IP’s and don’t leave 😮

So I am posting jobs today. Lol

I am working from home on work laptop.

So funny thing lol … I am in California … I am using my own internet at my house… but I am on a work computer “laptop” …using “work network” for security.

So that makes me LOOK like I am located in fricken New York, NY … but I am on other side of country – just the IP address is registering me in New York 🤨🙄

So that means I get to talk with the fraud departments for these job posting sites so they can ask me questions of verification lol

Fricken work computers

At first I didn’t know what they talking about ?? What you mean I am in New York? Umm no?

It’s the IP thing, I have no idea.

But that was funny and made me feel like I’m trying to be criminal lol … but that is very good they check and verify!!


Security is up on their shit!! That is good to know 👌

It is also very funny that my “work” computer’s IP address is New York, NY 😮😄 🤦‍♀️

I don’t even know how that works – but whatever

I am not in New York or even on the east coast lol … I am on the other side of the country in California lol

If I had just done on my phone the IP address would have been California, because my phone is not work equipment – it is mine.

I didn’t expect it to be flagged for IP address lol

On another note…

Situations at work are really bad… we have no support and no staff… with tons of cases.

So… I have one other who works hard like me… and we have a lot of pressure!

This person is going on vacation and just told me may not come back 😮

We will be buried by that 😮

It just doesn’t get better and so I do not know what to say to make them want to come back.

I am here? You get to work with ME? Lol

Please don’t leave me? Lol 🤷‍♀️


Oh god! Ok

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