Sailing 🙌✌️

What day is it?? Tuesday?? Ok so 3 more days ✌️

Today was little annoying – corporate want me to find them a restaurant …

Ok no worries … I got it!! Marked off all the criteria they wanted …

The only problem is … it’s a family style buffet type… instead of them serving you they bring large dishes to the table and you take what you want like “family” dinner lol

So they moaned … ok fine … I will look again…

The next one I pick is also Italian but does everything they want and cheaply!! And was eager … and corporate immediately said yuck they didn’t like that place … ok fine…

I will try again …

Then I did some Asian grill … nope not good enough…

Ok fine …

I literally tried everything … maybe 10 different restaurants … I am doing this while I have work backing up on me 🤨

So finally I called MY boss and I said ok they crazy they don’t accept anything and there is nothing else unless they would like Chuckie Cheeses … there ya go…

My boss was mad at them too because it took me away from my job today!!

And what did they pick ?? THE VERY FIRST ONE I SAID!!!

So I wasted all that time while they couldn’t decide on a restaurant

That is not using your resources wisely!! But whatever – they got their restaurant 🤨

So yes … today was little bit annoying with that.

If they so picky – find your own stuff!!!

Whatever ✌️ annoying – I literally have work to do – not look for restaurants!!

And then… someone who is a higher up came to me and said “Trisha listen, here is what I want…”

They gave me instructions incase anything happens to them 😮

They are leaving to take a trip.

Lol … I was both honored they came to me with that and then also… nothing is going to happen – don’t even put that out there … they be fine.

But yes – I have the instructions lol … of course I will take care of them… “Funeral people” they are funny ❤️ we think of death things ✌️ we see it every day.

Also … at my work there are 4 other people WITH MY birthday 😱😱😱

I have never met another with MY birthday … and isn’t it funny all of us are at funeral homes lol

But I am the oldest so I actually own it lol ✌️😘 🤫

I have a birthday story that is pretty funny (to me… it is hilarious ❤️❤️❤️) …

So… when my kids were growing up, I told them all the same story lol ❤️😄 … I swear by it lol ❤️ … eh it’s how I like to look at it ✌️

The Fourth of July 🇺🇸 … starts off my birthday celebration lol … I was supposed to be born on the 4th … but was the only time, ever in my life, I was ever late lol – too late to change the celebration

The boys bought that hook line and sinker and never questioned 🙌 …they just let me have it lol ❤️❤️❤️

But the girl questions lol … she would say “ no mom… that is the celebration of independence”

And I would say “why yes dear, the celebration of my independence from my mother’s womb” 😄😄😄❤️

It makes me laugh every time lol ❤️❤️❤️ it was brilliant 🙌❤️

She would roll her eyes and insist was not my celebration lol … eh I still went with it anyway ❤️ still do lol ✌️

So the celebration starts on the 4th and then I just own the rest of the month lol ❤️❤️❤️ 👑


It’s awesome ❤️❤️❤️ see why I love summer??? ❤️❤️ that and comfortable clothing, bikinis and warm sun (although ours is really hot 🤨😑)

I have always loved summer the most ❤️❤️ …but the fires are a bit much when they come … and the older I am …the more that extreme heat is a lot 😮

My favorite guy called me tonight and it’s just nice not to worry or anything and it’s just easy… and he has a really sweet heart … and then he makes me laugh soooo much lol ❤️❤️❤️

He is very funny – extremely full of life – makes me laugh constantly. He is like a little kid… he is really sweet, wears his heart on his sleeve and is extremely trusting – he just dives right it… and then he gets hurt every time … I try to tell him go slow – but he can’t help himself that is just how he is.

He is learning lessons … well maybe?? Lol 😄🤷‍♀️

He does not always have a filter lol … but he is hilarious … I am not offended … only when he says things like “forgiveness over permission” 🤨😠

Lol … but he is still a good guy and still funny ❤️ he can be little dramatic … but his dramatics don’t phase me at all? But usually I have to talk him down from something lol … he is very passionate lol – he is very high energy lol ❤️

He just wants to fit in… he is struggling to find where he fits in.

We chatted for little while 😊❤️

Then my girlfriend called and want to know if I can get her a job?

Yes I can do that… so tmrw I will mention I have someone who needs a job … they are looking for attendants. She would do well if she works hard and I think she would. 😊

I’m pretty sure if I mention – they will trust my word. So we see – I will check that tmrw

She won’t directly work with me – but they will send her to my location for services

It’s easy – you just do as the director tells you to do… you usher the family in and help seat them or anything they need. Be there to assist the director and the family.

You are a silent funeral worker who helps the family and director with the services.

You will help load and unload caskets ⚰️ , flowers etc. and help set up.

But it’s pretty easy and you do 4/5 hour chunks of time for a service

You would probably work the viewing the day before …

And then the next day… the funeral service which can be a funeral mass, mercy meal or reception and then the burial itself. It’s all orchestrated and timed. ✌️

An attendant just comes to help the director put that service on. Or whatever else we ask of them. Clean the funeral home, handle the trash – whatever

They always joke they wanna do this: 🙄😄😄

Yeah we would be having a heart attack if you did that lol omg … they always say something about that everytime!!’ 🙄😄😄✌️ do you see why funeral people are hilarious ❤️

So anyway … I will see if they will give her a chance.

