🔥 Fire 🔥 😮

I am driving home and had to pull over because my phone went crazy nuts with this alert 😳😳😮😮

I can see the smoke in the distance – I am going towards it

My home is towards it. 😮

It is not at my home but my home is going towards – we just need to be alert cause is very close

Omg that alert scared me!!

Ok I be back 😳

Nevada county is in California and close very close

15 thoughts on “🔥 Fire 🔥 😮

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      1. Oh yes – me and my brother are both a touch of nerd from my electrical engineer father lol … we digitalized ALL photos after my dad died, just so they may always be preserved ❤️ never lose ❤️


      2. Smart and nerdy because we were also very excited to do so lol 😄✌️ took us months lol

        I value photos and memories very much also ❤️❤️❤️


      3. Hahaha yeah I posted tonight about the fire close by. They seem to be getting under control 🙏🙏🙏 I hope 😳🙏

        Omg I feel like I have not had contact lol

        Is always seemingly insane during the week!!!!


      4. I am good though – alive lol … not on fire … and almost done with month end 🙌

        Have few little crappy things and drama but whatever

        How are you? Are you doing ok?

        I also have to get over to you to read …but I do have to go to sleep … it is getting very late and I have to be up so early 😴 I be back definitely Saturday ❤️

        I have so much to fill in


      5. You’ve missed nothing on my side. I was okay till a couple hours ago. Now my mood’s going sour – just in time for a 9am mtg where cray will blame me for everything that SHE f’d up. I think I got it put of my system already… but who knows?

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      6. Eh… don’t let her bother you… she just seems to blow hot air

        And ha you say I miss nothing but then I get over there and is tons of stuff lol

        You have me curious lol


      7. There are tins of posts but nothing of value!

        Lying, esp to blame me for her own F ups, is a HUGE trigger for me!! But at least I know it and got it out ahead of time! She has no such awareness. She’s been making the exact same accusation, about the exact same document, for 2 full months now!!

        For the most part, I stay muted during any “meeting” that she attends… often even after being asked a direct question! If I answer, I try to limit my responses to the mtg chat msgs… cray is apparently blind to them and not uttering a syllable means that she can’t talk over me.

        In today’s 45min battle, I frequently turned off my speakers or disconnected my internet so I didn’t hear her. Neither of them noticed… even though disconnects made my icon disappear.


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