Sacramento Earthquake 😮

I kept saying to my kids since last night – we gonna have an earthquake – no one believe me!! They think I am just saying crazy things… but I swear I could feel it both last night and this morning before it actually hit!!

When it hit we were at the hotel and the whole entire hotel shook and I looked at my oldest with BIG eyes 😳😮 I said it’s an earthquake …and he still said no… while the whole building shook 😮

I insisted was earthquake and then I started to worry because I started thinking of that place in Florida that just collapsed 😮… if not earthquake …then I don’t want building collapsing either 😮

Then later on news we saw was earthquake and ever since I been saying “SEE!!! You should listen to me… your mother knows!” 😄😘✌️😳😮😮😮

I just knew!! I kept feeling little tiny tremors – I’m telling you! Since last night!! (The princess and the pea 😘✌️)

It was felt through the Sacramento valley and surrounding areas 😮

I didn’t realize I would be loving vacation with kids so much that I wouldn’t have time here!! Maybe shortly? Lol

We been having amazing time ❤️🙌

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  1. Enjoy your vacation with the kids Trisha! I wouldn’t want to be in a tall building during an earthquake, I know they build them tough, but still! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!😀😺😻🌞☕☕

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    1. Hahaha well they tell us in California they build them to be able to withstand earthquakes 🤨 I do not trust words much lol

      But you do not know you will be in an earthquake until it hits and we sit right on the “Ring of Fire” 😮😮

      A big one coming…
      It will either hit LA or San Fran 😮 hopefully not a direct hit 😮 that would be awful!! In either place 😮

      It was very unusual for Sacramento to feel earthquake like that 😮😮

      It really shook 😮 I didn’t know if was earthquake or that building was gonna collapse like Florida 😮 … now I think of that 🤨 that went through my mind during the shaking 😮

      Had a wonderful weekend ❤️ weekends are always awesome ❤️


  2. I thought of you when I saw the news! I’m hoping it’s why I’ve been unable to sleep – but it didn’t fit my pattern (a very specific mid/lower back tension that I can’t crack).

    We had a sonic boom. Too far for me to hear but I recognized the window rattle w/o floor shaking.

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    1. Sonic boom – as in firework??

      The whole earthquake thing is weird… I swear on this one – I felt it coming 😮😮😮 I could feel differences …
      Like my equilibrium was way off too!! And I felt things prior to the earthquake 😮 I could just sense it 😮😮

      Then earthquake hit and I say to them “ see!!! I told you!”

      It was weird


      1. No… sonic boom as in something (prob aircraft) exceeding the speed of sound. It was very far away so there was no sound here, just tye shock wave of air pressure.

        I totally believe you on sensing the quake. I used to sense them but its rare now. I thought (kinda hoped) it might be why I was having so much trouble sleeping but I guess not.

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      2. Yeah … that was totally weird. I started saying to them the night before … because I could sense it … and when I said it – I knew sounded crazy and probably nothing – but I just felt so sure so I said it many times and they just laugh it off …not listen and then happen so now they listen lol

        Ahhh culture

        What caused your sleeping issue? Did you find out?


      3. Well be careful mixing meds as you know, make sure it is safe to do.

        Hopefully you eating ok – what you eat is important… I am not always healthiest all the time either … but I try mostly lol … just don’t dangle chocolate lol

        But diet can effect many things in your body 😮

        Hopefully stress is better 🙏🙏🙏


      4. I’m having a protein&probiotic shake every day. Yesterday and today I made tomato soup with rice as a snack (I’m using up what I found in the pantry closet over the weekend).

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      5. Ooohhh nice!! That sounds good… I like rice … I have a texture kid 🤨… one won’t eat things because of the texture … won’t eat rice… won’t eat corn (can not stand corn) ??? Has always been that way lol even as baby, was same lol 🤷‍♀️

        Is your weight loss going well? Don’t get discouraged because I have a girlfriend who had to lose weight to have a surgery …

        She did really good for awhile and then plateaued and she would get discouraged … but also kept trying and kept at it … it … she lost all her weight she needed and maybe 10 extra pounds? It took her little while … takes time like anything.

        “Pantry find” dishes are fun ❤️


      6. Oooohhhh you coming close!!! 🙌👏👏👏 you right there!!

        So that’s exciting!! It’s sooo gonna be worth it!!

        Make sure you take it easy after you do have that surgery / do not try to be superwoman lol

        You will have a medical vacation from life 🙌 (I have done that one – but I did not like medical vacations from life – they 💯 % suck!)


      7. The recovery is said to be really hard. I’m hoping it isn’t much worse than my current pain level. I have 2 neighbors who do home healthcare and have already approached one to be a part-time paid assistant. My doors are too narrow for wheelchair or walker so I’ll have to be up and on crutches immediately.

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      8. Oh no no – you can not be on crutches right away – that is not happening 😮

        Do not underestimate … I had no idea what to expect from my surgeries … but I could not even move or pick up my cell phone or a sweater without massive pain – no kidding … there is no way you gonna be up like that so fast

        And also you have to take care so you get better!! You have the opportunity for these new knees … don’t waste it!!

        You are totally going to need help!! You think you be fine and can handle, but trust me – no

        Take your time and make sure you have some help lined up in advance… neighbors are good to you right

        What did the home health care people say about helping you?


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