Finally Friday ❤️

Well… it was a good day… but there was amazing and also bad.

First, this morning on highway I almost died 😮 I was in a lane to change on another highway and a huge semi was merging in behind me and car in front out on brakes… trucker almost went right into my rear 😮

So my heart beat almost out of my chest. But it was fine he swerved and we moved forward – and obviously I am still alive 😘✌️

Whew!!! Not yet

Then – one of my girls had a work anniversary … plus yesterday she passed her directors exam ❤️❤️ she is a director now

So I got the office breakfast 🍳… from IHOP …

And then she got an edible arrangement with a balloon 🎈 it was beautiful and yummy ❤️

And then a huge bouquet of purple flowers came for her ❤️

She cried and said no one had ever made her feel so special before – no one ever did that for her …

I said well we appreciate you and enjoy working with you. Just like my letters – we show you how much we love you ❤️

And she cried some more … we all hugged – fuck covid – we all vaccinated ❤️ and we still masked

To see her humbleness was kinda also beautiful ❤️ and I’m glad we made her day and made her feel really special and loved and appreciated ❤️

She’s amazing – she’s hilarious – we are always smiling and laughing lol ❤️ she’s a hard and good worker. I have like THE best staff ❤️

They laughed when I said that and said it only took them forever to get to this point …

So I replied “hey, a Diamond 💎 doesn’t form overnight” 😄✌️

They totally agreed ❤️ because I have diamonds with these girls … I just love my staff!!

So she had a really wonderful day ❤️ I’m so glad – she deserves it ❤️

And then … I have bad news … this one scares me.

My sister in law (brothers wife) goes in for a hysterectomy on Tuesday because they think she may have uterine cancer 😮

She is terrified – I remember how that was…

There is just a fear that is right in your heart … and you are faced with the possibility of … just bad things – you know is not going to be easy … you half be strong and half crumble inside…

She has that terror. 😢💔

Her birthday is tmrw – I sent her flowers and a teddy bear 🧸

And for Wednesday – The day after her surgery… I have food from New England being delivered ❤️ comfort from home (they are in Texas now – New England is our home) or what used to be.

I found a place that will deliver food from anywhere in the country – so you can feel like you are home.

I sent them food from Massachusetts – I was going to do Maine … but it was all seafood and probably not the best option (plus ewww)

Instead I sent a chicken pot pie and things like that… so when she is down – they have comfort from home ❤️ I hope it makes her feel better and my brother and nephew will have an easy meal 🥘

Tons of people brought me food when I was sick, it was very helpful!! ❤️

So anyway, I do feel fear because I keep losing my family… that just sends this awful horror over me. Stop making them die!! I still want them and that’s my brothers wife …

She has been my sister since 2009… but he was dating her back in the 1990’s – he met her in college.

She’s the best thing that ever happened to him and she’s been a wonderful addition to our family… well just us now. But she’s always amazing.

It sorta makes my heart bleed?? It’s the fear.

It’s funny – I don’t particularly fear my own death… just theirs

I also don’t like that she feels that terror… to know that someone feels THAT terror… makes my heart bleed – I don’t want anyone to have to know what that feels like!!

So anyway… I hope the gifts lift her spirit like others did for me during my moments – including her ❤️

The kids came over and I told them all the stories from the week… and nothing is new with them so we just kinda hung out – I told them about their aunt.

Bleh. My nephew is 10.

Also… she wanted to have another child. That will be gone now. So she is very very upset too. That has been something she wanted for a couple years now. But it was never the right time and also she had medical issues with it. She was lucky to get my nephew.

So ya know. Is sad and hard

And then I told the kids about my meeting at work which actually I was so panicked and nervous about – but it went amazing

When the leader saw my books, she said OMG you have been working your pretty little ass off hard

Yes mamm! Lol yes I did!!!

And it went really well!! ❤️ I did good ❤️✌️

I got more letters today too. Still blown away by everyone’s words ❤️

So we see

I have more – but not now. I am exhausted.

I have to get up early and complete some of my own chores and then handle few things … Sunday I go to hotel ❤️

Little respite and staycation ✌️ it should be nice ❤️

So today went ok… I did not die, I made someone feel really special – who totally deserved it, I got scary news on my sister in law. My reports went really good. And I got to hang with my kids ❤️

I will be back periodically when able … once I can get all my stuff done I will be back ✌️then I can read and stuff

Take care, stay safe and make sure you tell people you love them ❤️ or what they mean to you… while you can 😘✌️

8 thoughts on “Finally Friday ❤️

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    1. Yeah 🤞🙏 hopefully they remove and she be ok.

      I know. It makes me sick to think of her going through that and then that floods in all my memories and flash backs to MY time period with cancer – bleh!! And then that makes my heart bleed 🩸 I don’t want her to have any of that.

      So that is a little heavy to me. I really want her to be ok – we can not lose her! So whatever happens – we gonna fight with everything we have!! ❤️🙏🤞

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I hope that it is good news for your Sister in law Trisha. Next Monday 8th – Suze goes for her PET scan to see if the cancer has gone – we are both very apprehensive about that, so l know how you feel and are feeling.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will think of you and her on Monday 🙏🙏🙏 I hope goes well 🙏🙏🙏

      It’s definitely very heavy!!

      I wish you both the best 😘❤️🙏🙏🙏 good luck Monday!! 🙏🙏🙏

      Liked by 1 person

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