Fell asleep again 🤨

** written last night but fell asleep before posting **

So… this was a day 🤨😮

Ya take the good, ya take the bad… you put em both together, and there you have… the facts of life lol ❤️🙌

Omg was it a day!

I get into work my normal time and set myself up and just finished opening up the whole funeral home when MY boss shows up unannounced lol … but I am always excited anyway… and we’ve done amazing things – painting and looks amazing – we rearranging ❤️ sprucing up, looking at few new things

I was told to handle something. Ok. And if I don’t … the transfer someone out. Bleh ok

So I feel like these girls are my work family – and I believe in a supportive and encouraging – teaching atmosphere 🙌❤️

So I feel that while I am office manager and am supposed to just handle… I don’t want to lose either girl. I want them both!!!

We have the perfect work family – please don’t… 🙏… so… I called “work family meeting” I like unity ✌️

So I tell them situation – so… I will bring in the business … I just opened up a whole new world 🙌❤️ with my hotel deal ❤️❤️❤️

They give me green light to make partnerships where ever I want 🙌❤️❤️❤️

So what else is comforting ?? Ok food 🍱… but what??

I may approach the Spaghetti 🍝 Factory lol ❤️✌️

What is a comforting food you love …that I can get HERE in the United States ??

Ok food… hotel for out of town family… what else?

Wait – they tell me anything 😮

I see – ok I got this ❤️ woo hoo – let’s see how I do 💋✌️ 🙏 I have ideas ❤️

So anyway… I have pressure to make sure my girls stay!!! I don’t want to lose them – I lose one – and the other will follow. They have already stated this. My boss knows this – they prepared 😮 whoa!!! 😮😳

Omg!! Please do not implode!! Again lol 🤦‍♀️ so we gonna support each other and see if we can just make them chill out? Let us stand up for a minute – my goodness these corporations. You have a strong team!! Do not mess it up – we will work together so … 🤷‍♀️ we see what life brings 💋✌️

It’s like – I finally have a really good grip on the reigns … but here comes corporate “wait here are a thousand more things to do, let’s see how we can stress you guys out and work on programs that do not flow easily! You gotta log in everywhere! And constantly tells me … “hey… 14 more days until you need to change your password” 🤨… and every day it counts down 🤨

But … I drive the hour to work, because I really love working with these people ❤️ it allowed me to survive through covid… and ya know I just …

The unity and work ethic of my team we all flow and fit together really well ❤️

Every day they make me smile ❤️

We just got lucky we all enjoy each other and appreciate ❤️ we have amazing team!!

We truly care for our families!!

So if you want a strong team you have to allow that team to grow. Give me a minute to get a handle on things

So… they giving me a minute 😮

Alright well … it is always something

So whatever – 🙏🙏🙏

Today when I come home 😮😮 … there is both neighbors 😮 the husband and wife 😮

They said they had something to say

And they tell me this massive massive crazy drama where he got arrested 😳



So I just like peace a lot -I tell you this all the time and I forever will … I am silent and I am quiet and I just kinda wanna be left alone…

I stay (or try to!) far away from all things – but things like to find me 🤨 … where ever I go or be 🤨

I just like peace – ALOT! I severely just don’t want any massive things. I don’t want to be involved – I have freedom and I would like peace. That is it .

Safer when stay to self. I will know when I am comfortable

Today at the funeral home, someone who knew prior employees saw “me” for the first time and laughed because …

… the red hair office manager thing at this location lol … I had forgotten all about that until today lol

If life could just dial it back a few notches, that would be great ✌️😘

So… whatever.

There was one more thing but I just forget.

I be back in morning really quick – I’m so exhausted I can’t keep eyes open

Gnite ❤️🙌✌️

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  1. I like Cheesecake Factory but Olive Garden seems to be comfort food for loads of people.

    I hope you can keep your team together!! I’m currently building fantasies of quitting without notice. Doubt I’ll really do it but I don’t know.

    A few jobs ago, my dept structure was 3 blonde women, reporting to a blonde woman, who reported to a blonde woman. The one old guy on our team kept a blonde wig around as a joke. I saw him wear it once but I can’t recall why.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheesecake Factory is one of my favorites ❤️❤️❤️ sooo much ❤️

      I wanted that one – the girls said Spaghetti Factory lol

      I had also thought of Olive Garden for that comfort.

      I hope I can keep us together too 🙏❤️ I think we can … I have been building a really strong team with them!! ❤️✌️

      Hahaha that is hilarious with the blonde wig 😄😄

      It’s just funny because I forget about the hair… is ONLY here when someone remembers the other office managers lol

      Then they all remind me again lol

      Does it get easier to deal with yours or are they still really frustrating? – I have to go read!!

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      1. I had 3 weeks of being treated like I have a brain. All the hortible/insulting treatment returned a week ago and has gotten worse every day since then.

