Monday in disguise 🤨

Oh do I have stories today! 😮😮😮

I seriously need to start taking notes because so many things happen!!!

It was like a Monday 😳😳

Immediately!!! As soon as phones roll over – I have emergency at funeral home outside my AOR (Area Of Reference) is a good 20/30 minutes from my location – so I fly over 😮 I had to leave right away!!

Handle that come back, the minute … the very minute, I walked back in the door – my director tells me : 🤦‍♀️

Trisha, we have no internet, we can’t get into email, and the printer is down 😮😮🤦‍♀️

Omg – that means we can’t do anything at all 🤨 everything just halted 😮😮 I don’t have time for halting!!! We live on clock at work

The internet was down for over an hour – Market wide 🤨 so this entire Northern California area of my company 🤨

And screw the fricken printer – usually you call a tech and talk to them first – but F that!!! I’m not doing that. Especially when we have no staff and we trying to do everything – no get a tech out here and fix the shit!

So I just went right to service request … tech came out and it’s a Konica Minolta getting an trouble code of C- 9403

🤨 the tech says “oh I’ll have to look that up – I don’t know that one”… and it ends up being some light or light board

I believe the scanner light thingy is gonna blow?

Ahhh 😌 …just breathe … lol

Meanwhile I have the whole ac thing at the other one and … had to do funeral home things which can be really really sad, and today it was!!

Meant to be, but also sad 💔 sometimes it’s hard because the loss is devastating – but then at the same time… sometimes loss is a peace? Do you understand that?

In the way that, the person will not or no longer suffer …and be at peace 🙌✌️❤️

Anyway, so many things popping off all day long and then I had to call someone in

I needed to be in 5 places at once 😳 impossible!! So I had to call in help – normally I do not have that option … today he did as favor for me ❤️

It my favorite guy ✌️ he will always help me – if he avail 🥰

So then I had to meet with my other manager … but her phone kept going off with work calls… we had quick snipet convos … and we didn’t have time to REALLY have good, uninterrupted, badly needed meeting!!! So good enough for now … because I had fires everywhere today – literally and figuratively 🤨

Speaking of fires 🔥…

We sooo smoky!! Dixie Fire still Burns… 35% contained … 662,647 acres of Northern California … that’s ABOVE me… and then …

We also have the Caldor Fire 🔥 which is BELOW me 😮 about 45/hour the other way 🤨

I am in the middle of the 2 🤨

So all that is going on…

Let me just tell you please be careful with covid … please don’t trust someone else to protect you – know the information for yourself and please stay safe – it’s coming back and those variants are not good – please listen ✌️🙏

If we had done better from the beginning with everything 🤨🤨 maybe it wouldn’t be so bad – but is not going away… it’s here and this will be how it is.

You will also need booster soon. That will be coming – enclosed indoor areas … vaccinated or not -Please wear a mask 🙏 please

And then… “outside” – with distance precautions observed, you can be maskless, if you wish and are careful.

There are many still unvaccinated and also… even with vaccination – please be careful ok? Please and thank you 😘✌️

It’s exploding in this area again – here we go 😮

And school starts tmrw – 😳 – God help us

So ok.

Ok. Well. With life you also need death. And welcome to the new reality of life.

Whatever – I’ll wear my mask – get all the shots … stay away from people.

It’s just schools are germ places … so just have concern there – and winter is coming – ok well. Hopefully be ok. 🙏🙏

Please just be safe for you and your family or those you love.

Just wanted to make sure I say that to you – listen to me or not.

… oh and I have a very funny story to today as well 🙌 lol

Remember the playboy guy?

I was talking to another who tells me he says “same” to her – ahhh and busted lol 🙌 good night lol – total kiss of death ☠️

That was fastest challenge I ever won 🙌✌️😘

Also this other person tell me things about how they were 😮

I do not mind staying away from dating things. I know that I would not be able to handle anything sexual with anyone, unless I feel ok with it, and I do not.

Not because of my self esteem – that is just fine – not really issues there – I can be cocky lol 😘✌️ but in good funny way

And I don’t feel like I have to be same as anyone else or do as others do.

I feel like that is mine to decide how to do… so I do that. I do things the way I know I be ok with.

I am extremely careful because I just don’t want the hassle of going through bad things so… easier to take time and be smart and just know your worth 😘✌️

And I don’t have time anyway – I am fine with way is for now.

But it does seem like everyone else goes sex crazy 😳

I’m good with quality over quantity 💋✌️ so I’m fine as is.

I just have zero interest unless someone is amazing – I just don’t wanna deal with anything else ✌️ 🤷‍♀️

That’s where I am right now with it… so whatever

And then… I swung by the grocery store on way home and I had a package 📦, plus all my work things … I had so many things!!! Too many things for me!!!

On the first trip of many, bringing in groceries, my neighbor guy is out and suddenly the neighbor woman sees me from her chair and excitedly says … “Trisha” !!!

As she runs over to come talk to me about breast cancer again 😞

And ya know I just can’t

The only reason I was able to escape is that they ordered DoorDash and it came for them.

After a day like that…breast cancer, is the last thing I want to think about ☹️

She leaves in a week to go to Alaska for 3-4 months… leaving creepy husband guy here by himself 🤨🤨

Oh wonderful 🤨

And then we round out my night with a big giant spider 🕷 🤨 – handled but just saying – I had to do that 🤨

Are we sure it wasn’t really Monday? 🤨 …that totally felt like a Monday not a Wednesday 🤨

School starts tmrw 😮 here we go

I “sort of” took tmrw off, but working from home…

And at 5:30pm tmrw – I have to do a WebEx job interview 😮 … my first for both – interviewing someone and on WebEx with it 😮 the things you can do today lol

Oh please let them be good 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Ok off to bed …

Good night 🌙😴💤❤️

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