Almost the weekend 🙌

Today was a good day and everything went smoothly. There were many funny moments ❤️

Good day… busy from beginning to end – but good day. Things went right and I got work done 🙌❤️

We have very very sad cases right now 💔💔💔 all of them are breaking my heart 😮 … I am always soft hearted… but these cases are really heavy hearted!!! 💔💔💔

But anyway, we are strong. We are helping those families – but you can seriously feel 🙌 all 🙌 the heartbreak with these cases😮💔

Anyway… so we just balance each other in the office ❤️

We had my favorite guy – we love him over here ❤️ he is gonna be worked lol … but that is good!! And he is currently loving life again.

I have not decided what I want to say to CB … or how I want to put it. I want to be clear.

I also want to be sure and solid with what I say.

I have an idea of what I want to say. I just want to be sure of what I think.

I’m sure of what I want – my question is only: to cut out completely or not … so I’m just thinking.

And then that brings us to the home 😮 all of it just falls in my lap 😮😮 oh my god!

It just snowballs and rolls right into my lap 😮

All I did was turn over all my financials – I got approved by the city – and as long as everything keeps on this trajectory … my closing date is set for July 20th 😮😮

And move in date be sometime in August 😮 🤫

No one knows. I am silent with it. ✌️ I just want it quiet and private 😘 … 🤫

So that is moving at the speed of light 😮 … right into my lap!

See… my life does that … of course I work hard – but what I mean is…

The things that are meant to be… come into my life easy, peaceful and fast …

I like the easy, and I love the peaceful…

It’s the fast… that I am not a fan of lol

But everything that has been meant to be in my life has come into my life and just fit perfectly ❤️ like whirlwinds 🌪

So it’s a little fast – but it’s fitting perfectly ❤️

It’s been effortless ❤️


I am definitely levitating 😮❤️

All by myself 😮🙌❤️

Wow… my 2020’s just get better and better 😮 Covid was the massive turning point 😮😮😱 without covid I wouldn’t be this far so fast… or at all ?? 😮

Kinda blows my mind 🤯 when I think of it like that. Because it’s true. 😮

Oh I have some funny things …

I was finding something for funeral home and reading … I want easy to care for.

This made me laugh because … of course it won’t have wrinkles… if I fricken iron it… 😄😄 who’s the genius lol … I want it to not have wrinkles, without ironing lol

And then …

You know those decals people put on their cars lol … this is one of those decals for your car 😄😄❤️ …

… I wouldn’t …but it is funny lol ❤️ (I currently have a breast cancer decal 🎀 )

That made me laugh ❤️

Ok well I have to get to bed again 🤨 … if I wasn’t so exhausted I would fight it lol

I can’t find songs that are not about love so just pretend ✌️😘

I don’t wanna miss a thing – but I am exhausted

One more day then it’s the weekend 🙌❤️

3 thoughts on “Almost the weekend 🙌

Add yours

    1. Well somewhat lol… I am still working at it – we see lol ✌️😘

      But I am alive ❤️, I love the people I work with ❤️, I fit ❤️… and then ya know the whole home thing ❤️

      Not to mention Satan been sorta out of my life more and more. 🙌

      So yeah … so far so good 2021 ❤️❤️❤️ yeah I’m loving life ❤️

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