Bumps 😳

So I’m gonna take daughter to work tmrw – I’m not gonna chance leaving her here with a fast moving fire 🔥 nope

We gonna pack a bag and bring with us just in case – we can sleep at haunted mansion if they evacuate us (lol 😳😄✌️) they used to back in the day. That is why this one has apartments 🙌 at night I bet is spooky 😳

That place lol… it’s so huge – and old and classically beautiful ❤️


😉❤️ I love classic ❤️

But anyway… she will be coming to work with me until that fire is gone. I am lucky they allow me to do that. I am very very lucky ❤️

I just hide her away and she has her computer and phone… we will be at the haunted mansion for next 2 days of work. But if evacuated we just be there lol 😳😮

Ok so… have snacks and lunch… we pack a bag just incase

If we lose everything, we do. Oh well. I will do it again 😘✌️

But it shouldn’t get to that point … but they have never done a scary alert like that… and said evacuate NOW… and that area is not far from me… 😮😳

I can’t and am not willing to take chance of leaving her here!! 😳

This was my ride home … see where the yellow grass is and then there is darker sky ?? That is smoke I am driving toward because I live that way.

There is not smoke smell but sky is dirty orangeish

I will probably have ash on my car tmrw 😳😮

Ok so… there is that.

It’s always something 🤨 I need to find somewhere really amazing

We have a case that is from another country. We are dealing with that countries consulate … ugh I hate dealing with the consulates 🤨 I’m sorry but they are mean!!! Really mean people.

They yelled at my family… and they treat my director not very good… we had to get apostille

Ugh for many documents!! And we need translators which are really expensive!! 😮

But whatever we do for our family.

Anyway then we saw something … in regards to travel restrictions – she wants to bring him home. Hopefully she can but I don’t know if the US will allow her to return with the delta variant so contagious, we having issues and I believe her country is one of the countries on the list for DO NOT TRAVEL 😮

I love this adorable little lady ❤️ omg her accent is soooo adorable ❤️❤️❤️

She doesn’t have any friends here. ☹️ her husband and her – it had just kinda been them. Together

And now she’s alone. ☹️💔

She was crying 💔 and your heart breaks 💔💔💔 and I think of my mom when my dad died. Same thing. Lost without


So… she has many friends and family in her country. I am sad she feels so alone here in America 🇺🇸…

We had her there while working on her things and I said we should just hire her lol ❤️

Sweetest person ever – she’s adorable ❤️

So I hope she can make it home since she really wants that. 🙏


She is heartbroken from the loss and sad for being alone in new country

Awwww ☹️💔💔

Ok well … it just breaks my heart little bit… see …you be with people during their most vulnerable moments – and you feel for them

Well anyway…

I know, is life. Just saying

And let’s see what is good that I can end on? Umm…

I got work done today lol that is good … I always work – but I have my own work to complete … sometimes because we short staffed, I do not always have the ability to sit there and just do my work lol

Today I got to just work ❤️


Oh the situation is worse – Leendadll – omg 😮😱

It’s crazy – I will have to tell you when I am able 😳

Well anyway – Wednesday was not all cheery lol …on fire 🔥 yes lol – fire is my theme this week 🤨

I just told my daughter – please brush your hair and look nice tmrw – you be meeting my boss and coworker

They asked her name lol… I told her that…

And she said “well I don’t know why, I’m not that beautiful” 😮😮


And she says “ well not without eyeliner”

I said “you are beautiful as is, you beautiful without make up… just don’t look like bush woman at my place of employment, you can go back to sleep but just don’t look like rolled out of bed” lol

And then I said “I wear eye make up because I also do not like without”

She says I’m beautiful without 🙄😄 and I say she is! Lol so that was a discussion lol

Ok – food ready, some things packed … and we good

Remember the home? Ok well the tenants still refuse to leave

Once they out will go fast 😳😮

Ok so again – many things

🤨 ok life – watch the bumps!!


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    1. We will stay safe. 🙏

      So far so good. Hope stays that way 🙏🙏🙏

      Oh just wait til you hear latest 😳😮

      And I’m still unsure, really, what to think with him?


    1. Thank you – we will be safe 🙏 we always have fires around us on fire season

      Should be fine though 🙏 …that alert and driving towards fire was odd last night lol

      But it will be ok 😊

      Thank you 😊❤️

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      1. Well… this area of Northern California is hot and very dry in summer – and past few years our winters have not given much rain…

        Fires come here. Every year. “Usually” my area is safe… but that is very close to me and not contained 😮 I think at all

        At least I know if they do evacuate us – I will get that alert 🚨… you just keep a bag. 😘✌️ you be ready “just in case” … and then fricken pray lol 😘

        I am used to it yes… but not so close to my home … is 20 minutes away 😮😳 that’s not a lot 😳

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      2. I keep 2 duffel bags in closet by door – ready to go. 😊

        Has chargers, power plugs? and clothing, toiletries, shoes, money. Things we may need in a spared moment 😉

        I know I am in fire zone… so you just prepare because is possibility … you don’t want that, but you know is risk.

