Friday is doomsday 😮

It’s just gonna be that 😮

So… my clock 🕰 ticks down to Friday 😳

It will not go well. I already know.

It’s gonna be bad. I can think positively all I want to… but it’s gonna be bad.

My stomach kinda turns for Friday to come!! 😳😮

Tomorrow I have to be with the other funeral home … and Wednesday … and Thursday lol … and then Friday back at mine – and down comes the hammer 🔨 😮

Tmrw I have to go- because they lost phone and internet … so I am going over to handle that, while he helps families.

Wednesday is my normal day there

And Thursday, no one has a choice, because my location will not have electricity (the power company doing maintenance)

And Friday 😳😬 will round out the week. 😳


So… this week will rock my world 😳

😳 ok… Friday is coming 😮 this is the one week, that I wish for Friday to take FOREVER!! Take you time Friday – no rush

My boss wants a meeting with me tmrw, about Friday – I will know details to stress about for rest of week 😝

Ok so Friday is coming 😟 it’s not gonna be good.

There is that.

And then, ya know I just wanna peacefully come home and not be social…

Most days, neighbor guy just sits out front – then he sees me and he always wants to chit chat… I will be nice and polite

But there is something creepy about him, to me?? I just get really uncomfortable vibe with him.

And it doesn’t help that he’s always boom right there. That creeps me out ALOT!

And on my drive home I was thinking about ugh 😑 he’s gonna be right there and then he will wanna chat 😑 ugh

So to my excitement when I pulled in – they were not home 🙌 ahhhhh …

But then they pull in and he’s yelling hello 😑

I said “Oh hi how are you?” And I was off and inside

I don’t mind his wife – most of the time… I keep a distance with her too, but not as much. Just because she can be little too much for me. She is little needy and different emotionally

My emotions are different from hers. ??

I just wanna come home and relax in peace ✌️❤️ I work so hard and have so much …so I just like my down time. I just wanna be silent

But he just kinda makes me uncomfortable … I don’t really hide it … I can’t really? I just don’t wanna be around him 😮 I don’t know what it is???

So my convos are short… one or 2 words… and then I run off as fast as I can.

It’s awkward – but whatever … I don’t wanna socialize at all!

They love to socialize!! Sometimes I wonder if they waiting for me to get home 😳

And late at night he’s sometimes out and about with his dog so that creeps me out too.

It’s just really creepy.

… And …

I have to socialize after work tmrw 🙄 … I have to go check out some new reopening … is a huge reception hall and rooms for banquets… very well known and prestigious club – so I have to go to that tmrw night

Ok well – I’m going to aim for the business so… 😳😮 ok socializing …

I already said I can’t stay for whole thing… it’s until 8pm!! And… I wouldn’t get home til 9, and have to be back at work at the crack of Dawn! – that’s a no!

I need my peace and beauty sleep lol 🙌✌️😘

So I will make appearance and quickly charm, show support, make a impression and duck out lol 😘✌️

Alright so tmrw – must look amazing 🤩

I have to deal with contractors and IT all day tmrw… all dressed up … and then go socialize 😳

Ahhh … and the week begins.

We are approved overtime to attend the function so yes… yes I can socialize lol ✌️

Still though – it’s Friday this week that makes me most nervous… my mind is already with Friday 😮

Friday is gonna throw down 😮😳 so we see what happens – Friday could determine everything!!

Ok well… it’s late

I have to sleep – my eyes are stinging and tmrw I have to be out late due to socializing 🤨

I’m falling asleep – I am catching myself this evening 😮

Ok good night 😘

5 thoughts on “Friday is doomsday 😮

Add yours

    1. ❤️ thank you 😊 … it’s been good, just busy. And I know Friday is coming 😳

      Just nervous cause I know it’s gonna be big. Either way. 😳😮 so ok Friday can take it’s time this week though lol ✌️

      Hope you are doing well also – I will be by to read soon. ✌️❤️🙌 stay safe 😊

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