        Thank gawd my doc refilled my xanax. If she refused, I might have gone to ER to have myself put on a psych hold just to get a freakin break. And, sadly, that is not an exaggeration. But, of course, I can’t do that because there’s no one to care for the cats.

        The night got better when I grabbed 2 runaway dogs and, with the help of neighbors, got them reunited with their owners.

        And, later, found that Ash and the kittens had moved into my bedroom. That probably won’t work out long term but, for now, it makes me VERY happy!!

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      2. 😮😮?? I do not understand your team.

        ❤️❤️❤️ I love you reunited dogs with their owners ❤️

        Enjoy the moments with those babies ❤️ mama ash knows to bring them there so you get attached – always love them and protect them ❤️


      3. I’m proud that my neighborhood has, as a group, rescued at least 7 lost dogs through the years. 6 were reunited with their owners. The 7thwas adopted by one of the neighbors.

        We had the exact same stats for stray and feral cats (but I took in #7) in just the last few months of 2020.

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      4. That’s awesome 👏 ❤️❤️

        We only adopt strays – all the animals ever in my whole life – were rescues ❤️❤️❤️


      5. Same. Well, at least my adult life. I don’t know where my childhood kittens came from – they never stayed long. And our dog was a purebred from a breeder, because my parents had fantasies of it being a show dog. But we weren’t dog show people and they were talked into buying the runt of the litter. GREAT pet… but way overpriced!

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      6. My parents would only do rescues … or maybe that’s because was rescues that just came into our life?

        One neighbor of ours had rescued a pregnant Beagle… and we took one of the pups ❤️

        Beagles are HIGH energy lol 😮😳 looked just like Snoopy with the black on the back ❤️

        She kept running after squirrels 🐿 and would break the screens on the screened in porch and that would make my dad very mad 😄✌️

        And then… I had gone one year to visit grandparents for the summer and they gave me a pigeon to have all summer ❤️ (my grandfather raced pigeons)

        So when was time to come home – I cried for leaving them and also my pigeon lol … I begged my parents for pigeons 😄😄✌️❤️

        So they said we could go look at pound … so instead I fell in love with a dog who was part Chihuahua and part Pekingese ❤️❤️ lol

        So we took her ❤️

        All the animals we have rescued or saved have been best ever ❤️❤️❤️ I would never go to a breeder

        I have also saved dogs who were breeder dogs when the people didn’t want them anymore because wasn’t making them money.

        My mom, me and my sister – can not leave a hurt, injured or scared animal or person … you have to rescue ❤️ how do you not?

        And the ones you do rescue know how lucky they are!! The love you get back is incredible ❤️

        The only probably is – you end up like ducks 🦆

        You have the momma duck and then behind will follow all the babies lol

        That would sometimes happen and I would have a trail of rescues following me around my house 😄😄❤️


      7. I’ve surprised many people who’ve seen me walking lines of pet, or even stray, cats!

        I’ve never been able to connect to birds. Dunno why… maybe the cat in me?!?

        It’s now illegal to breed cats in Long Beach. And dog breeding is severely restricted. A guy down the street illegally breeds extremely rare colors of pitbulls that sell for $30,000 EACH. His friend was offered $70,000 for one and said no. They treat them well so I’m not going to report him.

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Lol… I have had birds – but I am always afraid they gonna nip me with their beaks

        The parakeets always nip… my grandparents had a cockatiel who was really cool

        But you can’t really snuggle them – they a step up from having fish lol

        Yeah I don’t know the dog breeding laws – I just don’t ever look at breeders

        My brother and sister in law have gone through breeders twice for dogs they want … they got a German shepherd which they paid for to not have any genetic problems – but he got cancer at 7 years old and we all lost him – he was smart and like part of family

        Then they went and got a yellow lab … so far so good.

        They have the yellow lab, they have a cat … and they finally just adopted a pound puppy … half German Shepard and something else ?❤️ Is a sweetheart – was formally abused so is shy and timid ☹️❤️ in good hands now ❤️✌️

        Country boy has pit bulls – doesn’t breed though, he just loves them. His are cool.


      9. Hahaha yes Dobermans and German shepherds lol I remember

        Pit bulls used to be the all American dog 🐕 … until time magazine published an article about them

        But prior to that they were considered a family dog 😮


      10. And now you’re caught up and can just scroll for pics.

        I’ve been to overwhelmed to read many posts.

        And that other thing, that only you and 1 other person know about, is probably not going to happen and I think that might be for the best. The more I think about, the less good it sounds. I don’t know what I’ll do if it goes forward.

        Liked by 1 person

      11. You are funny lol – I will read eventually 🙏

        I have been overwhelmed and then just little silent probably from being overwhelmed and then I’m exhausted constantly too!!

        I hope life chills out for both of us 🙏🙏🙏


      12. Yeah I keep it together too.

        But I don’t know?? I am watching it – because I will withdraw and go silent more so I am very careful.

        I’ve just been thinking and silent lately. 🤷‍♀️


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