A Trisha Day 😮

I do have something funny from today …

So I took a call from a woman named “Trisha” and then I am “Trisha”

And then on that same call I had to speak to the hospitals nursing supervisor – guess what her name was 😮😮😮 omg yes!!! It was Trisha

How did all these people get my name???!!! I have never ever dealt with so many Trisha’s ever in my life and on one call!!

What?? That is not a widely used name!!! That I know of – or I didn’t get that memo 😮

Why so many Trisha’s today?? 😮 in one swoop 😮😮😮

I didn’t know so many existed 😮😮 …it is not a very popular name… I do not hear often

So weird so many Trisha’s today 😮😮😮

I just don’t hear my name very often, and then today …I met so many Trisha’s 😮

8 thoughts on “A Trisha Day 😮

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  1. I hated my birth name for years because I only saw it with fat losers. A few years ago, it was suddenly everywhere.

    Of 3 adjacent female neighbors, 2 have a first name that is my middle name, the other shares my birth name.

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    1. Very rarely do I run into people with my name EVER!!

      Patricia feels like old lady name 😝

      Pat reminds me of SNL

      Patty – only family is allowed to call me that – but I feel 5 with Patty.

      Trisha is perfect. Just right not old – not young – not weird

      I only like the Trisha version of my name

      My middle name is boring and hokey lol

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  2. Haha, ok, that’s three, now, we gotta see if we can top that in next week’s edition of First Name Bingo! Hopefully, there will be a Pat, Tish or Patsy as well next time. If someone calls in a full Patricia then that is Double Bonus! 😉

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    1. Hahaha that is funny! It was like that – like everyone I was talking to was named Trisha and then try to tell people something 🤨 … “trisha said” and they say which one ? Lol

      Lol full blown Patricia double bonus – you are too funny 😄

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      1. Lol … Patricia Patrick lol

        I always found it weird that my name had a male and female form. That is weird to me. Not so much now, I am used to it – but was weird when growing up

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