Shopping 😝

We have to go actual shopping for clothes … I already did but she won’t like that – so I take her tonight … she doesn’t know I have back up shopping lol 🛍 🤫

Ok I try to be back if not too exhausted – I have things 🙌 … fricken always lol

Ok shopping 🛍😝 (hence the back up shopping 💋✌️) that way I got stuff whether she finds or not lol 🙌

I am compelled to be prepared lol I have to

Ok I have to run ✌️😘❤️

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      1. That’s funny you are organized too. 🙌 well I just prepare for things kinda lol ✌️ I like smooth sailing lol …

        Her first day of freshman year of high school is tmrw 😮

        And today??? Oh boy just wait 😮😮 it might as well been a Monday lol omg 😱

        Oh boy just wait 😮

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      2. lol … I have no league … I am only like that with certain things… when comes to making life run better – oh yes … I am on that lol

        Hence all my survival gear and techniques lol ✌️😄

        This morning went awesome – every news station was there because is first time in 2 years they going to in person learning

        And also is BRAND NEW High School / first one for this area in long time!!!

        Only grades 9 and 10 to open the school … as they move up the other classes will follow behind them – they will be first graduating classes from this new high school 🙌❤️

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      3. ❤️ thank you! She had a great day!!

        After I picked her up today – I took her out for pizza 🍕❤️ and just listened to everything about her day and her stories ❤️❤️❤️

        We got home and she changed – laid down and passed out 😄😄😄😄 ❤️ she been sleeping ever since – my little sleeping beauty ❤️😄

        She loved being back ❤️ “huge smile on her face” ❤️

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