Issues 🤨

I have issues this evening 🤨 why on Thursday??? This is supposed to be Friday Eve!! 🤦‍♀️

First my location had death calls – which is fine cause we do need business but go slow… do not go crazy like before!!

But on top of that – one of the others I am on call for… their phones are down 😮😮😮

So not sure if any calls are coming through? I don’t think that locations calls are coming to me? 😮😮😮 uh oh 😧

I informed my boss and the office manager of that location so they are aware – there is nothing we can do at this point even the phone company is closed!! 😮😮

… and then there were 2 😳😮

Omg down phone lines 😮😮 for a funeral home 😮😮😮 not good

That sends panic

But what can we do at this hour? If by chance I get a call on their line – I am to give them my bosses cell number for direct contact

For 2 for sure – but I am not sure I am getting the phone calls for the 3rd 😮

Ok well there is nothing I can do. I am possibly just one call away 🤨

Stupid phone company! It is them. They had issues all day long today!!

Well ok. So I am sort of on call if you can get me 🤨 … at least I am getting mine and the other one.

Still though if anyone does die – I can’t help them 😮😮😮😮

So yeah that’s a little panic.

But again nothing I can do. Breathe lol ✌️

My last night in hotel 😩 lol … fine – I got a little spoiled 💋

Ok so sorta being on call and going to go to bed just incase I get deaths or other things tonight 😳 I don’t know how sleeping will be? I do need sleep and the bed is lulling me

I want to savor as much as possible of my final night ❤️

Damn – that went fast!!!

Gnite 😘✌️

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    1. Hahaha that’s true – it wants me to enjoy my last night at hotel lol

      I am still getting calls for my location and one other – I am usually on call for 3 locations – but that 3rd one is not working tonight


    1. It is covid – there is no hot breakfast – it is brown paper bag with banana 🍌, yogurt 🍦, orange 🍊 juice, coffee ☕️, granola bar – sometimes oatmeal … sometimes hard boiled eggs (cold) lol

      You go to front to get your brown bag breakfast lol

      But will totally enjoy shower and enjoyed that bed last night ❤️ I want to take the bed with me lol – although it did make me fall asleep really fast!!

      I check out this morning 😩 lol had a wonderful week 🙌 I love hotels 🏨 ❤️

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      1. Oh dar, I forgot that the covid distancing rules would apply 😦 and I suppose they use that to justify no room service too. I usually just take a coffee for breakfast but just can’t resist a proper breakfast when in a hotel haha.
        Glad that you enjoyed your stay!! 🙂

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      2. They did have room service. It was every other day, unless you requested more or asked them not to.

        The restaurant was not in operation

        You could door dash or have something delivered. I had a small fridge and got things easy to heat up plus drinks

        It was really nice respite ❤️ here comes the week that will make my stomach turn next 2 weeks .. ok – I can do this 😳🙏


      3. I was only there at night but was really nice being so close to work like that ❤️

        And got a little brown bag of food. Lol


      4. Hahaha there was room service – generally every other day unless you requested otherwise.

        I am also coffee breakfast person and their hotel coffee 😝😝😝

        I brought my own – much better ❤️

        And the “breakfast” they give me – I would use as lunch… like mom sending you off with little brown bag lunch lol 😄✌️❤️

        Ahhh – so yeah hotels ❤️😄

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