The State of Dress lol ✌️

So… today it is Memorial Day… a holiday here… people too busy being together again to die… so I figure be only me anyway.

Plus will be 106 😮😮😮 c’mon!!

So I wore a strapless sundress (black with flowers to keep in theme) but I would never wear that to work normally. I only wear panties underneath but it was gonna be hot and I didn’t think someone would see me 😮

… and then my doorbell went nuts and was Maintenence guy who I was not expecting lol

So I just show him what I need fixed but I was embarrassed with sundress even though I had black jacket over it.

Totally thought I see no one – for 4 hours was quiet lol

Still looked nice – and it’s hot anyway!! I’m just way more modest I cover way up usually. I thought I be locked all away and was gonna be so hot! 🥵

Lol very hot in the city!!

Otherwise very peaceful day – even traffic was amazing and beautiful ❤️

You should have seen the opposite side going back into the city 😮backed up badly – everyone with their trucks and 4-wheelers and campers lol

Going towards the lakes and mountains is how I get home so my roads were pretty clear ❤️

I heard angels sing again today with that ❤️

Can I just have angels every day?? Lol ❤️ again… I am day dreaming, because open road is so amazing ❤️🙌

Now I am home – in my bikini 👙❤️ I really love the bikini ❤️ I love everything about it!!

Does every state have a bikini? Lol … uh oh lol 😮

I collect magnets that are state magnets lol ❤️ maybe I check out the bikinis too ❤️ I’m just gonna see ✌️😄

I have to finish a few things and then I be back ✌️🇺🇸

20 thoughts on “The State of Dress lol ✌️

Add yours

    1. When I was young my parents only let me have one pieces – I do not like them … simply for bathroom purposes

      Although last year I did have a one piece – I do still prefer bikini’s or tankini’s

      I didn’t go outside either… I was gonna go check out the pool and maybe go in, but the neighbors came back and I did not feel like socializing ✌️ so I stayed inside


      1. Late at night I realized a teeny part of me staying inside was about not wanting to see neighborkid. But I also realized the whole fam, even the dog, went silent after 11am-ish. Too bad it was 11pm when I figured that out!

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      2. The neighbors texted me when they came home… but I was not in mood to socialize or anything I just wanted to chill – and I don’t want to have best friend neighbors who wanna see me all the time… I like my own peace. I don’t mind once in blue moon – but I don’t want all the time which seems to be the situation constantly 🤨

        Literally the minute they got home they texting me

        I don’t get much time off work…

        And they are always on me… so I avoid. Because I do not want them getting into that habit – I want them at a distance because I don’t want them ruining my peace

        Not to mention – I really don’t want to hang out with them at all because they blab every single thing to entire neighborhood and nope 👎 I do not like that either.

        I like my peace and I like my privacy … 2 things they are not very good with!!!


      3. I have that situation with neighborkid. Despite repeated reminders that I will msg when holding kitty dinner, she comes to the front door and yells for me. Then she checks the windows where I work. Then she spends and hour+ rollerskating around my house, hoping I’ll come out. I can wait till after dark to go out, and not whistle or call for cats, but *poof* she still shows up!!

        Once in awhile is fine. 7 days a week is not!!

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      4. Hahaha ahhhhh yes I see!!

        Boundaries! Lol … some do not understand that.

        I agree – need some space! Home should be sanctuary ❤️ peaceful 🙌 where you can escape


      5. Neighbormom has been really good about preventing kid from coming over for the last week. I felt bad when I heard kid go into a nuclear meltdown… hanging with me often prevents those.

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      1. Yes because there are more out on road currently, especially this past weekend!!

        I believe it – some even forgot how to drive so that could also be a thing. Lol … or I just think that? Lol ✌️


      2. Lol that would suck… what were the temps in that area at that time? Lol … cause if was my temps that would double suck!! Hope people gassed up lol ✌️

        Our currier drives the Leaf? Hybrid or something? But they drive all over the place from funeral home to funeral home and to health department, coroner etc… they have to keep charging the car every so often or it won’t let them have ac 😮


      3. It was prob 100°+… the jam was on the desert side. Lots of RVs and people hauling ATVs, or both. Thank gawd there are more gas stations now!!

        Based on my former work commutes, just that 26 miles prob took 2hrs. Without heavy traffi, the entire length takes about 4.5. Lots of cranky peep, I bet!!

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