What a beautiful Monday ❤️

Happy Memorial Day 🇺🇸❤️ (it’s actually today lol ✌️❤️) I told you is an all weekend thing and I saw a news report that said “the great American comeback summer celebration 2021” 😮 all summer 😮😮

Is the world like that too? Are you all being vaccinated and coming out of the shadows??

Americans like waste zero time!! There is no easing back – its full throttle 🙄 lol

This morning my commute into city was amazing 🙌 … no one was going INTO the city – they all heading to lake…

And when I go home they will all be going home INTO the city… I will be heading opposite way – should be pretty good today ❤️

Quiet day – getting things done ❤️

Texted with country boy earlier… he’s sweet. There is something I like with him. He’s just very peaceful ❤️ he has a peaceful gentle aura

I like that.

Today will be 106 😮😵

Oh boy!! Hot 🥵 I will be in my California bikini later lol ❤️✌️

Alright well getting work done in a/c ❤️

But later…

I want to be cool!! Bring down my temp cause bleh!!! Too much heat!! 👙 can not wait to be in bikini!!!!❤️

Not that I will be outside because it is too hot and I am too sensitive to the sun – I can only do small doses 🤨

How sweet that would be to have rain today!! Omg yes!! That kinda heat with nice cooling afternoon shower – yes please ❤️🙏 …that would never happen – I am only day dreaming 💭 💋✌️

Would be amazing though ❤️

Ok back to work ✌️… 💭👙❤️

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