Whew 😥 Monday

Killed me! 😵😵‍💫🤕

Whoa! Lol

Actually … wasn’t terrible but just one of those “crappy start to finish” days 😝

That would be called “Murphy’s Law” Day ✌️ … anything that CAN go wrong, WILL 🤨

But add to that – I did not feel put together or on top of my game 😮😝 … I did not like today lol ✌️

Today beat me up!! Hard! Ugh

So … no power + no water = no shower 😱… no coffee 😮 🧟‍♀️

Omg … lol

I had to ask my boss if I could bring daughter – that was a yes thank god!! (But she’s 14 – she had her computer and phone)

Ok fine whatever – so I went to work in my pajamas and brought my clothes and got there early to get ready for work.

Well I couldn’t see in the dark when grabbing my clothes and I grab wrong dress so whatever – I grabbed one with a stupid button that kept undo’ing itself 🤨

Ok then – it was GRAND CENTRAL all day long!! Omg – and people showing up to get things without calling – we had no idea they coming for things so they have to wait for us to prepare what they want and then also the forms! It’s not usually a big deal …but today it was because was so busy. We juggled for a moment 😮

And we had families coming in for appts… plus Preneeds and lots of activity!

I meet brand new manager for Preneeds for very first time – really like her!! She’s gonna do really good!! (The world of women – see I tell you – we will take it from here boys lol … I only tease – little bit 💋✌️)

Then I had to go over the things for this HUGE meeting tmrw with my boss and another office manager – strategizing lol ✌️

Then I had to approve some things that were not correct, so I couldn’t approve – they need to fix it and then I can approve it. I am out of office tmrw – I will be at the mother ship location for HUGE meeting 😮 so that approval will have to wait for Wednesday – omg and Wednesday I have another meeting and I am afraid of that!!

Because I know it’s gonna explode … not with me… just something that could make my staff walk 😮😮😮

Things from corporate

I don’t want that to happen – please dear lord!! 🙏🙏🙏

Cause what I have is tight!! Really tight!! So you try to take one and I’m afraid others will follow suit in comradely !! 😮 cause it’s right there to that point 😮

So… welcome to the week 😮😮

Thursday is massive service

And Friday I don’t even know? I know is busy, but I can’t remember… cause too much and too far! … and I have to remember too much stuff!!

We also had more deaths and things

But here is something really amazing ❤️

One of our families is just so happy with us – they wrote reviews everywhere and to our boss… and then today in mail we got a letter from the family saying thank you to entire staff for making what was very traumatic, and instead making it comforting and peaceful ❤️ they said they so thankful and grateful they were with “us” ❤️

They said REALLY kind words about the staff and how we made them feel ❤️❤️ we were so thrilled with that … we were happy because we made someone’s loss… “a peaceful comforting one”, for them, and their family… and they took the time to say that to us ❤️

You don’t realize what goes on behind the scenes …

There are just so many things we have to slide in together at same time 😮 – we work very hard to do that for you, and we also “hold your hand” through that… if needed

Anyway was really awesome that someone went out of their way to recognize that and write reviews, write to our boss and write us a letter ❤️ … that thank you …is why we do this ❤️❤️❤️ … one gesture like that makes it all worth it ❤️

And today – one of the Preneeds could decide to use us, or 2 others … we were going to price out all 3 for them … but then they suddenly say “no we sure we want YOU, no need to price” ❤️❤️❤️

Because we have that rep ❤️ we are very well known in our area and ARE the most compassionate caring and catering. You could tell that instantly, if you called us vs ANY other funeral home ❤️ because we take our time and we help always – we are kind and gentle and peaceful.. no matter who you are or how much time you need 🙌

But no one ever thinks of the people at the funeral home or the crematory or those places – who wants to think of or remember that?

You grieve and then you wanna forget or try to process your own loss – so we are always forgotten. That’s just how it is. We were touched by that thoughtfulness and kindness ❤️

And then – people keep telling me all kinds of secrets and then tell me “but don’t say anything” … so I don’t …

But now I know literally everything – and I don’t wanna know!! Because what happens is people talk about things and then I have all the info but I can’t say a word so I am quiet and act like I know nothing 😳

Ok so let me explain something…

So the reason I don’t lie, well first – I don’t like lies -… Then if you lie you have to remember things! I don’t like that… so I prefer just say as is and deal with it. Much easier, better and free’er ❤️🙌❤️ ahhh peace ✌️ always ❤️ love that … no thinking required – you just don’t lie ❤️❤️❤️

But in those same terms – I do not like to know things either.

Because is very hard for me!!! I have to remember not to slip anywhere in any convo!!

Omg!! I do not like that. Much easier if you just don’t tell me until everyone knows

I like being in the loop to know things so that is nice

But again… I have to remember that… and not accidentally slip and say something by accident so I always have to be thinking of that… I don’t like that.

I am very careful not to slip… but I fricken know things!!!! Ugh 😑 it’s good… I just don’t like having to remember and think about.

I have so much actual work stuff to remember so I am packed with information 🤨

And some of the information is about people we work with so that’s hard too.

I like knowing and I’m quiet … you can tell me not to say something and I won’t – they all know that 🤨

It’s not bad stuff, necessarily… just LOTS of stuff

But I’m just saying … I have to remember 🤨 more and more stuff!!


