Sunday night 🙌

Please let the roads be fine tmrw 🙏🙏🙏 I am wishful thinking lol

Today when I was in the store … there is ONE thing that I have a hard time to resist buying – or at least used to…

I love bathing suits … some women love purses 👛, others love 👠 shoes, I love bathing suits lol ❤️

But since my surgery I really have been kept covered … the suit I bought last year was 1950’s style – wicked cute ❤️

I wasn’t planning on buying one… I have a USA 🇺🇸 flag bikini – which I no longer wear because the neighbor guy wears USA stuff and has trunks of the flag – there is no way I am ever wearing mine again!! So that has been retired ✌️

But as I walked through the store I walked by the suit section – well ok – I will just look ✌️

Well if they didn’t have the cutest bikini lol … but it was a string 👙 … ties on side and triangle top…

I thought oh that’s not gonna look good … but whatever – it was too cute to say no ❤️

It is a “California” bikini ❤️❤️❤️ is blue… with the California Bear on my right breast … and then the rear says “California” ❤️ it’s really cute ❤️

I got home and forgot about it… just now I tried it on 😮😮😮

Omg – it looks good 😮😮😮 really good…

Just that one bad scar really stands out!! I just can never hide that… but whatever it still actually looks beautiful even WITH that ❤️ yay!!!

I totally just thought eh it won’t look good but it’s cute and I could wear around house…

But it looks really good… I am very surprised lol – alright then ❤️ woo hoo ❤️

So yes – my weakness is bathing suits 👙 🩱❤️ … I do not like one pieces … I do not like getting naked to go to the bathroom.

Either bikinis or tankini’s

Anyway… it’s not USA 🇺🇸 technically lol … but it is a small section of it

If neighbor guy buys anything similar – this is done too!! Pray that he does not!!

But I love it… I am very surprised that I love it ❤️❤️

I think is beautiful… but I’ve been hidden for awhile so I just don’t look and last year I kept myself all covered up.

I love the new bikini ❤️❤️❤️

Yay!!! ❤️ my love of suits is back ❤️


And we so oppressively hot!!

Also … neighbors have been away with their dog… it’s been quiet for a week now …

I saw this the other day…

That’s a Jack rabbit ❤️ he scared me and I scared him one morning lol

I jumped and he did too, he was right as I came out my door 😮

I didn’t run, and he didn’t run… I said hello … lol ❤️

Since then, he comes to see me every day 😮❤️ my little fella ❤️ or little woman? I am not checking ✌️

He always startles me though – like a little stalker 😮 it’s like he waits for me? Knows my times? Lol he’s funny … I thought he supposed to be afraid of me? But he isn’t ❤️

I haven’t fed him or anything because I don’t want to start anything and then be devastated when dog comes back – but I want to love him lol ✌️❤️ … I just know the dog will be back and it will be over

He’s cute though ❤️ he has a little cotton ball on his bum 😄❤️ it’s adorable ❤️ it’s white just like cotton!! Like just a cotton ball lol ❤️

So I have a new friend this year lol ❤️

Alright well I’m off to read and go to sleep 😴 💤

Good night 😘❤️

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