Space 🙌

I came to the country for space 🙌… and peace 😌❤️ … to be away 🙌

I like my life peaceful. I love my job and my coworkers ❤️ … I just sort of finished with Satan… I just like my peace.

I am massively careful with people and ya know just keep to self generally, on own time.

I hadn’t even finished driving home and he texting me… I am on call tonight so I can’t miss things 🤨

He want to know if I work tomorrow 🤨

I tell him yes I do.

And he says he was gonna invite me over but he is not home yet 🤨

Umm ok … I like space 🙌 why he gonna invite me over? For what? What do you want? I do not want to hang out 🤨

Please do not invade me.

I am not one for invasions – and men need to chill out!!!

I feel like he coming on way too strong… ok back up!!! Boundaries.

God … how much longer til his wife comes back???!!!! Hurry up!! I don’t think I have ever missed someone else’s wife more than right now!! Lol

I just like to keep average neighborly – I do not want to be known. I just wanna be left alone?

I like space and peace a lot.

This invades my country and my peace 😝

Ok. Well whatever

So I’m looking – I can not have my home not peaceful – that has to be peaceful. I can not be all tense at home. That will completely throw me off – especially with how busy we currently are at work.

Omg – they keep coming 😮 is good for business but crazy.

One completely has my heart.

Omg … yeah … for the past 3/4 days I have been talking to him about funeral arrangements for someone who had not passed yet. Someone he loved very much and meant the world to him.

He’s been amazing – he’s made me look everything up for him and walk him through… I sorta held his hand… metaphorically

Anyway… he’s funny, sweet… always only asks for me 😊❤️

Then I got a call. It was the death… he choose me. ❤️ I was competing against the most beautiful funeral home and cemetery around… also most expensive … but he chose me 😊❤️

He has only spoken to me on the phone and has not met me yet.

He is very devastated and sad. ☹️💔 my heart breaks for him because of who it was and how much he loved that person ❤️

The other days – his spirit was good and he was charming

But today – his heart was broken 💔 so I felt that ☹️

I feel sad for him. 💔

And then he was apologizing to me because he was sad. No no… is ok, is totally normal. I told him to take today and grieve. Let it out and be with family.

I have the person in my care now. So they are safe.

We will touch base with him tomorrow… and see how he is. Set arrangements.

It’s gonna be rough. I completely feel this particular pain and then I had a few days speaking to him before everything happened – So I feel very heartbroken for him. 💔

I know how much he loves this person ❤️ … oh so yeah my heart bleeds a little with this one.

Some can be little emotional when they hit a cord with something.

Was sad 💔 usually I can leave at work and come to the country and have peace …

… but I am hunted at home 🤨… and then my heartbreaks with this one. 💔 … it comes really close to my own life and I saw and heard the sadness … I got to know him before they lost the person

Did that make it personal? Or was it that it parallels what I will go through? 😮

So I dunno – but I keep thinking about this one.

We will help comfort him and take time with him. Awww… I feel so sorry he feels so sad. 💔 and the loss is a pretty devastating one 😮 but I guess they all are cause I always say that

Maybe it was … speaking to him when he was happy and not sad … and then after ?? The sadness – I felt so bad he so sad and then also the situation


Sometimes work is hard. When you relate and connect like that.

And so see… I like home to be peaceful ❤️

Anyway. Tomorrow I check on him. He had a really devastating day today.

You do not really realize the magnitude of these things until something happens.

Well anyway. I am gonna read for little while hopefully – but I am exhausted 💤

Alright – gnite 😘❤️✌️

21 thoughts on “Space 🙌

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      1. Yes exactly – grown “married” man

        He knows I do not socialize and stay to self.. so I do not know what his deal is – I am always quiet.

        His wife needs to come back and occupy him

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Lol … but rain scattered across the year is nice! Is nice for a break of rain here and there

        Here we ONLY have rain in winter … I do not see anymore rain in our forecasts and we didn’t get enough this winter

        We have so many fires in summer because the rain is not throughout the year. Only in winter – but we need it year round!!!

        Summer is like a desert 🌵 here lol

        Plus when rains cleans the air and things ❤️

        Try to enjoy your rain 😊✌️😘

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I do not have a globe button?

        Maybe a WP button in a circle. ? But that brings me to stats and blog posts and everything – not a web view though

        The app is only the app?


      2. I found it!!! 😮😮😮 there is a globe lol ❤️ thank you for showing me 🙌

        I prefer App View over Web View… Web View is more difficult for me.


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