She wanted me to come over for my birthday but I don’t want to … I just want my birthday myself ✌️❤️ I will have my kids ❤️

We have a mess at work btw…

So my boss just went on vacation… gone til 15th and I’m in charge of executive decisions 😮✌️

Then the boss above that is going on vacation … one funeral home has the directors going on vacation and when they come back the office manager will be gone – she quit 😮

And then I round out the week by going on vacation myself (I only took 3 days but will be 5 cause a weekend right there)

But I don’t know if I can take that vacation … because omg do you realize how difficult that be ???

Plus is month end 😮😮😮

And that’s about it. I have to go to bed. I leave really early now because too many people … the earlier I go … the better it is 🙌❤️

Otherwise if I go on time – traffic is horrific!! So I go early lol ✌️ … smooth sailing

❤️ yeah I leave early ❤️

Gnite 😘

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      1. Haha, nope 😉 but the kids thought so for years 😉
        Weirdly, my parents shared the same birthday (but a few years apart) and I was in school before I finally realised that parents could have different birthdays haha

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha that’s sooo funny 😄 Forever… I would not tell my daughter how old I was… because she would go around telling everyone – she is the town crier!! Lol … so she told everyone I was 29 all the time 😄😄😘✌️ … now she’s 14 and knows everything lol 😘✌️ …now people know my real age 🤨😄✌️

        My mom was older than my dad by 3 years 😊

        My grandparents… each set was same age … in one … both born 1920… they are all obviously gone

        The other set was 1929… they just recently past within past few years – last one right before covid – June of 2019… I am a little comforted they never saw covid – they never saw the world change 😮😮

        But my GREAT grandparents had HUGE age difference lol … maybe 15 years? Long weird story 💋✌️… very old world story lol

        It’s funny.. the things we do believe, or want to believe, or lead to believe 😘

        I love those things ❤️ those are your moments 🙌❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Haha that is so funny as my mother also claimed to be 29 for sooo many years haha

        Well, 15 sounds a big difference to us now but back in your gt-grandparents’ day I bet it was not so unusual. Family obligations and stuff were taken more seriously then and life-expectancy shorter etc.
        Yup, it is funny the little things we choose to believe and also the weird little family ‘traditions’ that we all have! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Lol yes … we hold at 29 🙌😘

        It doesn’t sound like a lot at my age… but to look back … my great grandmother was 18… and he was 33/34

        But it was out of necessity – they had written back to Lithuania and asked my great grandmother to come help them.

        His first wife was dying of TB – they had 2 kids and he had to work… so she came over before the first wife died… when she died… my great grandmother married him – they had 5 more kids 😮… one of whom is my grandmother

        Part of that family was cut off – I had never even heard their names 😮

        Was religion 😮 my side “Catholics” … their side “Protestant” … I honestly don’t know why was such a big deal – who cares ?? You are family! Same blood!

        But ya know 🙄 emotions run high with that I suppose … way back then … there was a lot of hurt and pain within family and it exploded and lost a section

        And they were written off never to be spoken of again…

        Well flash forward to few years ago… I get a call from my brother and starts telling me “I only wanted to see my DNA and where from” … he took DNA test

        Well it matched him with people and was telling us they MASSIVELY closely related … siblings and ALSO 1st cousins 😮😮


        That is because MY great grandmother who came over to take over a household … was 1st cousins to the FIRST wife… the one who died of TB

        Since my great grandfather AND the first wife had 2 kids together… and then when my grandfather married the first wife’s cousin… they had 5 more children

        So … those children… were both siblings AND cousins 😮😮

        And so their blood was matching ours like that 😮😮

        How crazy is that???

        Very old world!!

        On my mother’s side there is something similar … but the women were not related … he just sent away for a wife lol

        That still happens – but for different reasons ✌️

        What a leap huh??!! 😳😮😱

        You would just leap into it with some new person like that 😮😮 omg lol … 😮😮

        Just blindly take a leap 😮😱

        But times and people were also very different in that period ✌️ you can’t really compare this time period to that one.

        And incase you are wondering – me and another version of me (lol) on the other side of the family (the Protestant one) … pulled the family back kinda … they are in Canada … Nova Scotia 🇨🇦 They are Canadian

        They have same medical issues that run in the family – for hours we talk about things ❤️ we caught up after they had been gone from the family since 1930 😮😮

        Funny how they showed up with the DNA

        Crazy stories from that!!

        My my how times have changed 😮

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      5. Those are great stories and you can totally see that kinda thing happening in the old days. Although if you really think about it, its kinda very insular. OK, I need a new wife, there’s 3m unattached women here but I need one who doesn’t share their American notions, so, I’ll send back to the old country for one. Hmm.
        Siblings and cousins is a weird combo but probably not so rare in those days in rural areas?
        Cool that you have re-established a connection with the wider family!! So sad that creeds that are meant to unite us can sometimes just divide us. People are a strange bunch sometimes!

