🤦‍♀️ Wednesday

Wednesday sucked but whatever – is ok. Almost to Friday – few more days …why is this feeling like THE longest week ever!!??!!

I don’t wanna talk about work.

Let’s see what do I want to talk about?? 🤔 umm

I stopped into gas station to get gas ⛽️ … I was almost on fumes because I didn’t pay attention 😮😮

So I go in to pay 💵 and the nice guy is there – the one who wants to give me things … every time I go in he’s really sweet to me and he just smiles 😮😄

I am polite but quiet and keep distance.

I grabbed a drink too and went to pay… and so he rings me up and I pay … and I go to take my drink and he hands me a individually wrapped donut lol 🍩

I just never know how to react cause he catch me off guard 🤨 I tell him constantly “no thank you” – but he give me anyway… very sweet and kind person… really good heart

I try not to go in very often because that happens – not that I don’t appreciate his amazing kindness … but I just don’t want any problems – ya know?

Their card reader was out of order

I should probably find another gas station ⛽️ … that one was just perfect though … is in between work and home… perfect spot!

And it’s just a really easy gas station …

But probably best so there be no problems??

I would love to believe just kind good hearted person with just no motive ? Just being friendly – nice person

But I really don’t think it is.

So ya know – I just wanna avoid any issues

I feel bad cause he’s soooo nice!! He’s such a sweetheart ❤️ … if only I could be sure would not be any issues then I be fine… but no … when I walk in, his smile is from ear to ear 😮 and then he doesn’t take his eyes off me 😮 and then gives me stuff

So see … I can not ignore that. Damn

Whatever. Ok fine. New gas station … where am I gonna go? I will have to think of a new location 😮

So I dunno.



Otherwise today was a beautiful day ❤️❤️❤️ every breath outside smelled so sweet❤️

Oh here is the pool with palm tree 🌴 lol 🙌 ❤️

Ahhhh 🙌 … see how California spoils? Where else?

Do not like tornados – so that’s a no… I do love Florida – however, they do everything wrong over there ✌️ I could not handle that … also they have humidity, alligators and dangerous snakes 🐍 – I believe the second most deadly? The Cotton Mouth 😮 yeah no – nope

I remember as a kid – nope

New England too crowded and too cold – nope

Texas … not totally my style?

New Mexico is beautiful … Arizona – also beautiful – but those areas have tarantulas and scorpions 🦂 … nope nope nope and nope

Where am I gonna go?

See?? I go north is cold… I go south is hot with scary things lol 😄✌️😘

I just don’t love it when we are on fire – I really don’t like being on fire. If it wasn’t for that and maybe turn down the severe temps a little – it be perfect!

The sun can be a little hard for me to take – I have to be careful 😮

One day, summer 2018… this happened:


My back that time – turned a deep purple 😮 … PURPLE 😮 … and it throbbed 😮 all my skin!! Like my entire being seriously throbbed 😮… Yes I am aware very bad for me … that was a massive burn – I couldn’t move for like 3 days 😮

So I sorta learn… I am inside mostly. I know my time in sun is limited and I also know I need lotion

I’m Irish that happens ☹️ … ugh and then the peeling ugh 🤦‍♀️

But anywhere I go sun is same.

Well unless you never have sun – but that would kill me … I definitely NEED sun!!


Oh yes… I would not do good without sun ☀️

Anyway. I don’t know 🤷‍♀️… life will take me right? So we see lol ✌️

Ok I have to sleep – I’m so exhausted 😩 I have to be early tmrw

Gnite 😘❤️

15 thoughts on “🤦‍♀️ Wednesday

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  1. Holy geeez, that sunburn!!

    Is the gas station guy seemingly America born? I might trust gifts from a foreigner… or distrust him less.

    I want to be in that pool! I ♥ water, probably my 2nd reason for living (after cats)… esp pools. But I haven’t been in a pool in years.

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    1. Yeah it was bad bad bad!! 😮

      No – he is not American born … he is foreigner lol … that makes a difference?

      Lol all the more reason to come up to Sacramento lol (I’m only teasing) but also not lol 😘✌️😄

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol… I’m mentally tossing my floating lounge chair in the pool now!

        Many countries are more respectful of women. Or there’s more custom of flirting, or simply being super nice to women, with no expectation of it leading to anything.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Nope … I needed gas again and I have not found another in the area I need one to be lol … so I had to go inside again…

        I had read your reply but didn’t have time to respond… but I had to go in anyway …

        And nope – he’s interested because today when I paid for just gas, he asked me if I was married

        So yup interested – he has the look – there is a look 🤨🙄 sometimes not always – this one has the look.

        So I know is not just because friendly. That said everything.

        I don’t think it matters where a person is from… it depends on person themselves?

        But yeah … see is never safe ✌️


      3. I guess that’s another appearance thing. Foreign men might flirt with me but almost never make me uncomfortable.

        My fav was at a local gas station. A very very dark skinned man with an unknown accent, in hospital scrubs (the station is less than a block away), came over, paid me some compliment, and handed me his phone number – so I was in control of the situation. I somehow found out he was from some matriarchal African country where women are revered. He wasn’t my type but I’ve always wondered what a date would have been like.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Well… he doesn’t make me uncomfortable, because I keep distance… and he is very nice to me always…

        Yesterday… I needed gas again on my way home… I have to gas every couple days… I drive alot!

        The card machine is broken so I have to go in to pay. When I went in yesterday, it’s the same thing…

        He smiles from ear to ear, he perks up…

        And yesterday he asked me if I was married – and there it is.

        So … I am just guarded with all of them – no matter what country they are from lol

        In the same way they say “boys will be boys” – men will be men.

        Is just how it is… I am used to it – don’t like it and try to run from it – but I am used to it. That’s why I make sure I keep a distance! You just never know.


      5. Yes. And also, he doesn’t over step usually and I keep good distance with people anyway.

        Asking if I was married is little over step – but that just show me he is actually interested – you don’t ask that unless you are interested. What other reason to ask that?

        But yeah – he at work so I am little protected by that.


      6. Yeah I am guarded with questions about my personal life. I am used to it being a certain way when asked those questions

        When women ask me things I think nothing of it


      7. I often have to remind myself that people hear intentions that I don’t have.

        A billion years ago, my desk was near the person who made employee badges. I’d always talk to people as they waited. One time I got out about 2 sentences before a guy said, “I’m married!!” I said, “Good for you!” and went on with whatever I was saying. We ended up being good office friends. When I finally met his wife, a year or 2 later, I immediately told her the story.

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Lol that’s funny, good guy …

        I don’t take any chances – it always goes that way so I just avoid any possible situations – just safer that way


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