Malfunctions 😮

I have to drive all over the place today 😝 … I wore a new shirt 👚 that has a zipper down the front. I just bought it, haven’t worn til today.

Wrong day to wear lol

When I drive… the zipper 🤨 rubs my scars with every single bump!! Things bounce, and I try not to have it do that but nothing I do helps!! I’m gonna have to stuff tissues or something cause I can’t deal!!! Lol

No!! No bouncing!!! I don’t notice it normally – only today with the stupid zipper rubbing my scars – not the smartest choice today 🤨 I didn’t know was gonna do that!! I didn’t think of that 😮😮😮

So today … I have wardrobe malfunctions lol

Luckily NOT that bad 😮😮😮😳

So I am thankful for that!!! I just have to deal with the zipper … noted for future buying purposes 😘✌️

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  1. Lol…I had a front-hook bra that used to undo itself when I used the photocopier… something about the specific angle and arms.

    I hope you found a solution. That sounds annoying and painful!

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