Anyway … then on my way home …

Just to top off my day…

This person on my way home… the ENTIRE way home, I am stuck behind them, going WAY UNDER speed limit – they were blocking literally everyone!!

I go to pass and suddenly he’s a fricken race car driver

As if …I’m NOT staying behind that crap – he can eat my dust and he did… I had a few choice words for that guy ✌️ that was a total ahole move!!

I just wanted to pass the guy – cause obviously, has no idea how to drive!!

You don’t go under the speed limit THE ENTIRE TIME and then speed way the F up when someone passing!! But whatever

And then rest of way home behind me – the guy go fast 🤨 WTF? He couldn’t have done that in the first place??!!

So yeah … that was Monday 😳

Is it fricken Friday yet??

That was a horrible start to week!! Handled well – but boy that was a MONDAY 🤨

13 thoughts on “Whew 😥 Monday

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  1. Sounds a hectic day but with a nice cherry of job-satisfaction at the end!!
    Like you, I really hate being stuck behind someone doing 15 miles under the limit until you are eventually able to overtake them and suddenly they are in the Indy500 😦 Some people’s egos really are that fragile lol

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah was definitely quite the day… and that was really nice with that family – we were very touched ❤️ it very much brightened our day ☀️❤️

      Omg that guy drove me nuts – literally lol … I do not know why that is issue – so what? Let someone pass if you wanna go slow!

      Lol… egos 🙄 he should maybe learn how to drive, before he has any ego lol 💋✌️

      I sooooo miss having the roads to myself with no nonsense lol … I will always have those memories – I knew that was once in a lifetime ❤️🙌❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, it is great that they took the time to thank you and the team fully!! I have to admit that when my father passed that I recall only saying a simple thank you 😦
        Haha, well, you will always have the memories when you owned the roads of Cal 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah it was really nice ❤️ very appreciated ❤️

        But we do understand. Death is REALLY hard… and everyone reacts different! It’s just a hard moment and no one wants to feel that pain – and we came into life because of pain – so is hard – we attached to pain.

        And people just don’t want anything to do with death.

        I also avoid things that give me pain – so we understand 💋✌️

        As long as, we can help through – and we give you peace ✌️ … we are happy ❤️ … that family just went above and beyond – sometimes we do see that.

        Sometimes we are the only ones who are comforting in those moments 😊 … sometimes you need strength to hold on to 💋✌️

        Hahaha… yes sir!!! 🙌 what a wonderful world it was 🙌❤️… is that bad to say? Because I did really love that – oh I could just cruise ❤️ yeah … I really loved that ❤️

        Ahhh but nothing lasts forever 😘

        Alright well I have to do few things and then go – check me out with some time 😄✌️

        Have a great Tuesday 🙏

        Liked by 2 people

      3. 😊❤️

        Lol… always with the meticulous notes 🗒 ❤️✌️

        Was really good and very informative – got a lot out of it … it was NOT a waste of time 🙌✌️ Went really well.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yes went really well… it even ended at 4pm and I was closer to home 🙌

        I got home in enough time to take daughter to get hair cut (we have never cut her hair before – she wanted that) yes I saved the first cut ❤️✌️

        She said that was cringy lol … but I’m a mom – I have their hair and teeth lol 😄✌️when SHE says it – it sounds cringy lol – but it’s a mom thing ✌️

        So I took her to do that and while I had her out, we got her some new clothes.

        I just never got a chance to post about it – but maybe tonight 😊✌️

        Have a great Wednesday 🙌✌️😊

        Ugh today is my bad meeting 😮😳

        Please let Wednesday go ok 😮🙏🙏🙏

        Liked by 1 person

      5. First cut? Apart from like split-ends? Wow! That said, my sister only had her hair cut for the first time when she turned 17!
        Haha, yup it’s definitely a parent thing as we saved both our kids’ first cuts 😉 I came across all their baby teeth not long ago and asked if they wanted them – of course, they looked at me like I’d suggested they do something disgusting 😦 Haha, so, I know exactly what you mean!
        Wishing you a good Wednesday!! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Yeah lol – not the split ends part lol

        Hahaha I know is sooo funny!! She makes it sound really weird to do lol … but as a parent, I have always done that … my mom did too lol

        I don’t know why we save that lol ❤️ cause then what? Who wants that except the parent lol

        Thank you – enjoy your Wednesday also ✌️❤️

        Liked by 1 person

  2. SO much stuff!
    I have 2 moves for those driving aholes… the nice one: I start using my window spayers. Most people back off of their car starts getting waterspots. But if they’re really being jerks, I slam on my breaks. Hit my car… automatic at-fault in CA! I’ve never had a person keep it up after realizing I was willing to get in a wreck.

    Today I saw some female tech leader’s “top 5 things” about business and one was ‘send thank you notes!’ I try to be very good about that, or sending an email to a coworker’s boss to acknowledge good work (cc the person). I used to keep $25 Amazon gift cards in my desk to give out as my personal “spot awards”.

    What happened with the feared staff issue?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol the window sprayers

      I have “brake checked” before … I do not like someone right on my bumper 🤨

      Yes … that is very good practice … people want to deal with businesses that actually care about them

      Crisis averted – my boss came early and we chatted before girls got there. It went good – everyone still happy and still together

      We have to get her strong and not timid. We gonna blow it out of park hopefully 🙏 … my location has a strong team and we very supportive so I think she can do it ❤️


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