Ugh 😑 it was a MONDAY!

My plan was to go in and get TONS of work done 🤨 I thought federal holiday for the 4th… so ya know… it would be quiet.

But nope – it was not … I was busy all day long.

And by crazy I mean CRAZY

We have a high profile case at one location … all affiliates will be there 😮 … NBC, CBS, ABC

It’s gonna be insane 😳😮 I will be on vacation 😮😳

Omg!!! How do you really take a vacation in this job???

They are making me – they don’t want me canceling because it is my birthday and also there is never really a good time, so just do it they say 😳😮 they tell me to take a break 😮

And how do you do that? 😮😳

So we see

My plan for tmrw is to go in and get lots of work done 😳😳 🙏🙏🙏 omg I’m not getting any work done… but I am working my ass off 😮😳 omg

Anyway just got home about hour ago 😮😳

Ok tmrw is my last day before vacation – breathe lol ✌️😮 … I also feel bad going on vacation because I know they need me 😮

I am team and I know they are going to struggle – they will pull it off cause they are “Rockstars” lol (I only say that word because one of my directors says it all the time and another one rolls their eyes and I find that hilarious ❤️✌️)

But they wouldn’t struggle AS bad if I was there. I hate that they are gonna struggle. So that kills me a little.

But ok… don’t turn around

That is REALLY hard!! And then I’m supposed to go on vacation and not think about them 😮😳

Ok just …don’t turn around … no thinking – that’s gonna be little hard. What am I gonna walk back into 😮 omg

Ok let’s stop thinking about that… I have other things to cause panic also 😮😳😳

Ok so I work late … I come home, drive in … park…

I go to get out of my car… I had my bag 💼… and my purse 👜 …

I don’t really pay attention walking, because I have never had any issues – although …I should be smarter than that… now I am 😳😮

Something moved when I moved away from my car – so I stopped cold. 😳

Then I saw it 😮… did I run over it? What is it??

So I tried to zoom in with my phone camera -cause I did NOT want to get close – no thank you 😳😱😱😱

But I stepped a little closer and took a pic …and he moved again 😱😱😱… and I was out – NOPE – I will NOT be checking my mail tonight lol

I called one of my neighbors lol… she met me outside because we were going to try to run it over, because we are both scared …

But with me pulling in with my car , and then taking photos – I probably scared him off – because he was gone 😮😱😱😱😳😳😳

So … tmrw 😳…

…Getting to my car without becoming a customer at work lol 😳😮✌️😱 omg

So this week… I have to leave work to go on vacation in the middle of everything 😮😱😱 when I put in for it – there was nothing… now there is everything 😮😳

And then “rattlers” 😮 oh no 😱 thats my first one “here”…. At my “seemingly safe” abode 😳😮

This is him 😮😳

That’s as good as it gets because I was not getting very close 😳😮

Spiders, Snakes, Coyotes … oh my 😮

And then also … I have a complaint! 🤨

Who do I complain to? Lol

Anyway … I am complaining because …

We have sooooooooo many jobs available… we need people badly!! Come get a job!!

Many companies have MANY jobs for people… but guess what??

Last year at this time we had over 12,000 applicants for one position … this year we lucky if is 3,000

So how is that? Tell me how?

Because when you look at unemployment numbers they high… but the job rate is also high… we have jobs for you…

Wtf is everyone????!!!

I am complaining because we need people!! Sooo bad!!

Can you please come get jobs!!!

One of my girlfriends, asked me if I could get her a job – YES absolutely!! Get me your resume… she tell me “I’ll have it to you by Friday”

🤨 Friday comes and she give me some excuse as to why she does not have yet, but she get for me soon.

Ok and see… no! I still don’t have it… I can’t put her into this business unless she is on it – and I’m not gonna put my name to back her, unless I know she can do it.

Death does not accept excuses 😮 death does not care about your excuses 😮

So whatever – that is not the foot to step forward with.

Anyway – now I have to go to bed so I can wake and be early to work to TRY to get SOME work done 😳🙏

We have 2 services tmrw

This week is going to be massive week for them 😮😳

And … I had more come in today 😮

Just walk away 😳😱

Ok well… I worked a very long day and am exhausted – going back for more tmrw 😳 lol… but I need sleep 🙏

Hopefully I do not dream of work or snakes 🐍 😳😮 🙏

Ok then – good night 😘❤️

I will be around better when I am on vacation ❤️🙌❤️

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  1. Wait…. so what the hell was it? Did you ever figure out?

    All network channels for a service. Huh… I haven’t watched news so I don’t have a clue.

