See … is pretty big… in person it’s big … the colors are amazing and you could stare at for hours, because so pretty!!

It came in this box … very well protected 🙌

And it had these things protecting the flowers:

They are beautiful … I will try to show again tmrw, after I fix stems ❤️🤍💙

I have to sleep for now but will be back tmrw ❤️

You brightened my day today 🙌❤️ thank you. 🥰❤️

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    1. They are!! They seem to just continue to explode open 😮 … no wonder they are called firecracker mums

      They are sooo beautiful and they smell soooo amazing!! This morning my whole kitchen smelled like those mums – I could smell them the minute I walked in ❤️ and of course you can’t miss them because your eye goes right too them – every time I look at them they seem more and more exploded open 😮

      Even my kids last night were just taken by them ❤️

      Beautiful flowers ❤️

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  1. That angle is great! They totally look like fireworks!!

    It was supposed to be 20 stems. I didn’t count but this pic looks like they’re all there.

    Dang, I wish I had somewhere to display/enjoy bouquets… but I don’t… total waste of $$$ at my house!!

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    1. Yes they are absolutely beautiful like fireworks ❤️

      Yup there are 20 💐

      I have them on the dining table in the kitchen ❤️ they brighten the room ☀️ 💥 (plus that is where they are safest and most enjoyed)


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