Sunday evening ❤️

I love the peace of Sunday – Sunday is mostly always peaceful ❤️

I am so excited for myself … well today anyway lol ✌️ 🙌

I discovered awesome 🙌

Most of the day I clean house but slowly. I like everything nice and ready for the week 🙌

But I also had errands to run. My thinking was – wait to do errands … it is Sunday – so no one wants to be out past dinner – so that is when I will run my errands …

And it was “perfect” 👌🙌❤️

No one was out – just few people like me probably 😄✌️

It was awesome – I had places to myself… and then I got everything done before everything closed lol ahh 🙌❤️

Ok so… Sunday nights – I found my night for errands 🙌❤️ woo hoo!

Ahhhh ❤️

I love when it’s peaceful and nothing happens 🙌❤️ I’m so excited about my “find” 💎

I am also looking at places to move to … ohhh and the neighbors have been gone all weekend so I have been in heaven lol ❤️🙌

Until she messaged me and say “hey girl! We need to hang out and catch up” 😳

Oh boy – great … so how I gonna handle that? Ok well we see

So yeah… looking to move. 😊❤️

I kinda still want the country… or a private place … but I don’t know – I just worry with civilization …

Single woman by self – crazy people … out in the country I only deal with wildlife animals and so far they have not killed me lol ❤️😘 … but in civilization who knows what animals lurk (lol) ✌️😘

Little nervous – I’m very quiet and private – am I ready ?? I do not know??

Don’t know if don’t try right?

And so far every move I make seems to be really good.

So?? But I am thinking in which way I wish to jump 😮

I scare myself sometimes lol – but I do good – I trust my gut … I know when is meant to be.

It will be ok. I prefer the country and I am looking around there too. We see what I find.

Alright well I have to get ready for bed 🛏… it’s calling my name lol ❤️

Gnite 😘❤️

13 thoughts on “Sunday evening ❤️

Add yours

      1. That is awesome!! As long as not out too late on a work night – but on a non work night I could do that

        I love that ❤️❤️❤️


      2. On my way home from work I used to hit my freeway exit, which has a Target right there, at 9:30p or later… it was ideal! Esp if I placed an order for pickup!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I love placing orders for pick up – just load em in my trunk as I fly by from work lol … it was busy – but I didn’t have to get out of car or have contact.

        I don’t shop too late because I don’t really like night driving much.

        When stays light really late that is awesome!!!


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