Summertime ☀️🌻

Wow 🤩

So I am having an amazing day! Well… it IS July … and I DO own the month so 🤷‍♀️😘✌️

So I’m in for a really amazing month 🙌❤️

So… all morning … I am in the most boring meeting ever!!! Omg

You know Zootopia?

The speakers voice was monotone so it was making me sleepy lol …

They were teaching us a new and improved form and program 🙄

He was like “ … and in this box we put the last name, so let’s go ahead and do that… and in this box goes the first name, so let’s go ahead and do that” 🤨

Omg – I am not a child lol much of the form is self explanatory … we only have new special features to try to make easier… is for the death certificates

I think I know how to fill out those… they are pretty self explanatory – just show me what you improved and how to do.

So we had to go over every single box!! Omg … and then every option for whatever box 🤨

One program took a 4 hour training … you could not switch screens to work or they kick you out of the meeting 🤨 and then I have to do all over again (we all try to do that lol) I resorted to web mail on my phone lol … I had to!!!! I have work!!!

I also pay attention to only the program… I had to take a test after and passed with an A ❤️

So I aced all the boxes 🙌

It was very hard not to fall asleep!! You don’t ever need to count sheep – just sign up for meetings lol 😄✌️

I have one awesomely hilarious director who always makes himself a sunflower 🌻 in meetings lol … sometimes it looks like he wears a halo 😄😄 😇 – that always makes me smile the entire meeting lol ❤️

So next week – I am on vacation.. but it is hard for me because it’s work 😮

I am the only approver for checks… I say eh maybe I come in anyway ?? I can swing by my funeral home here in my town and do it really quick – any funeral home within my network. 🙌 I can go anywhere in the United States ❤️

But my bosses boss … stepped in this morning and told all teams “no one is to bother Trisha on her vacation” lol

So my team was moaning today because now the process for them to get a check will be hard for 5 days lol

I am not allowed to come to work lol

They said if I so much as approve one check – they have to give me that entire vacation day back… so they will be mad if I do that …and I will be in trouble lol

He warned them that they would be in trouble if they bother me 😮 … my girls are gonna panic (I work very hard for my teams)

It should be fine – they will be fine. You should have heard the moans today 😄😄

And I am the office manager… omg … ok … no work!! So when I leave … that’s it. Do not look back!!

For 5 days 😳

So they have all… all 3 funeral homes – have been warned by upper management not to bother me on vacation – they told them let her have her vacation 😮 (that’s really sweet, but I also know how much they depend on me, especially right now)

Plus I’m gonna be piled when I come back.

But I’m not allowed lol ❤️✌️

And then the funny director… everyone tells me he’s harsh and can be an asshole… but he is never that way with me ever!! He’s always very professional and sweet and he’s a strong director and awesome person!!

That is what I see… And ya know – funerals – you need A type personalities cause you need details handled!!! He is on it!! And I love his drive and how devoted to his job he is… quite admirable!! He likes perfection 🙌

Anyway… he call me after work today and he asked me … who is taking your on call for your birthday ?

Lol… well I was just gonna do that – it is one night … should be fine

And he say NO you are on vacation …

Ugh 🤦‍♀️ this is not going to go well lol… so he said he is going to approach one of my girls to take one for the team 😮

Oh boy… she is not going to like that and is going to cause waves 😮 I’m pretty sure 😳 but we see

She was taken off awhile ago and is only one who doesn’t do on call.

She is… I enjoy her… but she can be little uppity? But she has been in the business for years and people know her – families like her … she does good… I don’t mind – she is the rock of the location and does very well… so I just give her respect ✊

So I make sure I keep my girls happy.

I also have a feeling about something…

If they bring my part timer to office manager … what if they take me from my girls and put me at haunted mansion 😮😮

That could be a possibility? 😳😮 I can fit in anywhere … but 😮

That is really sweet they want to make sure I have time off lol… and very funny they know I am workaholic ✌️ that was really really sweet

My staff was having a heart attack – oh their faces and groans and one even goes “oh well that’s just wonderful” lol but with a sarcastic tone lol

I love the people I work with ❤️

But just ya know – shit might hit the fan lol … it is very hard to not work!! 🤷‍♀️

… they literally have to force me lol

I am very touched that was sweet ❤️… until I get back under the mountain of work when I return and they pressure lol

Ok 5 days – not allowed to work

Alright. What to do?? Hmm 🤔

Maybe Lake Tahoe? That sounds nice ❤️


Or I could do Bodie? But that will still be hot and there is no beach lol … I will go to the beach at Tahoe ❤️

Maybe ?? We see

I have to stay away from the temptation of work lol … I am not allowed to call and check on them either lol

It’s like a mother leaving her newborn in someone else’s care for the first time lol – it’s that same feeling lol ✌️😘

Do not think about work!! 😮😮 I am not on vacation yet – but I am preparing myself because it starts on my birthday 😮

Ahhhh summer ❤️🙌

6 thoughts on “Summertime ☀️🌻

Add yours

    1. Yeah they are amazing … sometimes … most of the time lol ✌️😄

      But yes I enjoy them ❤️ wonderful people ❤️

      That meeting was not corporate lol … that meeting was with the state… vitals and records … we do the death certificates and fetal demise death certificates (any fetus over 20 weeks is considered viable – they have to come to us)

      Those meetings have information we need, because is the state and they training on new and improved program for vital records

      But whatever – I am done and I passed 🙌❤️

      Well today is not my last day before vacation…

      I am working Monday and Tuesday of next week… Wednesday is the day that starts my vacation ❤️🙌

      But I will hopefully enjoy Friday ❤️

      Will totally enjoy my vacay ❤️ thank you very much 😊… I am actually excited for a break ❤️

      Have a great day 🙌❤️ Happy “July” !!! ❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I would have still been there on the 6th… my vaca starts on Wednesday ❤️7/7❤️

      They were amazing – I went in early and there was stuff in the morning and busy busy busy –

      Then that came ❤️🤍💙 they are sooo beautiful ❤️ and the note was sweet – thank you ❤️ it did make me feel special 😘 you do same for me ❤️


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