Careful ⚠️

So … blah blah blah A/C stuff ugh 🤦‍♀️


And 50 other things came at me!! Ok handling

I have a company that wants to partner with me – we see… I like the idea. ❤️ I kinda want it – but I have to really critique it first – I’m just dreaming right now cause sounds amazing … but I have to look at big picture not dreams – I need numbers

I don’t wanna talk about the ac – cause that is a pain in the ass! Ugh nothing can be easy to do.

So… in other news 📰…. in the middle of day my phone goes off …

Ok well ya know … it’s either funeral people, contractors, or whoever else I am dealing with for something lol – it’s always dinging with things

It dinged

I have to pay attention in case is something important – could be emergency so I have to …

Instead was country boy… he said “Smile – I hope you’re having a good week”

Ever since the divorce went through – he’s doing those things… like that – just every so often

Really sweet things

I’ve kinda pulled back recently just because being careful and ya know. I have work

He didn’t want what I want so what’s this?? what changed ??

Not that I am looking any gift horse in the mouth…and I am not ungrateful but …

State your purpose lol ✌️😘

Don’t attempt unless you sincere – seriously – if you are not sincere… stay away.

And ya know I laid it out to him, and also I recently said something lol …

I told him I don’t know how at ease I can be with him, so I just be quiet and pull back.. which is true, I have. I don’t wanna be hurt and if he not serious then stop… I said all that…

I have a wonderful life – I love the people I am surrounded with ❤️ I am happy

Stressed but very happy lol 😄✌️❤️ I love my people ❤️ 🙌

I have awesome people!

I am just careful and ya know I don’t wanna be hurt or anything – I’m not willing to take that chance again so … I’m just distant little – careful

I am just quiet

At work – I pretty much freely be… ❤️

I’m just cautious, that’s an area I’m highly protective with so careful

I need to know I can be at ease and I’m not. I don’t want to feel hurt on purpose so? And I don’t want to waste my time if he doesn’t want what I want – so I do not understand at all .

6 months ago he doesn’t want what I want… so ok fine – bye 👋 enjoy the life you want ✌️

And ya know that scares me cause then what changed? Something changed?

When I tell you we different… we very different … extremely different … but we do click and there is a fire

I like him yes

I am very comfortable with emotions and things … he isn’t lol … also careful how you handle me because I have little rebel on some stuff lol ✌️ such as – let me make my own choices always… do not ever try to control me … cause this:

Yeah careful there – he better be sure he can handle that… I am worth it – I am funny and love life so – yeah pretty worth it

But again this: just careful – state your purpose – I can’t stop saying that!!! Because I keep thinking that – you must be blunt and straight forward or I do not understand – not willing to be guessing anything

Ok so he gonna try to step to me then? Ok… approach at your own risk ⚠️

Ok I have to go to bed I am exhausted

I have other stuff but I am too tired

Alright – gnite


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    1. Lol yes thank you, I am… I went away for the weekend with the kids ❤️ we spend entire weekend together – birthday and Mother’s Day ❤️ I be back most likely tmrw night and tell everything ❤️


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