My phone & my mom ❤️

I will be back… about to drive home

Today at work – my cell phone rang and was far from me… i have a desk, but am moving to a MEGA desk … it was over there 😮

So one of my girls went to grab my phone for me (is always funeral people or telemarketers about some auto or home thing 🤨)

But recently … maybe you know of this? … I think I mentioned before ??? …

My phone rings with a FaceTime call 😮… but then it’s answered right away from another device 😮 I have no other device 😮 I already deleted my old phone from this phone ??

Awhile ago my screen cracked because I am hard on things ✌️… I carry insurance on the phone and so they replaced it.

So I don’t know? Those FaceTime calls just recently started and I think it is that??

How do I fix that?

Anyway… my girls saw my home page picture …

And they said oh how cute, who are they?

I said that is me and my mum ❤️

They said “oh wow, you DO look like her” ❤️❤️❤️

Everyone says that when they see her pics and then see me

I do look most like my mother ❤️ but I have my father too

I have his eye color … my nose is also his, but most everything else is my mom lol

❤️ I love that picture

Ok I am leaving now

Be back later ✌️

10 thoughts on “My phone & my mom ❤️

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    1. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️ she’s the most beautiful woman I have ever known – inside and out ❤️ I love her very much ❤️

      I’m sure you see your mom same way ❤️

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