Frozen 😳

Ok I am frozen in fear!!!

I was sitting down with my feet up, when along came a spider and crawled up on my leg…

Did you hear me scream? I had a slight heart attack!! He is huge!! Really huge!! Omg

I have my electric swatter and I hit him – then couldn’t find him… 😱😱 he survived 😮

Now he is on my ceiling!! I can’t reach him and my arm is bad.

I am NOT sleeping while he is in my house!! No way!!! 🤦‍♀️

I am terrified! I don’t know what to do 😮 I just stare at him

Thank god my daughter not here to see this or we would be in hotel tonight 😮

I am totally frozen with what to do… my arm is bad so if I try to catch him and don’t – I am in big trouble!!!

Omg I am trapped by a spider 🕷😮😳😳😳

This is why I need someone!! Omg yes very good reason!!

What do I do? Omg he’s so big!! Omg!! He just sitting there taunting me!!! I have stuff to do… c’mon I wanna go to sleep

I am not sleeping until I handle this somehow omg 😱 breathe


Can someone come here and get him for me?? I am terrified

I feel sick

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    1. Oh I got him… there was no way I was waiting til morning 😮😮😮

      It was not fun – my heart was beating sooo fast 😮 a country horror story lol ✌️

      He was huge!!

      I remembered I had spray… so I got that cause I couldn’t reach him on the ceiling and I can’t lift my arm much… there was no way I could have gotten him.

      I carefully and very gently began to spray… and then he started to move and then really hated the spray and came down at me with his little web slinging 😮😱

      So heart attack happened lol … and I have my electric tennis racket thing – and swung the best I could I got him and he’s done.

      Omg that was awful!!! Those visions are still in my head!!

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      1. Hahaha I am too old to have cardiac workouts like that lol ✌️ ugh lol

        I am also pleased to be able to sleep after that battle lol 🙌

        I better not see any more 😮😳

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      2. Yes they are HUGE!! Ugh god!! Did make me rethink country last night lol 😮😄✌️

        Totally carrying that zapper!! ⚡️

        Omg 😳 yeah those visions from last night still with me!

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      3. Hahaha spiders and snakes, 😳 oh my!!

        My snakes are big too!! Even the garden ones 🤨 but I do not want to see a rattler 🐍 😮😳

        Dangers everywhere lol

        Just don’t bite me – or scare me lol

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    1. Yes they do!! Northeast New England area spiders are tiny little house spiders – totally normal no issues with them – those I can handle

      These California spiders on steroids NOPE!!! Omg 😱

      Not in my house!!! Omg that was horrific!!

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      1. Hahaha I remember that about you 😮

        Yeah I’m good on hairy giant spiders omg – oh god last nights visions 😳

        Oh thank god my daughter did not see that – she will not know of that moment 😮

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    1. I don’t have very good control or movement of my right arm. So it makes it little difficult

      I had some spray for bugs and spiders were on the label too so used that and that worked … until he swung down at me with his web string 😳

      Luckily I had my electric tennis racket and that mixed with the spray worked well and the battle was won.

      But omg my heart!! It was beating so fast!!!

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      1. Oh it’s awesome you should get one!!! My right arm like I told you is bad… so normally I have problems

        But with that racket I do not 💪

        Very simple – very easy and definitely helps … only sometimes you just have to keep swinging until you get them unless your aim is spot on lol ✌️

        We LOVE ours!!! And they cheap

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