Yelp 😐

Ok so… I have to find someone to fix this A/C asap

I went to Yelp – I have an account on Yelp – I Yelp 😄✌️

I write reviews … 99% of my reviews are good – I only have one bad review that I have given for a flower company – that one “From You Flowers”

That was the worst experience I have ever had with a flower company!! So yes I gave them a bad review. They suck!

Anyway… I went on Yelp. I normally only leave reviews after I deal with a company or business. Most I am good with. I will only give bad review if was seriously bad!!

Also – keep in mind – I don’t know your social media stuff – I completely ignore all social media and have nothing to do with it. ✌️

I was not aware that Yelp is somewhat social lol …

So I went on Yelp this morning and was reading reviews on AC/heat businesses … I found one with great reviews and there was a “button”

The button said “click here to request a quote”

So I thought I was requesting a quote from that one company – but instead it requested a quote from the entire Sacramento/Northern California area 😮🤨

So needless to say – my phone blew up today 🤨 and they all knew my name 🤨 because is on my Yelp lol

Well that actually helped me – cause I got a lot of bullshit from companies who want to charge me just to come see – you have to be insane if you think I’m gonna pay you to just come look.

You want the job or don’t you? I am not paying $120 a pop – for 3 pops … no thank you!

If you charge me before you do any work- that tells me your work is questionable and you have no idea how to handle customer service – why would I wanna deal with you? Next

So yeah I gave those answers … if you gonna charge me forget it – I will find someone else thank you – your services are not needed or wanted.

I’m dealing with a corporations money here so you either gonna be up front and honest and know how to deal with customers or forget it. I am not dealing with shitty companies with questionable work.

Yeah I’m hard like that – business not personal – bring it ✌️😘

I do not play games – heart or not – maybe nintendo ✌️ or on Fridays – but this is Monday so no!!

Now if you give me your time, and do that… I see you have good customer service and want work. You have a better chance with me.

Out of all the area… I got 2 – who did what I wanted 🙌

Customer is always right – you do not screw over your customer before you even start… also when they want to charge just to look – that also tells me they are going to charge me severely – and that’s also a no!!

Both came out today – both will email me a quote in the morning

And before they even came in… all A/C’s went down!! 😮

Including the ones that were working. One showed me photos of the units …

I have 6 thermostats and 6 units – all located on the roof.

The units were one giant block of ice and no air was getting in because the ice had formed on the unit / one went up in smoke – it shorted

So that will be a thing

And whoever made over the funeral home years ago… painted some of the outtake ducts … so air was not properly flowing 🤨 omg

So that’s a thing. This is why I needed quotes – so I can put together a proposal – corporate will not be too happy with this cost – we need AC I can not be in violation!! That has to be a violation so that needs to be fixed ASAP! No bandaids – fix it!!

And that is why they call be Obie Wan lol 😄✌️

You are smart to please me because if you do … I have a whole range of funeral homes who if needed will ask me for a recommendation – I will hand over all the funeral homes

So you really wanna charge me that $120 just to look? Screw that. Not doing that

These 2 guys were more than happy to come out and see the job… so we see the bids tmrw

Some were pushy with me and wanted to just come do the work without a bid – slow your roll Buddy… that’s a no!!

Also before they can start any work – I need all their documentation, insurance and bonding.

Plus if you gonna be pushy with me- I’ll shut you right down!!

I’ll give you warning message – but if you continue – I’m done – goodbye – you won’t have a chance if you wanna be pushy. I’ll be done with you so fast

I don’t do pushy… I don’t like it – I don’t listen – and I’m not dealing with it – I am the customer!! So you wanna play games – so c’mon come up against me …

I’ll teach you business – you are not a car salesman!

We have to sell too… but I do not agree with being pushy. Especially NOT with our families in mourning.

My girls offer packages and things the families to buy – the corporation makes them at least show the families what we offer. They can not write a contract without at least showing them. Many don’t know all the things we offer

Also let me touch on something else that came up today at work… I had someone telling me their experience with other funeral homes and I was appalled 😮

So let me tell you this because maybe people don’t know?? …

You don’t deal with funerals everyday like I do… so let me tell you…

When you lose someone – you have to think the funeral home you pick will be who holds your hand through everything

They gonna be beside you through everything!!

Call… take up their time … I don’t care what is on my plate or what I am in middle of… I will take my time and explain or go over things with you – you are important to me.

You are very welcome to call and ask questions!! Call around for info and price lists … see how comfortable you are with them. Grill them! It’s a business – you hold the purse strings – you demand what you want

Any funeral home that is worth it and wants your business – will take the time for you.

These are the people who gonna walk through death with you – so make sure you like them, and are comfortable with them. You have every right to be comfortable and at ease with someone walking you through that!!

We are like any other business … you are our customer … I will bend over backwards to make sure you happy and at ease.

Read our reviews – talk to others in the area … see what they have to say about us.

See how we are with you… do we make you feel cared for? Are you comfortable with us?

So… even though you do not deal with funerals daily and when a death occurs – it’s harder because you are usually in shock or mourning so everything is a blur.

I do not want you to be stressed over the funeral arrangements… we will handle it all – and if you have any issues … you come to me and I will handle them.

Also … today at work – I heard stories about people I work with… not my girls – other people

People who are great to me… but I hear bad stories 😮

I don’t listen to bad stories – I keep them in my mind because I will see how someone is, could be lies.

I have never known these people spoken about to be anything but amazing to me… so I take with a grain of salt and also consider who is telling me this information

I do trust the person telling me

But I think the people spoken about have grown and are not that way now? I do not know them the way I heard today.

Also… a lot of “also’s” today lol … but I was also told that office managers used to think they were hot shit and treat the directors badly or less than 😮

So I said – Sounds like drunk on authority … you can’t be too friendly being boss – you have to keep a certain distance somewhat? To avoid conflict

My girls and I are like a well oiled machine… I support them – they support me. I give them lowdown’s and they give me information. I fix everything and keep them happy.

So when looking for a funeral home – corporation or not… talk to them… see how they care for you… ask them questions

We deal with it daily – we know you don’t. We do not mind questions or if you cry. We are extremely compassionate

If a funeral home doesn’t have time for you – covid or not… go to the next one. – all through covid – I made time for our families! So that is not an excuse.

Know what you are dealing with – with everything – including funerals. You have every right to do so.

And if you already have a preneed with another home – you can transfer that if you are not happy

Just giving you some information, because I don’t think many realize and are usually too upset to think straight.

It’s ok – we are used to it – it’s a different profession. We see it all so don’t feel bad or embarrassed …

We see all the families and all the dynamics – don’t even be embarrassed about that – that’s fine too – we see that also. You will not be only one or first.

We know how families can be sometimes – we work with you. However you need.

We understand the devastation so don’t worry – we are cried on daily – it’s ok. You can let it out.

And that’s what I mean – such a personal loss / so make sure the ones helping you – CAN help you with the way you need

If not – come to me – I will help you. ✌️

Alright so customer service lessons… business lessons … and lessons for the families of ones who have passed.

You can never have too much info. ❤️✌️

Ok let me handle few things and I try to be back and respond and read ✌️😘

Just in case Gnite 😘❤️✌️

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  1. On the a/c topic, setting thermostat at 70 or below will often cause them to freeze. I remember from when we had issues at an office. Some would fail, people would set the others extra cold – and they’d freeze and fail.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We normally do not keep low like that… we had not used the ac until recently – but girls told me has been issue for years and just bandaids 😮🤨

      Ugh 🤦‍♀️ my building is old


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