    I hope all goes well on Tues and you manage to enjoy your vacay. Have you decided what, if anything, you’ll do?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It was that rattler 🐍😮😮

      We gonna go out of town – just somewhere new to explore – not sure which way we headed ❤️

      “Adventure” lol 🙌


      1. Well that was zoomed in to take photo … and then zoomed in again after taking photo 😄

        Makes me seem close and brave, when it is really optical illusion lol ✌️😄


      1. Hahaha well yes… but I want to “prepare” before I go up against them lol

        If I know their behavior – I can know what to do. Obviously run …

        But in Florida we had these snakes 🐍 called Cotton Mouths 😮

        A type of Viper 😮😮😮 omg … those things you come after you!! Holy moly

        So yes I would like to prevent that – and I would not like to be bitten by a snake lol …

        I am master avoider of danger lol ✌️😘

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes – I was … my heart was racing so fast 😮 you have no idea 😮

      There are videos on YouTube that are really something I do not like lol …
      Like that one in someone’s kitchen … and they hit 1 spider 🕷 with the broom 🧹 and MILLIONS of baby spiders come out

      Yeah and then it’s in person and you have no idea the size of these California spiders 🕷 … omg yeah – they huge and ugly and nope

      So yeah I some issues sleeping that night lol … I have since taken apart my house cleaning and spraying since then … I am now in spider Fort Knox … I should not have issues hopefully 🙏

      So far … so good

      I have to do that with fear in my heart while she’s like behind me screaming 🤨ah yeah that helps.. thanks lol

      And if I say help me … she says “but mum, I have arachnophobia” 🤨

      Ok helloooo!!! I do not love them at all either lol (only Charlotte 🕷❤️😘)

      🙄 I do not want to be the brave one either lol ✌️ I am very wimpy myself lol… but I am a parent so you just have to be the brave one (bleh) but again – so far so good since and I am on alert still lol 🚨

      For spiders and snakes 😮😮😳 ugh

      Yeah my heart races, little bit, walking to my car with snakes possible 😳

      I have to watch around where I walk 😮😮 so that kinda makes your blood pump lol

      Yeah it all gets your blood going that’s for sure – making sure it’s still pumpin lol


      1. Oh god that sounds like a horror film haha. We are lucky here, we have really nk worries with anything like that.
        I guess you will walk easier after some time once it is out of your memory haha. Sounds so scary though!! Something a simple as not watching where you place your foot can be catastrophic 😳

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It is desert like 🏜 old west tiny town … the outskirts/foothills I live in remind me a lot of the set of little house on the prairie.

        Just really really dry.

        And all those creatures are because I live out in their area … I invade their peace so they come visit uninvited … is their turf 😉😘✌️

        Oh yes in summer out in the country… yeah lots of stuff & creatures … it’s still beautiful though – every rose has its thorn 😘

        The peace out here is actually incredible and at night omg you should see how dark and gorgeous my sky is 🙌 the stars and planets are sooooo incredible ❤️❤️❤️

        So just depends on the moment … is beauty that keeps you on your toes lol

        It’s totally worth it ❤️❤️❤️


      3. Yes! We are just like them… except their things are more scary and poisonous lol … frogs would be dangerous over there lol – I love frogs 🐸 ❤️❤️ that would make me not love them 😮


      4. Eww lol … yeah and I’m sure poison from the frog also helped in the death of the lizard. That’s one way to survive lol … crazy how nature can protect itself in certain areas

        Yeah Australia has scary frogs and many other creatures and poison things – I have never been there but I do not like those things lol … it would make me cautious around frogs

        Right now I love frogs ❤️ even raised one from a tadpole ❤️❤️❤️ …

        But would make me cautious if in person I see them be bad or harmful 😮

        Frogs here are simple and adorable 🐸 … not dangerous or poisonous – won’t hurt you … They only pee on you when you pick them up lol – you just have to know the right way to handle and they fine. Lol

        I have loved frogs 🐸 all my life ❤️ I used to build them little habitats when I was a little girl – with my best friend a little boy across the street

        He even went on to do that for work in REAL LIFE 😮😄🙌 we were sooooo young!!


      5. There used to be a store … kind of like a science toy store ? It was called “The Discovery Store”

        Was science things turned into fun things lol

        It was really awesome!! My kids had a lot of educational toys.

        The tad pole was one of those “toys”

        You bought the kit… which came with a little tank,
        some rocks, and a small plant. As well as, food and cleaning supplies – to keep him/her happy

        You had to send away for the tadpole – he came in the mail lol

        He lived for LONG time until my oldest graduated and we got the frog when he was 3 😮

        We had a small funeral in the back yard lol – he is probably still there lol or remnants of anyway. Probably part of earth now. That was 2012!! 😮


      6. That is such a cool story. I am very tempted to do that 😀.
        We recently sent away for some caterpillars so we watched them go from tiny to big, then the coccon, then watched them hatch 😀. Then we held them before they flew away 😀
        Nature is amazing

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Eh… is more novelty than anything else … I remember them from MY childhood lol

      But they look NOTHING like the package pictures lol … they are just teeny tiny little shrimp 🦐 lol

      If they have babies the babies are even tinier and good luck cleaning the tank because they soooooo little 😮 (like microscopic!) They do grow, but at first the babies are just really tiny

      I wouldn’t buy again – good to maybe try once if you curious … but otherwise butterflies or frogs are your best choice lol


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