Ok where do I want to start???

Alright so … it was not as insane as yesterday – but there were things!!! Omg!!!! 😳 ok we will just go through the day.

So this morning – I swing by another funeral home and grab a guest book for my boss, who had a service this morning

Went great no problems – ahhh Tuesday is going well 🙌❤️

Our printer is broken – we are waiting on a part – but that cripples us… so while I am at my bosses funeral home base… I print out paper work we need, and I leave to bring that to MY funeral home.

On my way to MY location, i call to say I am on way and ask how is… because it couldn’t STAY perfect lol …

I am told our electricity is being shut off … because the power company is servicing lines 🤦‍♀️

Ok so I get there and they give us 20 minutes to get out. 🤦‍♀️ ugh

Ugh 😑 ok fine – so I go to haunted mansion with my coworker and all my people. Lol … it’s outta my hands 🤷‍♀️

Ok well whatever – we have a place to work…

And I had to make a call to one of our families – and haunted mansions number came up on their caller ID 🙄

So when they answer and I say “Hi Mr So&so, this is me from dreamy walls” lol (formally known as ugly walls but we painted 🙌❤️)

And he says “Why are you calling me from haunted mansion?” Lol 😑

So I had to explain 😑 ok whatever – he laughed so it’s all good. He’s a sweet and really funny man. Quite a character lol

I love characters like that lol

Ok so whatever …

Then let me bring you back for a moment lol …

Maybe 2 weeks ago? I do not remember exactly… but recently… I had gone to the bathroom at haunted mansion… and there was a puddle in middle of the floor not coming from anywhere ?? 🤷‍♀️

So at that time I did not think much of it and I went to the man I work with… and I asked him “hey, what’s up with the puddle in the middle of the woman’s bathroom?”

He says “what puddle? So I take him and show him… he doesn’t know… and said one who had worked in the morning was constantly going to bathroom?? Lol

So I left that alone lol whatever – and I cleaned it up.

Ok so… I noticed same thing again last week and I could not figure out?? Not coming from sink or toilet ok … so what is this?

Then today because of electricity we over there… and my coworker from my location goes to the bathroom and comes back to ask about the puddle on the floor 😳

So me and the man, looked at each other all wide eyed 😳😳 I got up and quickly went to bathroom…

And once again there is that puddle ????

Then I fuckin looked up 😮😳


Not ONE of us noticed anything like this until today – I did not need to see that today – can I please have ONE day with NO drama!! Just one!!! ☝️

Ok would you like to see what I saw when I looked up? 😳

Well first let me say I went to go get him 😮 I said “you NEED to come with me!” 😳😳😳

I take him in the bathroom and show him the puddle – and then tell him to look up 😳😮

This is what we saw 😮😮😮:

WTF is that?????????? Come the fuck on!!!

Ok relax the sky is not falling yet lol

But omg when he saw that he almost died and none of us looked up!! Not one… now I am looking up everywhere 😳

I went up and into attic – but I see no leaks – I don’t know where is from 😳😮

Great I need plumber now

Fricken awesome 🤨 anyone else? oh yeah and suddenly the ceiling rained down 🌧… it’s back to a drip but will rain again 😮 omg 🤦‍♀️

Omg – so now that’s out of order

And he says to me “Trisha! What are we gonna do?!”

He panics because he has services coming and omg it’s everything!!! Lol the ceiling is raining 😳 ok

I say “No problem, we gonna put this bathroom out of order… I will make 🪧 sign… and then I’m gonna cover up the Men’s room sign and that will now be unisex” lol

And he says “Trisha there is a urinal in there” 😄😄

Which isn’t a big deal to me cause I have a bathroom with a urinal at my location – they are for anyone – not marked one way or another / is only one stall per bathroom and door locks

He has few stalls in each, but door also locks … so just let people know lock door for bathroom

The current men’s room soon to be unisex lol … has stalls and one urinal

I do not like urinals 😝 yuk but whatever

So that is now a unisex bathroom until I can get that handled 😳😳😳 … that will be my day tmrw 😳😳😳🤦‍♀️

It’s like standing on train tracks and seeing the locomotive coming 😮

Ok so – my work isn’t getting done. At all.


So whatever – I can’t – I have to do that, while my staff handles deaths by themself 😮

Ok well I’ll figure out. Ugh omg ok it be fine.

And then… I got a email today from someone trying to poach me? Do you know what that means? Someone asking if I am interested in job

Currently I am in funeral – this is for cemetery 🪦🪦🪦🪦 🌳 😮😮

Is near my house. I know the person.

So for a moment I think to self…work been crazy for awhile and every day is some new thing!! We overworked and Corp underpays and under appreciates – hmmm 🤔

But then the man I work with calls me while I am driving home… he says to me… I just wanted to check and make sure you make it home ok… and then chatted with me until I got home. 😮❤️

Dude is so lucky he’s married lol …and many other reasons he is off limits – but he’s lucky for that!! 😮

His communication skills are incredible!!! Yeah – the man is skilled 😮

He’s very thoughtful and sweet. Very funny too!! He is also very intelligent… Yeah he is very lucky because I would want that lol ✌️ shhh 🤫 I like it as is though… I’m just saying he is very lucky lol

But they are all like that – the whole time I drive my phone dings because my people check to make sure I get home ok, and they ALL be team with me!!

And they are like my work family – I fit there – I love ❤️them – I get attached which is my downfall lol 😘✌️… they are amazing 🙌❤️

We go through ALOT together

We have laughter and we care for each other – we make sure each other is doing ok.

So… I can not leave in darkest hour – you show who you are with that… I can’t – I love them ❤️ I can’t leave them ❤️ I don’t want to right now… they need me.

I love my team – yay team ❤️

So pass.

Whatever – I don’t mind the challenges … mostly lol – maybe not ALL the time lol 🤦‍♀️

Let me have a moment in between things, would be nice lol – I like to breath and not have heart attacks constantly lol

But I love where I am right now, I love these people and I want to be with them

I just want us to survive lol 🙏

I have the most amazing core team ever!! 🙌 … and THAT is how people SHOULD work together!!!! But whatever ✌️😘

It’s pretty awesome ❤️

Alright so… that’s why I put up with all the AC issues and raining ceilings 🤨 crappy corporate things… because I have this incredible team of people!! These are memories with them – we go through and see so much together ❤️

So that was my Tuesday lol

I really don’t know what else to say lol … it wasn’t terrible – but that ceiling 😳😮🤦‍♀️ omg have mercy!!!

Ok I need sleep because tmrw gonna be a big giant thing 🙄🤨🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


Gnite 💤😘❤️✌️

Just pray nothing collapses – oh god please 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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      1. Lol well I am calm with it – only inside I freak out lol, I am generally calm cause you can’t control it 💋

        And here comes Wednesday

        Just pray for me lol 😘✌️

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  1. It’s great that you love your team so much! And it’s clear that if you ever decide to leave, you’ll have a lot of options.

    I can’t believe you’re having more bldg issues! It’s like they realized someone is finally around to take care of things so all the hidden issues are appearing in order tobe addressed!

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