        Liked by 1 person

      6. They weren’t rural … and Royalty in other countries keeps it in their circles too.

        That’s exactly it… they were old country Lithuanian people … they never did really adjust to American culture even later.

        My great grandmother never learned english – only spoke Lithuanian … I used to understand her – but no since she died when I was 7 … I don’t remember Lithuanian – only the moments ✌️😘

        They wanted someone they could trust with their children and lives. So you do what is best…

        That would have been 1914… so at that time Hitler was coming into power and my family was Catholic but I know the area was having issues at that time

        So for my great grandmother – it was a way to the United States and instant husband family.

        Hope for better life?

        Was a new world for them at that moment and the United States has so much to offer – even then. So much opportunity, more than what they had.

        But yes – they would prefer someone familiar from home… as opposed to the unknown and different American culture.

        They never truly adjusted.

        My great grandfather died before I was born but I have been told he was a very silent man.

        He went through some really tough losses and things but kept strong and was silent – kinda like me?

        My great grandmother never learned English… she spoke to my grandmother who would translate

        From 1914 to 1979 never learned English only tiny words here and there, but the accent made them unrecognizable, so she just went with Lithuanian – easier ✌️ she had my grandmother always lol – HER Google translate 😄✌️

        They were siblings because they all had the same father.

        And they were 2nd cousins because the first and second wives were 1st cousins

        I have uncovered many stories lol 😄😄

        Once everyone died 😳😮 omg like flood waters!! The stories poured in …

        Between DNA and genealogy websites 😮 they would email me and say we have something for you to look at…

        And it would be a death usually and then once I had that name – I knew there gonna be avalanche of stories on both sides 😮

        They teach one way – but do another … hide it and then pretend they are perfect… not perfect

        “Human” even if they think they holier than thou 💋✌️

        Like your tales … it was the times ✌️😘

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Great stories!! I appreciate you sharing!! 🙂
        Our family had a belief that one of my gt-gt-grandparents had escaped one of the regulat pogroms in Russia. Years ago when I traced our family tree as best I could, I discovered she was born in a farm in rural Wales! Triple-checked it was here and then carried on tracing back until the records dried up! My Dad had a hard time believing it as he even remembered her and grew up on the stories! His sister, my aunt, refused to believe it!!! The power of “tradition” over truth eh!! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      8. I do not know what that Russian thing is??

        If I Google it – it just shows me programs for how to learn Russian lol

        Isn’t it incredible to basically read their stories through history – isn’t it fascinating 🙌😮

        Both my “Irish” grandfathers claimed royalty 🤨🙄 they were full of tales lol ✌️

        My extremely Irish one would say we were even related to Grace O’Malley from the 16th century 😮❤️ … but that tale I really like lol ✌️I heard her story all the time 💪 😘 … my family is from County Mayo and County Cork … actually all over Ireland 🇮🇪

        Why would your family not truly believe? Is that far fetched?

        It’s crazy to think what they must have went through at that time period 😮

        I have many elderly (obviously) at work sometimes – I just want to sit and listen to all their stories 🙌❤️❤️❤️ I love their life stories … or see the family photos through the years 😮😮😮 … it’s incredible what they have seen in their lifetime 😮😮 crazy!!! One lifetime 😮

        Do you get a lot of immigrants? Or did/does France ? Probably not like America? Or am I wrong?

        Liked by 1 person

      9. Yes, some folks have some great stories behind them! It is good that you have asked about them! So often, we never get around to asking before its too late 😦
        France has a weird history with immigration . Large chunks of the country have only been relatively recently added and many of the overseas colonies have become parts of France proper. Most of our post-war immigrants are from the now independent ex-colonies in Africa.

        Liked by 1 person

      10. I ask as much as I can because I am curious always lol ✌️ … and then I am also sometimes quiet so… when you are quiet – people will speak and then you get ALL the stories and can piece together what happened ❤️ like a puzzle 🧩

        Interesting on the immigration – I am sure you have heard all about ours 🙄

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  1. I realized my hoped-for timing of knee replacement & recovery is exactly when my job is going to be looking for peeps to drive down to Laguna Hills every day for a couple months, to cover for someone who’s preggers (wait…. if she announced it Fri, why would she be taking time off on Aug/Sep?). I know I’ll be “volunteered” but have no interest in making that drive. I hope I’m either in recovery or have quit by then!

    Early Hippo BirdDay!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I already gave a heads up to my new mgr, which is more than I did for prev. I won’t get put of it unless I actually have the surgery… unless I can get a doc to indicate I’m too disabled to drive, which is 90% legit. Just the 9 mile drive to the nearby office will leave me unable to walk/stand. I haven’t mentioned to anyone that there’s a dispensary across the street!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well is knee surgery so can not be good for knees if is long drive 😮

        I’m SURE a doctor would sign off on that! Make sure you ask!

        I have massive health dept meeting today and then I leave early because I have to sign paperwork on the acceptance with the city. 😮

        Gonna be crazy day!


      3. Yes it did!! 😊❤️ thank you

        I just had to go to the city hall in the city it’s in… they had to explain the grant to me and I had to sign off on it 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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