The days blend 😳

So… I work very late today.

I have many stories…

We had to ask a family for a photo… and they give us a photo from like 1940 lol 😄 we needed the photo for the make up artist to help for the viewing.

The director asked “umm, do they still look like that?”

“oh yes” they said, “exactly the same just a little older” lol

“Would you possibly have anything more recent?” and then the recent picture they gave looked nothing like the one from 1940… 😮😳

Flash forward to today… I was working away… one of the girls had to look up someone (next of kin) and went to Facebook … afterwards I said look me up see what is there ?? I forget – plus should be ultra private – you see nothing but a few photos

They did… my profile picture is me at maybe 4?

It’s a close up of my face …

When they saw it – they were like omg!!! That is sooo you!!

I laughed and said yeah just a little older lol 😄✌️

They laughed but then kept going on and on about how my eyes are exactly the same 😮

That is true though ✌️ I have beautiful eyes 😘 only the color changes but not them. They are a green blue – changes with clothes and seasons. They always attract attention.

Was just funny they see me in the eyes ❤️ I didn’t expect them to really notice because I am older and wear make up … but my eyes are the same as they were.

I also still have the same look as in that photo 😄✌️

How funny is that? Lol

I forgot how many freckles ran over the bridge of my nose 🤨 lol

It was funny though ❤️

So much people stuff recently.

I am being over stimulated by way too many things and people!!

And there is some crazy emotions with some cases.

Plus sometimes people lose their minds lol … I dunno?

Hmm… so… yeah lots of people stuff 😳

Ugh being in middle of contractors and corporation sucks.

The cases recently are incredibly heartbreaking 💔 ☹️

And country boy just being amazing so not sure 🤔

Still doesn’t change anything – I very rarely ever see 🤷‍♀️

His texts are very sweet though ❤️

And then someone I know randomly asked me what I looking for? Umm as in what? Be specific lol

And he said are you looking long term or short …

Well I am actually not looking at all lol … and emotionally – I can’t do the short. Nope. Long or nothing.

Ohhh wait! Cause I am divorced now – that’s what it was!!!! that’s why!!!! Hahaha oh that’s funny omg

He asked me out before – and same … I say no

Now I divorced – am I different? Lol … nope ✌️ still no

He ask what I do in my personal life lol … umm … have kids, come to work, be at home. That is my personal life – nice and peaceful out in country

I don’t do things.

I don’t go out except work.

He is not looking for what I want. Nope.

He is definitely …

No no!!! I like my nice peace – want no part of that

He is very nice to me (duh) lol … he straight up asks me questions though 😮

Ones that make me be shocked and blush 😮 lol

Umm I am not that way. I am more quiet and private and stay away from any kinda stuff.

Emotionally I know “where” I am ok… I couldn’t handle anything but long term and in it. Otherwise no.

So good try lol – still no. ✌️

Lol 🙄 🤷‍♀️


Today was learning and busy day for me.

I learned corporate operations things 🤨😝 yuck – don’t like those … in the slightest

And then I had questions so I had to call around for info lol … it didn’t help me out any … but every single person I called to ask about this thing… they ALL immediately groaned LOL omg it was so funny – every single person lol … the very minute I mentioned what I was questioning lol 😄😄

So we all share the same dislike lol … I am not alone lol ❤️✌️

I figured it out ❤️ … pretty sure –

We see lol ✌️😄 🙏

Was good day – just long… sometimes frustrating, sometimes heartbreaking, but then we have funny and is a balance ✌️

I am so exhausted – and here comes Mother’s Day weekend ❤️❤️❤️ and my oldest turns 27 on Saturday 😮❤️ whoa 😳

He was born on Mother’s Day in 1994 ❤️ he made me a mother for the first time on Mother’s Day ❤️ best gift I ever had ❤️ … no way anyone could ever top that one lol

His birthday only falls on Mother’s Day every 6 and 11 years I love when they fall together ❤️

So not sure how often I be around on weekend because of these high profile celebrations going on lol ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I will try though

I am sorry I am missing everyone’s writing ✍️ ☹️ … I will catch up!!

I must sleep 😴

Gnite 😘✌️

9 thoughts on “The days blend 😳

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      1. Dammit I forgot again lol … I lost this time!! Lol … but we laughing and having fun ❤️

        We played a game called “danger” 😮 lol

        I am not good with danger lol ✌️

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Well, as soon as I posted the MIA comment this post popped up.
    27… hippo birdie!!

    When my friend’s mother died, I had them bring her actual makeup to the mortuary for color matching. At the service, his mother looked so alive that it was disturbing!

    Yay for everything. I’m glad you’re MIA for good reasons. I hope you have a great day!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you had amazing weekend – I will share tmrw ✌️❤️

      (Yeah we can make people really look like they just sleeping)

      We know those images are long lasting and haunting so we want as perfect as possible 🙏✌️


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