌️ … yeah lol – I have a few

But still even with that… mine are different than hers lol

Hers are little weird lol … but maybe is only because I am not her generation ? Lol


Ok I am just exhausted / she is already sleeping … she had a headache earlier ☹️

I just need sleep 🛌 😴 💤

28 thoughts on “Monday & Music 🎶

Add yours

      1. Lol 🙏🙏🙏

        Yeah almost lol 🙏🙏✌️

        I might need extra prayers on the 2nd… meeting with fire Marshall to check fire hazards at haunted mansion 😳😮 lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. First time was “dreamy walls” (cause we painted the ugly ones – I couldn’t take the circus colored walls!! At a funeral home – even though we are a circus 🙄)

        This time is the gigantic haunted mansion that is falling apart – omg 😳

        Hahaha yes because so much happens it exhausts you!!! Lol

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ha! No – we paid someone to come do it lol – took them maybe 2 hours … would have taken us DAYS!! Lol

        Let’s hope 🙏😳 am little nervous – large funeral home (HUGE has entire second floor 😮) and I already have lots of problems fixing over there!

        Hope he doesn’t bury me in repairs 😮🙏🙏🙏 oh please!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I know the inspector – he’s brand new … I was his very first assignment at dreamy walls … he is assigned to haunted mansion now too.

        He’s new so he’s very overzealous about his job lol

        Hoping he is not gonna kill us with repairs 🙏😳

        He is nice guy… but very professional lol – which I do like lol

        So we see 🙏

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  1. I hope you’re sleeping.
    Lot of Dancing Queen memes (I just googled). I like “dancing queen, young and sweet – stuck in quarantine”. Years ago, I went with a friend to see an famous ABBA tribute band at the Hollywood Bowl. I’m not into them but it was tons of fun… prob cause the audience was 50 gay!

    Is it the gay guy who you’re over??

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I have gone from full anxiety to full pissed off about the drug screening situation. I am SICK of applying for jobs then getting ghosted, told I was “TOO enthusiastic”, tricked into working in hell, and now possibly rejected for bullshit practices my a shady lab.

        And despite me sending neighbormom a txt not to let kid come over cause I haven’t slept and am uber bitchy, at 4pm she was at my front door yelling for me.

        That reinforces the desire to move but not the reality of packing and having way beyond the legal # of cats.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Do you have to use that particular lab or can you go to any one?

        😮 does neighbor mom not listen or does kid just do what she wants? Or a mix?

        We all need our space to get away and that is hard sometimes – I also have a neighbor lol

        Yours COULD be creepy like mine. At least yours is cute little girl lol


      3. Have to use that lab chain. If they approve retest I’ll go to a diff location.

        Mix of mom & kid. I’ve repeatedly indicated she should not yell for me anymore. I get about a week of cooperation. And even then she walks or skateboards around the house, looking in my windows and stalking me.

        I closed all windows and curtains today so she can’t see inside.

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      4. Oh that would make me a ball of nerves, I wouldn’t like that either – you need your peace and privacy!!

        Totally understand – I used to have a neighbor who was like that… it makes you tense because you can’t really escape!!


  2. Also… re music shuffle: I don’t have Pandora but they had it for my 2 long MRI/CAT procedures and I thought it was really cool that I simply told them an artist I liked and Pandora played that artist and similar ones that I also like.

    Right now, I have SiriusXM ($99/yr) and only listen to the 80s New Wave, Diplo techno, and stand up comedy channels. They keep me sooooo much calmer while driving! I can listen on phone, computer, and tv apps but never do.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I like 101.1 or 101.5 Sacramento (2 different similar stations) which play old 80’s and 90’s club type songs or R&B

      I sometimes go from the car to where ever with “I heart Radio” ❤️

      I also have extensive music library myself. 🙌❤️


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