        Life is risk right? We all have different risks lol

        Seems like they getting a grip to it before it got too big. ❤️ safer and safer everyday!! ❤️

        Enjoy your weekend – hopefully with clean air and blue skies 🙌 🙏

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      3. Yup the fire near me now at 48% so they are catching it – it was still small when they jumped on it

        It is the Dixie Fire that is HUGE 446,723+ acres 😳 21% 😳 That one is further from me by 4 hours

        My home is really orange and smoky 😝

        Ugh bleh … the sun is there but is weird – all blocked by smoke 💨 ☀️

        Happens every year. You do get used to it. And you know what can happen.

        Mother Nature can be pretty fierce!! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      4. What??? That is massive!! Yikes. Thank goodness it is far away!
        I think you posted photos of the sky last year when the sky was a weird grey orange!
        Yes, nature is a fierce mistress! Just stay safe and enjoy your weekend! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Oh yeah they struggling to keep the progress – we have triple digit heatwave

        It’s intense and HUGE area! California is very large!!

        These fires are pretty intense because we are so hot and dry… we are soooo dry!!!

        Yes I am thankful that Dixie fire isn’t near me… but other people will suffer 😔

        Yes I did. Lol … so that is what August looks like in Northern California lol

        Thank you 😊 woo hoo-enjoy your weekend too 🙌

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      6. Well it is if you on the coast lol … I am inland 😄

        But the weather is beautiful … we have long summers and just rain for winter – California has MANY different kinds of eco systems and types of places … when people think of California it is ALWAYS ALWAY ALWAYS:

        Los Angeles, Ca/Hollywood and San Francisco

        Most don’t even know Sacramento is the Capitol lol 🙄

        Is the coastline California most think of

        I am hours from beach lol … I have rivers and lakes – I have those beaches – but if I want ocean is 2-3 hours away … doable but the Pacific Ocean is fricken freezing!!!

        But yeah – I don’t know that tourism is good when saying you have massive wildfires lol

        Unless you like that lol

        California is stunning though – absolutely incredible areas here – all very different

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      7. Haha yup ✌️ there is still a whole country that is different too lol … all states have their things

        We want you to come visit so we tell you all the amazing parts because they are truly incredible ❤️ totally worth it 😘❤️

        We just leave out the fires, hurricanes, heatwaves and tornado things lol

        But ya know – is nature – you gonna have things.

        Does France have wild things?

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      8. I have visited several states over the years but not Mass or Cal 😦 Perhaps one day!
        Erm, well, we have forest fires too, in the south but nothing on your scale and avalanches in the Alps. Some areas are also regularly flooded but that is because, over the years, we habe built on the flood plains 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      9. Massachusetts is extremely lush with vegetation … and extremely historical ❤️❤️❤️ if you love history Massachusetts is gold mine … It’s a beautiful state.

        And it’s located in that New England area – you can travel several states in few hours lol 🙌❤️

        You have Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont and Connecticut … that is considered the New England area (but the Hub is Massachusetts lol 😘✌️)

        The beauty there is amazing!! Fall is incredible and so is spring and summer – winter sucks lol

        California also has history, but different history… also incredible!! And California is enormous!! Or for your measurements: 423970.694 square kilometers

        California can offer you anything. It has the coast and it does have beautiful weather and the weather is kinda better than east coast because California does not have the humidity like they do back east

        But California has anything you want… you pay for that lol but it does have everything!

        Someone told me recently that the United States does everything on a much grander scale lol 😮😄😄

        Is France lush? Because Massachusetts is – while they do have fires – they are WAY smaller and don’t seem as threatening like California’s are

        Lol built on flood plains 🤦‍♀️

        People do that here too 🙄 hopefully they carry flood insurance!!

        We have this one dam nearby… one year – years ago … we had torrential rain for days… and guess what? The dam started leaking and having issues 😮 they evacuated the nearby communities, because IF that dam ever broke – they goners!! It did not break and they were able to go back to their homes – but those things happen!!

        Cost of real estate in California is currently insane – maybe France is same way?

