Ugghhh 🤦‍♀️

I am just about to leave … We have huge traditional thing going on tonight – attendants working it.

And it’s a 91 degree day and my A/C in my chapel blew out 😮😮

Nothing I can do at 6pm!! I got fans going and all A/C’s on full blast – half of the funeral home is freezing and the other half is like being in HELL

Tomorrow I have to make emergency call to get someone to fix – I already got ok through corporate to do immediately!!

They started calling me a new nickname at work…

They call me a couple names lol… but currently they are calling me “Obie Wan”

They kept saying that today – you’re our only hope lol

That is because when I ask corporate they always say yes to “me”. So I am able to get these things handled

But it kills me for tonight!! I am very stressed – I told my attendants – you give them all waters, any drinks they want (we don’t offer alcohol but we do have license – I choose not to do that)

But I have tons of cold drinks – give them anything they want to drink. Put out waters

Ugh 🤦‍♀️

Ok I am going home 🤨🙄🤦‍♀️ ugh

6 thoughts on “Ugghhh 🤦‍♀️

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    1. Well I put in lots of time and make sure I have it all perfect – perfectionist.

      I’m just good to my girls – we joke around and tease a lot – we laugh and smile all the time ❤️

      They make work – better ❤️and we running sharp like a machine.

      And you also have to remember it was kinda neglected for minute before I came in.

      So they are used to no one helping them lol …

      These are things I know how to handle. Sorta – ish… not really but I wing it and sometimes works out for me lol

      But they are used to not having someone handle these things … and then I come in and it runs smoother and the girls are much more at ease and happy. ❤️

      It’s a lot though!!! 😮 thousands of things to always do!! Omg – tmrw might kill me? 😮

      Yikes 😳 I have so much going on tmrw 😮 and I’ll have to leave early to bring the other van back 😮

      But I get home earlier ❤️ maybe


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