So ummm 😳😮

Why didn’t he run?? 😮😮😮

So country boy… didn’t care what I asked for 😮😮😮 it didn’t scare him off 😮😮😮

What do I do now? 😮😮

Usually I do not have to deal after that. Works quite nicely actually… until today!! 😮

I am a little shocked… because what I asked for is kinda HUGE TALL ORDER… not for the faint hearted – which is why it usually works really well… I do not believe most can handle it?? 😮

Especially men… but he didn’t run…

I have not responded because I did not expect him to be ok with it …

Now what do I do??? 😮😮 I don’t know what to do or what to say.

Whew! Breathe! 😳😮

Ok so that did not scare him 😮 I’m just really shocked that didn’t scare him 😮

It’s never failed 😮 it is a lot to ask of someone 😮 ALOT

And he’s still not bothered by it 😮 I just totally expected him TO BE bothered. And he’s not 😮

Ok so what do I do now? 😮😮 I didn’t think that far because I never have to 😮

What I want is so big… and he’s ok with it 😮

Ok let me think. I did not see that coming. I laid it out so that if he gonna be scared – he be scared now. I don’t want him coming close and then getting scared – so I scare right away lol 😘✌️

But he wasn’t scared 😮 what??

Ok now I am scared 😮😮 little bit – cause that is pretty huge to not be scared of what I want 😮😮

I am somewhat stunned, and then I think about that – I asked him for this thing I want… I just laid it out and said “this is what I want – I don’t know that you can give that to me… you can run if you want, it’s important to me… and you need to know “that” before you step to me. It’s fine if not for you, I have no issue if is not for you. I need you to be honest! And if are trying to come into my life – I can’t do that without that, I’m sorry”

And I just left it like that. It took him 2 days 😮😮

Uh oh 😧 ok this is that lesson “be careful what you wish for” 😮😮

Do I really have to have that lesson RIGHT NOW?? I have had that lesson before

Obviously I did not learn it correctly 🤨

It’s not bad… I am just still processing, because I did not see it going this way. I didn’t expect 😮


He is the first that is not scared by what I ask for 😮😮😮 I am very stunned by that 😮😮😮

I am so used to laying it out and then it clears them out. So I don’t have to deal with any of it. I focus on work and I don’t have to be distracted by people who are not sincere

I don’t want anyone coming close to me who isn’t sincere …. and then also this…

I don’t want anyone in my life who doesn’t want to be there, and I don’t want someone who can’t realize what they have either. Never again.

So… ok he steps up to the plate… but can he hit the ball? Lol omg 😮😮😮

Omg ok so breathe 😳😳😳

I be back to read shortly 😘✌️ omg

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