Staffing & overtime

We springing leaks due to lack of staffing… I work today and also tmrw – I have no days off until next weekend 😮

But tmrw they let me work from home 🙌 ahhhhhh

I interviewed someone today for funeral arranger. The interview was alright, I am not very secure on this candidate. I don’t know that she could handle stress very well / I did not get a good vibe for the team

Also I posted job 🙏 and waiting to see what happens 🙏

If you are in the Sacramento or nearby areas and are interested in joining a hardworking dedicated supportive team…

I am looking for a Full Time Funeral Arranger or Director for one of our locations in Sacramento, California. Your duties will include:

Meeting with families to prepare funeral arrangements for cremation and burial. Must be professional, organized, motivated and willing to be flexible in regards to specific roles. This position does require a California state driver’s license and the associate will be asked to drive company vehicles. Dress is business casual at all times, professional personal grooming is also a requirement. Applicant should be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Outlook, Word, Power point and Excel.

You must have some kinda of funeral experience – BUT if you are sincere, empathetic, professional, have drive, work well as a team – we would put effort into you. We will give a chance for the right person – how bad do you want it? 😘

I know tall order lol … come make a difference in people’s lives and deaths with me ❤️

And I also want only those who are serious and avail.

But thought I would throw that out 😉 just incase – stranger things have happened lol

I’m not gonna lie to you – there is stress… we work for a corporation, we do funerals … you think everything just goes along … but in the background we are scrambling to quickly get death certificates, permits, chasing doctors to sign off on death certificates, getting all the details and legal things handled for you.

We live on the “clock” … because time is what we have to coordinate … with churches, our staff, cemeteries, priests, deacons, receptions, military honors etc – many things we have to also coordinate and prepare

When done well, is like an orchestrated ballet – goes nice and smooth 🙌

But that is us who coordinate all of that.

You never know what is coming your way so is new stuff all the time 😊 MUST HAVE HUSTLE!! Meaning no slo-mo!! Things move fast with funerals 😘

We are a funny group – really tight. We have drama because “people” 🙄 but whatever lol – we handle.

I am telling you … funeral people are really funny!! That is a well kept secret lol ❤️ you would not expect them to be hilarious personalities but they are – my people at least ❤️

Somehow?? They a little warped in SOME area about them lol … I wonder if I am too?

I am funny but not dark. Many have a darkness – I have more light 💡 … I think sometimes I could probably be warped lol – can’t we all?

Everyone in my AOR is amazing and hilarious. ❤️ I have an amazing team!! It’s worth it because of what we do and also who we work with… we have the best people!! ❤️ (mostly only the corporation sucks) just being honest with my own opinion.

You could come work with us, help families through their grief and loss… and we a tight team/family. We need you! Especially in a pandemic!! So anyone? 😘

I can also say – I am willing to hear from you also… if you are anywhere in the United States and ALREADY work for my corporation… if you good, we can talk transfer – if interested… ask me and I will privately tell you who I work for

So anyway just mentioning lol … ya never know 🤷‍♀️

Otherwise – I worked today… at my very first original funeral home because they had no coverage – they help me with my schedule and my daughter – they let me work around her. so I also help when needed and as much as I can.

And then we juggling staff hard … but my location is without coverage tomorrow.

So I will work from home and take phones. I’m gonna have MASSIVE OVERTIME 😮❤️

I posted the funeral arranger position on a few sites so we will see what happens 🤷‍♀️

We have a few other candidates at this point but not a lot.

But yeah … I have an amazing team… if you meet the things I ask, and need a job, please message me. 🙏 I need you!

We have a group text to know about work happenings.

All first calls (initial notifications) are mentioned so we know what cases come in… all imminents (deaths that will happen soon) are also mentioned.

Any changes in oncall or schedules is mentioned there / everything we need to know to support each other.

I have been having issues with my phone lines lately?? Odd issues …

The other day at work I could not take the phones off call forwarding, because admin credentials were changed? But we don’t know by who?? Or why? No idea what happened

So I contacted the phone company and changed the password.

That was incident number 1

Then tonight … the oncall received a call from the answering service that there was a problem with my locations lines and haunted mansions lines 😮

She broadcast that on the group text and me and another jumped into action and check lines – no problems ?? Weird

And then we call answering service and they say they did not call us?? So wtf ??

Incident #2

But the 2 of us handled before my boss even see lol … and then my boss say we the dynamic duo because we supportive and handled immediately lol (we can NOT miss death calls!)


He watches over his location and I watch over mine so of course!

He goes away on vacation shortly for 2 weeks 😮😳

I am scared how we survive without him 😮

That’s gonna be a hard 2 weeks 😮😳

Him and I protect and watch the AOR when my boss is busy.

I am strong – and beside HIM really strong!! We work really well together!!

Without him, I will help my boss watch over his location… so he may have his vacation.

Anyway I am thoroughly exhausted.

Oh yeah one other thing… I switched oncall schedule … I am no longer Thursday’s

I am now Sunday’s 🙌… so NO dying on Sundays. 😘✌️

Ok I need sleep badly – I’ll be around on Sunday ✌️😘

Sunday Sunday Sunday 🙌

Good night 😴💤🌙🙏❤️

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