        And the developers just wanna make money. Once you buy that house is your problem 🙄 hopefully they carry flood insurance

        Wow – you have the alps ❤️🙌 I bet that’s amazing

        Oh I also know avalanches … Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada Mountian range has that all the time

        See if I want beach… I can have it… I drive to it… if I want snow or mountains – same thing…

        If I want desert – I live there lol 😄😄 seemingly – just glad I am not living in Death Valley lol 😮

        I have ghost towns and gold mines, bat caves and places that let you step back in time 😘❤️ I have literally anything I want …

        So that is why people will go through whatever – because you can literally have whatever it is you desire. What do you feel like today? Lol

        If you want a vacation you don’t technically even have to leave the state lol – there is sooooo much!!

        We even have Disney 🙌❤️😄✌️

        But I suppose … whatever state you mention I can provide why is incredible and worth it lol (well most of them)

        Life has a slight element of risk to it with things … so ya know … it’s where you love or what you know ❤️✌️

        Ps – you should totally visit if have a chance 🙌

        Liked by 1 person

      10. Yes, I think it is easy to forget how big California is. We often just think of it as another state but it’s big enough and rich enough to be a thriving sovereign nation. Plus you bring it alive so well!! 🙂
        That said, you are also a good advocate for New England too 😉 Your enthusiasm shines through and it was lovely to read! Thank you! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      11. Well Texas and Alaska are also really large lol … California isn’t only large one lol … I believe Alaska is the largest… then Texas and California is 3rd 🥉

        There are some people here in California that want to separate it into 2 states and the new state would be called “Jefferson” 😄😄😄🙄 they even have flags for it – but they can keep dreaming – won’t happen lol … I think that movement died down? Lol

        It’s a very large state.

        The United States is 3,796,742 sq mi (9,833,520 km2) – which includes Alaska and Hawaii along with the continental United States ❤️

        Well I could do that for the United States in general lol … is a beautiful country that offers literally anything … just depends on what you want.

        It’s all I know… and sometimes I am frustrated with government lol … but I love my country ❤️ (of course I do not know anything else though – except the Caribbean lol)

        I know many of the states from moving around as a child …and then also every year we took cross country road trips to see the country lol 🙌❤️

        So yes – I could do travel tourism commercials lol 😄✌️❤️

        But if I went to France I could probably do that for France also lol … or wherever in the world… if there are amazing things and beauty about it?

        I tend to have a enthusiasm with certain things – if I love it and it excites me… I will want to make my audience excited and want it lol ✌️

        I do tend to do that lol 😄✌️

        Massachusetts is where my family originated – so there is always a love there ❤️

        And California is just bright, beautiful and offers so much. Is my second state… is where I have settled ✌️

        So those 2 I got down!! Lol

        Florida is also one that I love for the area… but I do not like Florida’s government at all!! I would just be hating that all the time – but the area is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ is also incredible and beautiful state – that also has Disney lol … and a larger one 🙌❤️😄

        So it’s just what I know and love 😊❤️

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      12. I didn’t know that about Jefferson and I will have a google and read about it later!
        Haha, yes, that all makes perfect sense and you do write in a way that is so expressive, so, yup, your enthusiasm shone through as bright as the Californian sun! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      13. Hahaha …well they tried and failed lol – I believe the petition has been withdrawn … it has quieted down lol… every once in awhile, I will see the flag on someone’s vehicle lol 🙄😄

        Haha thank you 😊❤️ I am enthusiastic like that about things – I am expressive lol

        I use that to my advantage at work because I give off energy lol – I can make you think you can do anything 🙌😘 I am good pep talker and make you have excitement too lol

        But I typically keep that part quiet – because that is also where I am like a whirlwind 😮😮

        I have that enthusiasm and a excitement with life … so I just keep that quiet 🤫

        Otherwise I get overwhelmed with too many people lol ✌️🤫

        That is partly why I am silent lol ✌️🤫 I draw people to me REALLY EASY!!! Lol

        I try to control that – but it doesn’t always let me lol ✌️😘

        But I like your description there… bright as the California sun lol ❤️🙌

        Liked by 1 person

      14. Ah, yes, I hadn’t thought of the potential downsides of being enthusiastic and drawing too many folk in!
        The Jefferson story was interesting and I had no idea how long the proposal had been kicked around! An uninspiring flag though 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      15. Yeah and with that… I also have a gentle and calm demeanor… so it draws many ways! It’s easier for me to let out “here” than in real life because here, I can just be… and it’s not an issue… in real life it’s an issue

        Plus … I don’t share what I look like here so- I have freedom here ❤️✌️

        I am not ready for things like that. So I just be quiet outside of work. ✌️

        Hahaha Jefferson – I just giggle with that 😄… people are funny

        I know!!! That flag is sooo awful lol … but there is symbolism in it 🙄

        It does make me smile to see a car with that because I find it funny … it’s kinda cute

        There is no way … there is always push back

        That’s Trump country anyway lol… so that’s a no!

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