😴 sleepy

I’m good. Day was good. I have painters coming tmrw at 8:30am.

Bunny story still happening – it gets stranger by the day lol

Neighbor wife wants to have bbq on weekend

Nope I’m good. Thank you. I work literally ALL week long and I am exhausted.

The last thing I wanna be doing is THAT!! Nope sorry.

I do not want to socialize… I do not want to have company or be invaded – nope 👎

I’m good – I do not want people all up in my life – I’m good with that. I also do not need my life discussed with the neighbors either thank you.

Yeah I don’t want to be bothered on my days off. I am in country to get away from civilization – I do not feel lonely much, because I have peace ❤️

And if you don’t understand that… when I wasn’t lonely – I never had any peace

Now I have peace 🙌❤️ and supposed to be lonely but it isn’t … or I am just too blinded by the peace?? Cause that could be it also

When I think of moving to another place… or returning to civilization – I cringe a bit … I don’t know if I can do that

I don’t think so. Somewhere in country maybe … but civilization I just cringe.

I need space – California homes are on top of each other unless you are outside the city in country, or mountains, or whatever

I like to keep a distance

People will invade 🤨 I am quiet and silent … at work you wouldn’t know that and with my people you wouldn’t know either ❤️ I can just “be” and I fit in there ❤️❤️❤️

I just want to be quiet and private. I really don’t want to be watched / talked about – nothing.

I just want to be left alone

That is my home and the peace at my home. My balance

I don’t really like civilization much lol ✌️

Everyone fights – there so much bad stuff and conflict with crap – everything is bad news

It makes me sad to think – we all walked through covid together – all felt and went through similar things – held each other’s hands for ONE MOMENT!!

But yet no one can get along with anything!! Lessons were not truly learned

Every time I think – ok let’s try the news … nope 👎… it’s all horrific things!! I give up

***** written last night but I fell asleep 😴 💤 *****

Ok have to get ready for work at the moment ✌️ I be back Saturday – I’m gonna be too exhausted tonight

Have an amazing Friday! 🙏 … and weekend

Stay safe – be good to people!!

Ps I am still sleepy 😑

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